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Now I'm going to whine. The perfect breakfast I have been eating for the past 2 weeks made my BS high today. Actually only 6 pts higher than normal but it doesn't feel good. Waaaaaaaaah. I just popped a cheese stick to see if that helps but waaaaah. I'm considering switching over to insulin because I think increasing the glyburide any more at this point is bad, especially considering last week.

I guess it is normal for the BS to start going out of control this stage of pregnancy but things have been going mostly well. Poop.

Well, I am busy today prepping the house for the in-laws' visit. they arrive wednesday night, i leave thursday morning, back on monday night late. then they are here for another week!! Mostly I am just doing laundry and DH has a list of things he is doing (like cleaning the bathroom). I actually never have to clean. He's the best.
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Can anyone explain this to me?

My typical breakfast is one slice ww bread, an egg and slice of cheese. It always raises my fasting blood sugar to a normal level.

However when I eat a low carb yogurt and a fiber 1 bar, it either lowers it slightly or barely raises it above my fasting reading????? And fiber 1 bars have more carbs then the ww bread and it has sugar in it. I don't get it.
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Caden's Mom - I wonder if it's not the cheese? My nutritionist has me counting ALL dairy as a carb because of the lactose in it. Just an idea.

Brandyk - I was really (perhaps unreasonably so) scared/worried about going on the insulin. Giving the needles is certainly not the highlight of my day but for the most part it hurts less than the finger pricks.

My doctor FINALLY got back to me & I am going in to see him tomorrow. I think he is planning on adding another type of insulin to my dosages. I just feel better when we are working on a plan. When there is no plan to try to improve things I get kind of antsy!
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Brandy, I don't have to test before snacks. It's just that I'm testing 2 hrs. after each meal, so if I misjudge and don't eat enough at that meal, I have to wait until I've tested before I can eat my snack. Otherwise, I throw off the numbers.

This whole scheduled eating thing has been hard for me, since I was used to just eating a series of hearty snacks through the middle of the day instead of one large midday meal.

I'm still having trouble with my morning fasting numbers, so I'm doing an experiment to see if I can figure out where things are going wrong. Last night and for the next couple nights I'm testing every time I wake up in the middle of the night. (Only counting when I'm fully awake enough to walk to the bathroom and test, going back to sleep if that seems like too much effort.) I'm hoping to pinpoint when my blood sugar is low and when it's going back up again. I usually wake up 2-3 times a night due to toddler, insomnia, and restless legs.

One final thing that's changed recently: I was diagnosed with low thyroid levels. My doctor put me on a synthetic thyroid hormone, and in just the 3 days since I started taking it I've noticed that my after-meal levels are lower (unfortunately, no change to fasting levels). She said hypothyroidism is a complication that sometimes goes along with GD, and the symptoms can be hard to notice because they're a lot like regular pregnancy symptoms (e.g. fatigue, weight gain).
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Yesterday was awful. My PPs were just totally out of control. I felt like crap all day long. I have no idea what was going on. I am hoping today will be better. i had dinner last night and my # would just NOT go down. it was like that all day yesterday actually. really annoying. i think i probably didn't eat enough fat yesterday.

superflip - can you ask your dr about testing after 1 hr after meals? esp at night if i haven't eaten too much during the day i am ready to eat again almost immediately after i do my 1 hr test. most days i definitely do not wait another hour to eat. i would find that really difficult too. actually even during the day sometimes i spread snacks out too. a shot of cheese, some carbs, another shot of protein, etc. i am a nibbler!

i actually want to switch over to insulin (or a combo of pill+shot). right now i think the glyburide helps with the fasting but not the postprandials. like there is only so much insulin it can get my body to produce on its own or something. i see my NP on tues but I doubt they'll switch me over this week. i'm flying out on thurs, coming back monday night.

caden's mom - i bet it's all the fiber. WW bread actually doesn't have that much fiber for the carbs in it.
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Brandy - I can understand the frustration when the numbers won't come down & you can't pinpoint why.

I just got back from the endo. We upped my insulin again. Plus he added a fast acting insulin before every meal. That is 9 pokes a day now - I feel so broken.

He also has me now totally panicky as he said he thought they may need to admit me to the hospital a couple of days before they induce me (doesn't look like there is a chance they'll let me go to term) & put me on iv to ensure my levels remain absolutely constant. He also seemed very doubtful they would even let me do a trial labour. I'm so disappointed & sad right now. My biggest birth fear is c-section & now it looks like I'm facing it head on.
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Even if you're facing an induction, there are still things you can do to get your body ready for labor.

Since I had GD last time, I suspected I might not be allowed to go past my due date. I tried all the "safe" things I could to bring on labor in the weeks just before my due date (pedicure, sex, red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, going for walks). I was worried because babies run very late in my family.

I ended up being induced the day after my due date for reasons that had nothing to do with GD, and it went smoothly. I'll tell you, I was terrified of being induced because I had so many friends with induction/emergency c-section horror stories. But if you go into it prepared, knowledgeable, and calm, it can be all right. Look around the forums here, I've seen several threads on how to have a positive induced birth.
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I am feeling more positive about things today. My cervix is already quite ripe & from the reading I've been doing it seems that bodes well for an induction turning out more positively. I see the OB next week & DH said he is definitely going to come along. He is being so supportive & wants to be there to ask questions about all this as well. Once we have a more positive date of when they would like to induce then I'll know when to start working hard at the natural induction methods & see if I can beat them to the punch!

I think my biggest frustration is that even though we keep upping the insulin & my diet is tight I'm not seeing any improvement at all. There is absolutely NO trends in what foods affect my blood glucose in what way. If anything my average numbers are getting worse. It just makes it seem like we're going down the wrong track. I keep trying to hard to have faith that if we keep doing the "right" things it'll improve.

What was interesting at this last appointment was that it seemed obviously that he finally believed me that my diet was "under control". I guess the fact that I didn't gain an ounce, had upped the insulin a couple times by his orders & had been testing reliably & there was no change made him take it more seriously that something is NOT working out right in my body. This was the first time he flat out said it was not my fault (not that he had previously said it was before - I just got that feeling from him).
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I'm really concerned with all the "my doctor won't allow". Ladies please do some research, even with true diabetes there is often no reason to induce early and certainly your doctor has no right to "not allow" you to go past your due date, this is your body, your baby and your birth. I think there are always valid reasons to allow some medical intervention, but it should be with informed consent, not just because doctor said so. Especially since very few of these interventions have been shown by studies to be reliably beneficial. Remember, there still is NO evidence that controlling for mild diabetes increases positive outcomes at all, so while we theoretically assume that doing all this is helping our babies based on studied that looked at true diabetes in pregnancy and severe GD, the evidence isn't there, and no doctor can say that it is.

Lifeguard, I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble, it isn't your fault, this does happen sometimes and its hormones due to pregnancy, and there isn't anything you can do always to control it. However, there is no evidence that greater control of mild GD actually does anything for a birth and there is usually no reason that your sugar needs to be so incredibly tightly controlled before birth I feel your doctor is being very alarmist and perhaps setting you up for a c-section, unless your sugars are usually way over say 200? I'm glad your doctor seems to be listening to you now and that you have help managing this, but don't let them frighten you with scare stories ok?

Superflippy, you might do the research and choose to go with an induction after reading the risks of holding on and waiting for labor or inducing. My personal feeling is that induction is the less safe of the two, but I certainly wouldn't judge if you made the other decision, for different reasons I chose to be induced with my last birth. I know having had one good induction you might be inclined just to go with that again, and I don't think that is a bad choice necessarily. However, its YOUR decision, not your doctor's don't let yourself be medically bullied. Find out the true risk levels of either course of action and decide based on that. If you are concerned about placental deterioration (what docs usually worry about with insulin dependent diabetes) you can ask your doctor to do more frequent NST's after your due date.

Brandy, are you getting sick? Your sugar levels will be high if you have a cold or something. If its just a cold and it lasts only a day or two than its not even a worry, just note in your log that you were ill that day. I'm having a real problem with this though, I got sick and my numbers went way up. They seem to be coming down but not very quickly and I'm quite worried that they just aren't going to go down enough, plus after a week of this its been more than a few days of high numbers. Since they are going down I'm waiting to see what happens over the rest of this week, but if not Im going to have to go on insulin I think, and that's with already taking medication, and very good diet control since I've been doing it for four years now...sometimes the hormonal stuff just overwhelms your body and its not anyone's fault. Crossing my fingers that it does go down though, for various reasons I really want a low risk birth and I'm really dissappointed that all my hard work might be for nothing.

to everyone. Really I'm not trying to fault your own decisions, I think you are smart people who will make good choices, but especially with GD it really bothers me how many doctors railroad their patients into a high risk medicalized birth when it isn't even proven beneficial and how often they do it by putting all this pressure on the mom that she is going to "kill her baby"
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Avivaelona - I hope your numbers do come down. The feeling of having done all the work for nothing is hard to cope with sometimes. I worked very hard beforehand & during my pregnancy to try to avoid this situation.

And thank you for your concerns. I personally have done a lot of research & although I do not necessarily feel railroaded by my doctors I am worried that I will be spending the bulk of my labouring advocating for myself - not really how I want to spend that time. My DH is fabulous & when I told him about the last appointment he said he is coming with me to the OB's next week so he can ask lots of questions too.

Unfortunately my GD is no longer in the mild category & it is pretty out of control despite our best efforts. Most information out there is reassuring that mild, in control GD is pretty low risk - but I'm not in that category & so it feels like things are a little bit more of a jackpot.

There is nothing more difficult than to try to discern when the doctors are being alarmist & when they really have a very valid concern when you know things are not going the way they should.
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Hello ladies! First off baby continues to do well. She is kicking me right now over and over and over! I have not been sick at all so that's not it. They switched me to 1/2 pill in the morning and 1.5 at bedtime. One of the big problems for me is not feeling well (feels like I have high blood sugar) even if my numbers are OK. I went in for an NP visit yesterday and I'd gained EIGHT pounds in a week. It is all mostly gone today. My fluid balance is seriously out of whack. However, my blood pressure continues to be perfect and everyone seems pretty unworried. I have another US in a week to check on fluid levels. MIL is coming into town today (and I'm flying out) but she'll be here next week for the US.

I have no idea if mine is considered mild anymore or just well controlled with diet/meds. They classify me as high risk but whatever. I did get a letter from the Dr's that will allow me to take water & protein shakes on the plane tomorrow. YAY!

I just checked my pre-lunch numbers. I guess I have been busy and it was 67. yipes. guess that means more food in an hour!
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Well, I went to see the other OB at my practice yesterday, and she was OK with my fasting numbers being between 90-95. That was such a relief to hear! I think I've only been under 90 once. She also said that the norm used to be to stay under 110 for fasting, and it's only recently that doctors have started using the 90 number.

The bad news is, she said she didn't want me to go past 39 weeks. I told her flat out that there was no way I was going before 40. She listed all the research that supports 39 weeks as the optimal time for women with GD to give birth, the complications that can occur if you go earlier or later. I listened and agreed that it was certainly best to do what was going to be best for the baby, but that babies run late in my family and no woman I'm related to has ever given birth before 40 weeks; most run 41 or more.

I pointed out that I was diagnosed with GD last time, was induced at 40w1d, and my baby was just fine. She agreed that we would see what the circumstances called for, but I foresee this is going to be a point of contention in the future.

In my favor, week 39 is the week of Christmas. I certainly don't want to give my boy a Christmas birthday if I can help it, and she did seem to understand that. Plus, she'll be out of town that week.
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superflippy - was just heading over to visit the thread and got the email that there was an update. i am glad to hear that you got a little relief on the psychotic numbers. the whole 39 weeks thing is the song & dance my OB is singing, except my family history is to go before that anyways. i say if you don't want to do it, don't. they can't make you.

in my case, unless something else is going on, I'm not having a medical induction. however, i do want to avoid complications and i also have a need for baby to come out sooner than later. i'm looking for my next job (june/july) and MUST travel during january. i'm already at a terrible disadvantage that i can't do it in november/december. it sounds selfish but our family's livelihood depends on me being able to do interviews and land a job. so earlier is better. after i return from DC in november (early nov!) we're going to be doing EPO etc and take it from there.

the only thing you have to worry about is being annoyed - but like you said - your doc won't even be there during the "optimum time."
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superflippy - good for you for being upfront with her from the beginning. It seems strange to me that docs want to set a date so far in advance - at this point it is too soon to tell if at 39 weeks the baby will NEED to be induced. I hope yours (& mine) will be allowed to come on their own schedule!

I'm very irritated with the endo right now. I started the faster acting insulin this week & we agreed I would e-mail my readings & we would adjust things based on that. Well, I e-mailed him twice this week & not so much as a reply. My numbers have not improved so I'm certain we need to up the dose. I see him Monday & I'll definitely be letting him know my displeasure - especially as I left his office crying on Monday - you'd think he'd be a little more attentive.

We moved into our new place yesterday - it's been a couple VERY stressful days so I'm hoping now that things are settling down my numbers will improve some.
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Hello! I'm joining you ladies now I guess. I had a midwife appointment on Friday and I expressed my concerns about the GD test. I failed the 1hr with a 169 at 10wks and declined the 3hr GTT. My OB sent me to the nutritionist (no help at all) and insisted I have a fasting draw at my regular appointments every other week. Everything was going fine until I switched to the midwifery practice. The CNM said that the 1hr results are invalid in the first trimester and she doesn't do the screening until 28wks. I told her that in my last GD pregnancy I was on insulin by 26wks. Her response was that "we don't even worry about that until we get there", which is two more months? And that "If you need medication or insulin, you can no longer be seen by the midwives."

So I borrowed a monitor and a few strips and started testing. Sat all my numbers were fine. Sunday my fasting was 106 and my post-lunch was 223! So I call the nurse who gets the MW on call to talk to me. Five phone calls later they decided that my numbers are "too high" for the 3hr GTT, it might put me into a coma or something. I'm scheduled to see their OB next week and get set up with the diabetic counselor.

Even if I can control my numbers with diet and exercise, I'm not sure I want to stay with the midwifery practice because they failed to adequately address my concerns. Any advice is appreciated!!
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MomtoXane, I don't think I've ever heard of the 1hr test being done in the 1st trimester. It's usually done sometime in the 2nd.

That being said, I wouldn't base all your treatment options on 2 high numbers on one day. There are so many little things that can cause anomalies: stress, illness, particular foods that just make your blood sugar do crazy things. As long as you have the monitor and don't mind doing it, try testing a few more times at different times of day to get a better overall picture of where you are.

I hope the diabetic counselor is helpful for you. Seeing one was for me; she had a much better idea than the nutritionist of what would work diet-wise, and had good advice about other ways to keep my blood sugar level.

In other news, I'm extremely frustrated that my fasting numbers keep going up. I used to be averaging around 95, and now I'm flirting with 100. I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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momtoXane - welcome, although I'm sorry you have to join us. I'm guessing you did the one-hour in the first tri because of your previous GD history. I can certainly understand your frustration with the practice not addressing your concerns adequately enough. My understanding is that if you have had GD previously you are at higher risk of developing again & that alone would warrant closer monitoring. I hope you have better luck with the OB.

Superflippy - don't forget that as the pregnancy progresses the insulin resistance tends to worsen - you may not be doing anything wrong per se.

I just got back from being at the hospital for 4 hours!!! I am NOT impressed. The endo (who I was already unhappy with for not returning my e-mails last week) showed up an hour after my appointment was supposed to happen & then still had to see someone else who's appointment was before mine!

Anyway, when I finally got into his office we discussed what was going on. Once again my blood pressure was perfect & my weight had not increased one bit. But of course my numbers are still high & erratic. I asked why as we increase the insulin we are seeing no improvement at all. To which he replied that perhaps we have not been aggressive enough with increasing the insulin. Hmmm - ya think?! I'm not very happy about things right now. So we doubled both the NPH & the fast acting insulin. DOUBLED!! Why have we been creeping along so slowly up until now???

Here's the real kicker - if my numbers don't improve by Wednesday he wants to admit me to the hospital for a couple of days to get them under control. I feel as though I'm being punished for something that is out of my control despite my best efforts. I've literally done everything exactly as I've been directed & now because he was too shy with increasing my dosing I may have to go into the hospital?! Crazy!

I'm trying hard to be positive but having just moved I have a LOT of work to do to get the house organized (I'm surrounded by boxes) & taking a couple days away is not going to help any.

I also did my 3rd NST test while at was at the hospital & it was just fine. He wasn't as active today as last week but still moved more than enough to see the trend was positive.

I see the OB tomorrow & DH is going to come with me so hopefully he will have a more positive spin on the situation.
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That's irritating Lifeguard. I'm sorry your numbers are so out of control, I wonder why your body is so resistant? I wish we knew more about this.

I sent an e-mail to my endo today, my fastings have increased to some 101's and 102's and my post prandials are in the 130's and 140's I know that's not terrible but I went through my last pregnancy just psychotic about controlling my sugar and it was really bad for me in the long run. I don't want to have to have that tight control of what I eat again. I haven't gained even a pound thus far, and I eat very well, I know I could eat even lower carb but then my ketones go up and that isn't good either, plus it just makes me psycho and I end up putting on weight after I give birth like crazy.

I am not sure what I want to do, I have grave doubts about whether extra insulin is good for people like me who have a long history of insulin resistance, and at the moment my numbers are still on the "mild" side. I also do NOT see any convincing reason to treat mild GD according to the studies. But I also don't want to worry constantly about what I eat now that I'm getting into the third trimester and I'm starving all the time and since I'm kind of borderline diabetic even when I'm not pregnant, I worry that unchecked we could get into severe territory. Hard decisions and I am mad at my body that I have to make them!

Superflippy I have so much experience with this and know so much about "good eating" for diabetes at this point, I am not doing anything "wrong" but it just isn't always possible to balance it, hormones get in the way. I doubt you are doing anything wrong. Of course it never hurts to try playing with your eating schedule to see if you can bring them down, but don't blame yourself if you can't.

Brandy earlier would be better for me too, but I don't want to be induced again either. I hope we just go on the early side for both of us
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Thanks for the encouragement, avivaelona.

Lifeguard, I really hope you don't have to go to the hospital!
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I should know by tomorrow afternoon but it's not looking positive that I won't be hospitalized. My first reading after doubling the insulin was fabulous & the rest have all been back to what they were previously.

I feel a lot better about this after seeing the OB yesterday. He is not at all concerned & even expressed what I've been feeling that at this point there is not much to be worried about. Everything is showing that the baby is doing just fine, he's not large & I'm just fine (blood pressure is good, haven't gain any weight in a month, good fluid levels, & NO swelling).

Anyway, the OB explained to me better then the endo what the benefit of going into the hospital would be & he reassured me that this does not indicate to him any reason to induce (which the endo had me worried about). What he said is that while in the hospital they can monitor more constantly & be more aggressive with the insulin without a worry about reaching dangerous hypoglycemic levels unnoticed.

I'm still not happy about it (my house is still full of boxes to be unpacked) & it will mean cancelling the (Canadian) thanksgiving dinner we were planning on hosting this weekend. But on the other hand maybe it will take some of the stress off as with each reading I feel so demoralized.
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