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The Summer Silly Hat Tea Party

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I’m not a very social person. This isn’t something I want to pass onto my daughter who is 2 and a half. I have been thinking about starting a tradition of her having a small party in the middle of the summer.

There are a couple of reasons for this

Her birthday is just after Christmas and while everyone is good about making it a separate occasion it isn’t fun to have all your special time all at once. My birthday is also around a holiday and I still remember how stressed my mom always was.

DD is adopted and her adoption day is in August. I wouldn’t call it a Gotcha Day party. That’s something for my DH and I to celebrate with her but friends and relatives we might invite would probably see the connection.

Other Ideas on this party –
We’re not trying to scam extra presents out of anyone so I need to figure out how to phrase this.
DD would get to choose the food served (within reason).
I think the theme might be a “Summer Silly Hat Tea Party”

My anxiety over party planning is clouding my judgment. Is 2 1/2 too young for this? Should I wait until next year? If your young daughter received an invitation to a “Summer Silly Hat Tea Party” would assume presents were expected. Would you think it was weird? The idea of “just having people over” is too much for me. A theme, “formal” invitations, and a specific guest list make much more manageable even it is more work.

If this isn’t two weird then how to I occupy 4 or 5 toddlers for two hours?!
Any suggestions?
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thats a wonderful idea.

definatly put in the invitation 'Gifts are not expected' or something like that. or "please no gifts"
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What an adorable idea! I absolutely love it!! Planning wise, I would just keep it simple and keep expectations low. Kids will want to be active and busy, and I would keep different stations set up to accomodate this (coloring, bubbles, making mud pies, hula hoops, painting rocks, whatever. . .just fun low-cost summertime activities that kids can move around to at their leisure) You and your daughter can come up with some of her favorite activites. You could even have the kids make their own hat! I want to have my own party now!:
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