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Is anyone taking insulin for gd and now baby is slightly under weight? Is 3lbs 4 oz very small for baby at 32 weeks pregnant? Feeling stressed any replies would be greatfull.
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From a quick study of a chart on weight for gestational age, 3lb 4oz is between 10th and 50th percentile - definitely not alarmingly small and those percentiles correspond to a range of 6lb 6oz to 7lb 10 oz at 40 weeks. This is just me digging around a bit online, but I wanted to give you some input. Of course babies grow at different rates but that weight at that age doesn't seem worrying at all.
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I just found out I have GD with my second pregnancy.  I had it with my first also.  I knew that I had a greater chance of having it again, but I had convinced myself that it wouldn't happen this time.  I know it's not the worst thing that could happen but I'm still disappointed.  I think I will be fine with it once I let it sink in and accept it.  

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Hi! I just found out today that I have gestational diabetes. I'm 27 weeks along. I'm not sure where to start. I have my appointment tomorrow to get more information and to get the supplies.

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Hi! I just found out today that I have gestational diabetes. I'm 27 weeks along. I'm not sure where to start. I have my appointment tomorrow to get more information and to get the supplies.

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I am 28 weeks and just found out today I failed my three hour glucose test. greensad.gif my fasting numbers are normal it seems i have a hard time getting rid of the sugar when it should be dropping. They think it can be managed easily with a diet plan. I have to prick my finger four times a day. I am really scared as nervous I've never had to deal with sugar issues before :/
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Can anyone tell if I have gb according to my numbers? I failed the 1 hour at 151. Three hour results I only got the first 3 results and the final reading was still pending: fasting 88, 1 hour 200 (lab have it high), 2 hour 150 (lab have it high) and 3 hours I don't know result yet. My doc will not see my results till Monday. I am guessing my numbers fall in range for diagnoses of gb? Can anyone tell? I'm 29 weeks. Incredibly sad about it and very unsure what to do as I always thought I ate very healthy... Anyone, anything? Thanks!!
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This SUCKS!  Baby number 5.   I'm only 14 weeks, and I'm already having blood sugar issues. Never had it this early before.  I was Undiagnosed with baby 1, but he was 9.5 pds.  I lost baby #2 at 26 weeks.  Diagnosed with number 3, Dr. Didn't believe me with number 4, my fasting was too normal.  Here I am at number 5.  It PISSES me off!  My mom and dad eat junk all day long, both have metabolic syndrome.  I learned from their crappy example, and I eat quite healthy, I'm not overweight.   For Hell's sake I'm still having morning sickness, wouldn't it be nice of God to let me deal with one at a time?   It's so hard to manage blood sugar when you're puking.  When all you can keep down is a damn slice of toast, or some grapes!  My fasting this morning was over 100,  haven't eaten since 7 pm.  I haven't been tracking to much yet because I'm so early, just randomly.  I took it this morning because my tongue broke out in sores are I had a fruit and kale smoothie yesterday, at lunch time.   Which I've been too sick to eat until yesterday, I mean, really... 1 cup of  fruit and KALE?!    I only ate protein for dinner because the tongue sores are my first sign of Blood Sugar problems.

AGGHHH!!   This is such bull, and totally unfair that a healthy person suffers, when everyone around her eats junk with no problems.

Thanks for letting me vent :)

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My doc refused to diagnose me because my fasting was normal.  Those number look to me like you have it (except your fasting), but you should be able to control it with diet.  My doc wouldn't diagnose me until ultrasound showed the baby was possibly 8.5 pound at 37 weeks.

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Diabetes SUCKS, I just want to send hugs your way. I don't have anything constructive to say but wanted to send you some love hug.gif
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I'm just angry about it today. This is my third child. Never had GD before. Numbers were barely over the high mark and now I'm making all these

changes that truly just suck! Had my 29 week appointment today and the doc said my numbers looked good for the past 3 days, but that I may

still have to go on some kind of medication after the next week and that 6 weeks after I have the baby I have to go for a 2 hour glucose test that

will either tell me I'm in the all clear or if I'm a diabetic for the rest of my life. I don't want to hear that kind of crap right now, really I don't. I'm very

angry at my doctor today and I usually really, really like him. He was good to make me feel like it was nothing I did, its not my fault, etc, etc. but if

that test comes back at the 6 week appointment that I'm a diabetic then I'm going to be truly devastated. This is a horrible condition to have to deal

with when your pregnant because all of the hormones and emotions as it is. Anyone out there also feeling really annoyed, angry, sad, etc???

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I'm so sorry. I was devastated when I was diagnosed. I am one of the unlucky ones whose numbers never went back to normal. I was really upset at first, but now I'm grateful that I found put before it got really bad. The thing is that carbs are actually really bad in general. I was ready the other day that there is evidence that Alzheimer's may be caused by excessive blood sugar spikes. So who knows? Maybe we are all lucky for getting our diets under control!
But in all reality, if your numbers are just borderline, you probably won't get diabetes II any time soon. Your sugars need to be over 200 for a diabetes diagnosis. The numbers are much lower for GD
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What do your providers use for your fasting blood sugar cutoff in terms of when they recommend medications/insulin during pregnancy or any additional testing (u/s, NST, etc)?


This is pregnancy #3 for me, I am 31 weeks.  We are planning a homebirth with a CNM and live about 15 minute from the hospital.  My weight gain has been much more than with my other 2, but is still within the normal range for those starting out with normal BMI.  With my first 2 I did the glucola testing (failed 1 hour with #1, but all normal values on 3 hour) and passed 1 hour well within range with #2.  This pregnancy, my midwife did not recommend the glucola, and instead checked a 1 hour sugar after my normal meal, which was about 96.  So she didn't recommend additional testing (other than watching for sugar in the urine, which has been negative).  I am measuring fine, but this baby feels bigger at this stage.  (My others were 7#6oz and 8#3oz at 38 and 39 weeks respectively).  So out of curiosity, I got a glucometer and started checking my sugars.  My post-prandials are completely fine--my highest 1hr was 119, but several below 100, my 2hr are 65-89).  But my fastings are 96-100, with nothing lower.  I have seen that several organizations are now advocating a cutoff of 90 or 95 for fasting numbers.  I have experimented with different bedtime snacks for about a week and it doesn't seem to change things.  I checked a 3am BG once and it was not low.


Obviously, I will discuss with my midwife at our next visit, but I am curious what you mamas think.  What would you do?  Continued monitoring?  See an ob and consider medication?  Just relax and not worry about it since my post-prandials are completely fine?  I appreciate any input!

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I was diagnosed by logging my sugars for 1 week.  They used a cutoff of <95 for me, and though all my fasting values were 90-104 with only about half above 95 they made the diagnosis and started me on nighttime insulin.  For what it's worth, I also had some post-meal values that were too high so this may not be your situation.

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I have type 1 diabetes and was diagnosed nearly 17 years ago. This is my first pregnancy (due 27 Nov), and I use an insulin pump. For what it's worth, I'd be happy to answer any questions from a patient's point of view. Diabetes can be a pain in the butt to manage, but I feel confident you can to do it!! 



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I failed the one hour GD test. I had a blood sugar of 189 when it is supposed to be under 130. Boo! Now I have to take the 3 hour fasting test. I haven't fasted for 10 hours this pregnancy. I often wake up and eat a nighttime snack greensad.gif With twins I always seem to be hungry.

Can anyone tell me why "3 days of normal eating" is important for the 3 hour test? I mean the test can't retroactively determine if I had high sugars the day before if I am fasting for the required 10 hours before hand.

I am bummed because I have hardly eaten much with sugar this entire pregnancy because it gives me terrible heartburn so I figured I would pass the 1 hour test.
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I am bummed because the results came back that I had four elevated blood sugars. My fasting was 96 when the cut off is 94, then at one hour it was 205 and the cut off was 179, then at at two hours it was 245 when the cut off was 154, then at three hours it was 162 when the cut off was 139. I cried a bunch this afternoon because I hate needles and having to do blood sugar measures several times a day is not something I look forward to.

The ultrasound showed that one baby is head down and the other is breech. Hopefully the breech baby will go back to head down. They are 2 pounds 13oz and 2 pounds 10 oz at 28 weeks.
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Did my diabetes education yesterday. The only "earth shattering news" was that for gestational diabetes, I am not supposed to eat fruit or drink juice or milk at breakfast. I guess that is when pregnancy hormones mess the most with insulin. Basically they said eat dinner for breakfast. Carb counting is the other big thing, but I had been doing that already. 15 grams of carbohydrate is one carb exchange and my dietician gave me how many carb exchanges I am supposed to eat at each meal and snack. Learning how to take my blood sugar was a trying experience. It is a tiny needle of which I am thankful, but it still hurts. Thankfully my fasting blood sugar was well below the max value this morning it was an 86 when it is supposed to be less than 95. When I did my test for gestational diabetes, I had a fasting blood sugar of 96. Having to report twice weekly for the rest of the pregnancy is just an annoyance. Like I need another thing on my plate. That and I have to do my blood sugar fasting and one hour after breakfast, lunch, and supper.

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Saw the dietician and diabetes nurse today - thanks to 30 minutes of exercise every day, I am able to stay away from insulin, for now. Stress can really screw it up. If I end up on insulin, then I have to see my OB twice a week! Um, no, I don't have time for that, but I do have time for exercise. I will do whatever it takes to keep away from insulin.

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