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Brandyk - see if you can leave the bed flat for the nst. I think they put it into the reclined position trying to make it more comfortable for you. I have found that it often takes longer than the 30 minutes it's supposed to so I now plan for at least an hour & try to eat just before going.

I agree - doing the nst's makes me certain it would be horrible to be hooked up to the darn thing through the whole labour. My doctor has assured me that we will not be doing that & my dh has assured me he will just undo it all if they are being idiots. LOL.

For the fasting - it seems like there is such a wide variety of reactions & expectations. My doctor has barely mentioned anything about my fasting numbers & they are almost never below 90 - he seemed more concerned about my postmeal numbers.
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I'm ok with fastings between 90-95 its just that when that happens for me its a sign that things arent quite working right and are on their way skyward, and sure enough I've been having a few days more like 106 which really isn't ok, and a lot of post prandials that are in the 130's or 140's...I am not sure how I feel about the guidelines my doctors have set, but they are just guidelines, they didn't slap me on insulin yet despite my being over the limit.

I'm waiting for the growth scan next week and to see if the new thing I'm trying is working...it seems to be over the last two days but that isn't enough to tell yet. Because I officially have a type II diagnoses and not just "GD" (even though its not clear that I really do have type II) and because I have a prior late loss, I think they are more cautious about all of this with me than they should be with someone just diagnosed with GD by the GTT but my doctor is also pretty good about listening to me and not applying pressure and letting me be part of any decisions.
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I was diagnosed with GD during my last pregnancy. I have the 1 hr test tomorrow, so praying that everything is fine. I am a little suspicious that I might have GD again, but we'll see.

Anyone here have GD during 1 pregnancy and the next pregnancy they were fine?
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All my tests results came back "normal", they wouldn't give me any numbers so I just have to take their word for it. Slightly relieved. My nurse called the diabetic counselor, who apparently moved to a new building. It might be another 1-2wks before I get an appointment. I think that's totally BS!! I was diagnosed with GD at 10wks and here I am now 23wks and still don't have a monitor or diet plan or anything...

I just want someone to tell my what my guidelines are and give me the darn test strips. I have no clue if my numbers are high or low or what. The symptoms of hyper and hypo glycemia are very similar and often non-existant or "normal pregnancy symptoms".
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Can you not pick up a monitor & strips at a pharmacy on your own? I know they can be a little pricey but it might give you a little ease of mind.

We had Thanksgiving dinner tonight & I had a perfect reading afterwards!!! I definitely feel that is a victory! (Last weekend was Canadian thanksgiving but thanks to my hospital stay we decided to delay ours by a week).
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First post
Unfortunately it's in the GD Support Group, sigh.
So let me rant a little bit and then I'll welcome all the advice and hugs you mamas can give.

I'm 30 weeks and this is my first pregnancy, at my 26 week appointment I was so concerned about birth plans, c-sections and induction rates that that was all I spoke about with my doctor and when she had sufficiently calmed my fears and even said she'd give me a birth plan to fill out, she added that I had some routine testing for GD to go through and I was just so relieved I said sure with no thought to it. Right after the appointment I was so stressed out about saying yes without thinking it through though.

Two days after the test I get a call from my doctors office telling me I should go in for another test, this time fasting. Sigh. Right after hanging up I collapsed into bed and cried. I went for the second test and I know it went better than the first because I didn't feel like I was having this major anxiety attack nor did I get as much of a pounding headache, but I was still worried, for good reason because again two days later I get a call from my doctors office telling me I have GD and should expect a call from the hospital setting up an appointment with me. I cried after that call as well.

The whole thing was I wanted as 'natural' a childbirth as possible in a hospital since this is my first baby and I just didn't have the resources early on in my pregnancy to plan to have the birth anywhere else. I was worried about interventions and two seconds after getting satisfied that my doctors wouldn't do anything not needed, I end up with a label that will dictate everything and increase the chance of those very interventions.

I feel betrayed by my body, I unfortunately probably had this coming though. I gained 25 pounds in two years and so started off in this pregnancy heavier than I would have liked. My dh and I live away from family and everybody who saw me at 7 weeks when we went for a visit had said I look fat. Every time I look in the mirror now I can't help but get sad that I'm fat. I love my belly, but I look at my face or my arms and

I was stressed about having GD and using a meter that every time I thought about it I would get teary eyed and sulk a bit. After getting the meter and figuring it was not that big of a deal to poke myself (!) four times a day I went in for a followup appointment.

Apparently my numbers are too high sporadically during the last two weeks and so the endo can't prescribe me to go for a walk after a certain meal or can't tell me to stick to my diet because I am sticking to my diet and SO I should start on insulin. This was right after the nurse said my numbers looked good and that my meter was showing numbers 0.5 higher than the lab test showed. (I'm in Canada) When I asked the endo about it, she said there's a 10% cushion with the numbers they expect- so even numbers like my 7.8's were still too high. So again I was happy for like two seconds. I freaked out when I heard "insulin" and so the endo gave me another week. I took this as another week to try extra hard to keep numbers lower but I'm afraid to them its just a week and I'm still ending up on insulin. Oh why won't my body deal with food normally.

Sorry if this post is too long and too random, I think I just had to put it out there. I could go on and on, but basically I have an appointment this Friday and was wondering if anybody could drop some words of wisdom my way. Is there anything I should know before going in? My dh saw me so depressed , he asked me what would happen if you didn't take insulin. And I didn't know how to answer him, I just kind of stuttered through there's a chance that baby might grow too big, that my amniotic fluid decreases, baby gets low blood sugar... I don't know! When I was in the doc's office she said we should do what's best for this baby, and of course I want what that is, but I don't want to go into what this doctor believes is best for my baby even though I have no clue as to why.

So there I go again with my rambling. I guess we just need to be informed, we're a young couple, nobody in our families has had GD or even regular diabetes, heck, even birth is very hush hush so I'm just wound up from having to learn and prep so much in so little time...
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Muj - welcome - I'm sorry it has to be to this thread. Please TRY to stop blaming yourself. There is nothing anyone can do prior to pregnancy or during the early months that can guarantee you don't develop it (yes, there are things that decrease the chance - but that is not a guarantee).

Second, this does NOT take away the opportunity to have a natural birth if that is what you want. But you will probably need to keep yourself a little more informed & be an advocate for yourself.

7.8 (I also use a Canadian meter) is considered high for GD. Generally the recommendation is to have post-meals under 6.6. Yes, it would be ideal to control it with just changes to diet & exercise but that just is not the reality for all of us. (If you go back through the pages of posts on this thread you will see this discussed several times). Yes, taking insulin SUCKS!! But once you get the dosage right it takes a LOT of stress off (at least it did for me) 'cause each of those finger pricks becomes confirmation you are doing well instead of chance for disappointment, stress & self-blame.

You could also talk to your doctor about the possibility of medication (glyburide or metformin) as a trial before going straight to insulin. But some doctors are not comfortable prescribing these meds as technically they are still not approved for use in pregnancy - that is why they so quickly jump to insulin - it is known effective & safe.

I feel like so much of what you have written I could have written. If your OB is not still on board with letting things progress naturally then look for another OB. My endo kept talking about c-sections & inductions - totally terrifying me, but the OB is totally ok with letting things continue as long as the baby is doing well. We are therefore doing a lot more monitoring then we would normally but so far everything else has been ticking along perfectly & the natural birth I was terrified I had lost now is around the corner (I hope!).

Good luck with your appointment. Is your DH or someone else able to go with you to the appointment?
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Well, I went to the hospital lab on Friday afternoon to do my three hour and they told me again I could only take this test at 7am. Gah. I have been waiting to get my glucomater and appointment with a nutritionist for over two weeks now, or get it confirmed I didn't have gd after all. I cannot do a 7am testing because my hubby's work hours, and on the days he's off work he's at school at those times! My obgyn called the hospital lab and was told that I could go in whenever I wanted, but the lady at the lab told me differently when I went. I told her my doctor already talked to someone and it was impossible for me to schedule at that time, which was why I was going to their lab instead of the one at my medical office, but for some reason she wouldn't budge.

Im at 33 weeks now, I'll be around 34 when I see the doctor next. I'm going to tell him I'm through trying to get the three hour test.

I've been doing my best to up my protein intake, lower my carbs, and lower my sugar intake. I'm going to the store for a few necessities tomorrow, and I'll try to the best with what's in my pantry until Tuesday when I can stock up on gd friendly, healthier foods. Anything you guys can recommend? I'm low income but luckily I have an Aldi and scratch and dent stores to go to. I already eat a lot of whole grains, so that it's an issue. I think I'm going to get some more tuna (not albacore, the low mercury kind), lean lunchmeat, salmon, and shrimp as well as possibly a couple pounds of peanuts and some diabetic friendly protein bars for a quick snack. I'm thinking of getting some splenda and stevia for holiday cooking. But any other suggestions would be great! I see my doctor on Thursday but who knows when I'll see a dietician so specific foods I should be able to eat would be greatly appreciated!
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Happyhats - that is rather ridiculous. I'm sorry you're having such difficulty with the lab. Yes, you need to fast but it shouldn't matter what time you arrive as long as you've done the fast. I've certainly gone in the afternoon (I'm a late riser when possible) & although they always seem surprised they've never turned me away. Really though, you don't need to do the test to confirm - when you start doing frequent blood glucose readings that'll show you more accurately what your body is doing.

For food I try to incorporate a lot of veggies. Any grains should be whole grains to slow absorption. Try to be mindful of how much lunchmeat you are consuming as it has nitrates in it & these should at the least be limited during pregnancy. Do you not do red meat - 'cause that's a good source of protein as well? I also eat a lot of eggs. If you do dairy things like cottage cheese have a lot of protein as well - just check the total carb count on the label - preferrably the less carbs per serving the better.
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Happy hats if you like yogurt get the kind marketed as "greek style" (unflavored) it has far more protein in it than regular yogurt. Cottage cheese is also good and eggs, nut butters. Avocado does not have a lot of protein but provides "good" fats and is filling and low carb. Add greens to every meal you can and even though whole grains are better some, like brown rice, have to be eaten in moderation still. Quinoa is a grain similar in taste to couscous that cooks quickly and is fairly high in protein. It seems to spike my sugar less than some other grains.
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The sad part about my testing situation is that I have good insurance that covers all of my testing supplies 100%. I just need someone to write the prescription, which no one seems to want to do! Ugh...

Muj - I think that just about any one of us had nearly the exact same reaction when first diagnosed with GD. I know I did! Thankfully I had an absolutely wonderful OB and went on to have the natural birth I wanted, a 7lb VBAC baby with no complications...

Snacks - I've been eating lots of nuts and drinking a lot of milk! Last week I made a batch of turkey meatballs and ate a few for snacks, yummy. I know that a lot of low carb diets really push the high protein intake. This pregnany I'm really trying to focus on adding more fiber. Bran cereal, whole fruits, unrefined grains and the like.

Cheating - So I know that it's best for the baby (and my body) to stick to the diet guidelines and keep low/even blood sugar levels. Last pregnancy between the time I took my test and the time I got my results I went a little sugar crazy, thinking "Oh well no one is going to know and it's going to be my last splurge until the baby comes." So while I'm waiting for my monitor I find myself eating things I know I shouldn't because "No one will know". Anyone else go through this?
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MTX, I splurged, too. The day before I was planning to start testing, I went out and had a giant cheeseburger, fries, and a shake for lunch.

Jannah, I've heard of one woman who had GD her first pregnancy but not the second. It's someone my MIL knew from church. We were pregnant at the same time the first time, too, and MIL said she dealt with it by eating the exact same thing every day. Well, fine for her, but I would've gone crazy! Apparently, when she got pregnant this time, she immediately put herself on the same diet she had the first time and didn't get diagnosed. This is why I have avoided talking to my MIL about my situation: she makes it seem like pure will and moral fortitude can keep you from GD, so I must be a weak-willed slacker if my blood sugar is high.

In reality, there are so many factors that play into it, it's hard to say whether you're going to get it the next time around - it probably depends on why you had it last time around, and whether those conditions are the same or not. In my case, my doctor said it seemed like I just have a "weak pancreas." I'm not overweight, I was exercising a lot before the 2nd trimester, and I was eating healthy, better than the first time around. Didn't change anything.

And re. the NST - I've heard anecdotally of moms getting fetal heartbeat decels when they lie flat on their backs, both during NSTs and during labor. We're told to avoid that position for sleeping, so I can't imagine it's a good idea to do it for the duration of the test, or for labor, for that matter. I've had 2 NSTs so far, and I had the nurse set the table up so I'm sitting up just slightly reclined.

Am I paranoid about the lying on your back thing? What do y'all think?
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Anyone getting this dystocia thing?

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Have been struggling a lot with my OBs and their constant clammoring to get a repeat C-section over the VBAC we had been discussion since my first step in there at 14 weeks.

They are freaked about shoulder dystocia with GD moms, my history, and my rapidly growing baby. I'm 33 1/2 weeks now and just had my latest U/S putting me at 37 weeks and 5 lbs 15 oz and in the 75 percentile.

My diabetes is great. We had to up my insulin, but am back to great numbers. However, the docs have said it doesn't matter how great my pregnancy is going, the dystocia is a huge problem and blah blah blah blah blah.

Is anyone else getting this talk? My OB said that she wouldn't have let try vaginally with my last one had she been my doc because he was showing so big (he was 38 weeks and 9 lbs 10 oz). I told her how much better I'm eating in this pregnancy compared to my last, how much better my GD is controlled, only 8 lbs weight gain compared to 50, and all my knowledge is so much better (I'm a doula now!)

And again, it comes around to, "It doesn't matter, GD moms have babies with bigger shoulders....dystocia....." and back down that road again.

I just don't know what to do at this point.....
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Wow Rhysmom I'm not sure what to say. My OB & I have discussed the risk of a larger baby but not once has the conversation gone to shoulder dystocia. Is there any chance of switching doctors. Even if you have a larger baby there is no guarantee you'll have a problem with shoulder dystocia - it just ups the risk a little. What type of ultrasound are you getting? With mine the doctor has been measuring the head circumference, the abdominal circumference & the femur length. My understanding is that a sudden increase in the ab circ. indicates a baby that is growing too large due to GD. As well, my little guy was apparently at 6lb 6oz at 36 weeks & my OB didn't seem at all concerned & said he was within a normal growth curve.

Keep advocating for yourself - just because there is a risk of shoulder dystocia (which can also happen in non-GD babies) does not mean you must have a c-section.

Superflippy - I have wondered about the lying on your back thing for NST's as well. Personally I find it more comfortable to have the back of the bed up some so I can read comfortably but sometimes I even turn onto my side for part of the NST if I'm getting uncomfortable. I thought that if they saw decels that having you turn to your side was something they were automatically supposed to do to see if that corrected the problem?
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So I was diagnosed with gd last week...I'm still in the pissed stage. The highest numbers I have had was 132 ( after red robin) and as low as 79. My mw was concerned which irritates me, I'm only a few above "normal" and I'm wondering if thery'regoing to put me on meds.

Plus I have trace keystones and that's because I'm not getting enough calories. But I'm eating a ton and it doesn't feel like it's any healthier.

My numbes are higher in the morning my mom says it might be the bacon I'm eating for night snack I'm having 1/ 2 apple and peanut butter.

I'm irritated too b/c when my mw told me last week I had gd I asked her if I was going to need more us's she said now but now she says I have to or start stress tests earlier than 36 weeks. She says the us is for fluid and to check my placenta not size.

What do you guys think?
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So my pp numbers are great (mostly because I'm trying to walk after each meal), but my morning levels are still above 105. This morning it was 112! I guess I'm frustrated because I'm staying up later than I normally do (I ate my snack at 10pm, instead of 9pm) and even added an extra milk/fruit (becuase I was choosing ricotta and cottage cheeses as a milk which are really proteins- d'oh!) but it was still high this morning!! Plus I'm spilling large to moderate amounts of ketones.

Granted, I've only been on the GD diet since Friday, but I'm extremely frustrated. Plus I'm ravenous after my snacks. I think I need to bump up the calories. I'm about 225 lbs and the dietician has me on 1800 calories. I don't think that's enough.

Any suggestions would be welcome. I read the whole thread, but it's pretty overwhelming!

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Ruth I'd actually try moving your snack a little earlier, and cutting out so much milk for it. Try some almonds with fruit and one protein dairy serving or something more like that. Also, do you get up in the middle of the night to pee? If you do try nibbling a small handful of almonds, drinking a little soy or almond milk or taking just a few bites of cottage cheese when you do...the combo of high fastings and high ketones indicates you might be having a middle of the night "crash"

Candy I think almost all pregnant women have trace ketones, I don't think they should be stressing you out about "trace" I think if your highest number was 132 and it was after a restaurant meal that your midwife is stressing you out unecessesarily...you are due when I am right? So you are 32 weeks about? Everyone's insulin resistance increases a touch at the end. I'd just avoid Redrobin til you have a nursing baby to feed, and maybe up your protein intake a bit and cut out uncessary carbs but I wouldn't let them give me meds unless it gets more severe...when was the 132, an hour after or two hours? I don't see why a bacon/apple/peanut butter snack would make your sugar higher in the AM, if you are eating very close to bedtime try moving it back a bit, and if you are eating very far from bedtime try moving it up a bit. It is a lot of fat at once so it could keep your sugar levels a little higher if you are having it very close to bed I guess. (Also it sounds really gross to me, but hey, to each her own )

Rhysmom, can you change providers? Seriously I do not see ANY reason why they should suspect a shoulder dystocia, have they given you any reason other than "You have GD?" Did you have one before? Have the done an Ultrasound and seen a baby that has a small head for size? I think this doctor is more worried about malpractice risk than giving you a safe birth. I think they are pushing you into a c-section for their own reasons. A big baby means a big baby, not necessarily a stuck baby. GD moms have a slightly greater risk for shoulder distocia not a huge one, and there is no evidence of that being true for well controlled GD of the mild variety.
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Candy - I had several high numbers (180's) at random times and my OB didn't seem concerned. It's more about the overall picture than a couple numbers. Also the morning fasting numbers are hardest to control because they are most influenced by hormones. You can't really control your hormone levels, so it's difficult to control your fasting numbers. With my last GD pregnancy with the midwifey OB I didn't have any u/s or nsts after my GD diagnosis. So don't jump to conclusions just yet!

Ruth - You might try adding more fiber and fat. It will help you feel fuller longer. Also it helps lower the glycemic index of higher carb foods to make them more appropriate for the GD diet.

I checked out a cook book from the library yesterday. "The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook" by Jackie Newgent. It has lots of yummy sounding recipies using fresh and organic ingredients! All the recipies come with complete nutritional information to help you with your dietary needs. HTH!
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Originally Posted by MomtoXane View Post
With my last GD pregnancy with the midwifey OB I didn't have any u/s or nsts after my GD diagnosis.
I didn't either, and I mentioned this to my OB at my last appointment. She said that ACOG guidelines have changed in the last couple of years to recommend more and more frequent NST's. :P

Candy, I've had a couple readings around 160 when I ate out and misjudged what I was eating. My doctor wasn't concerned since those were the outliers and most of the rest of the time my pp numbers are OK. I've just learned that there are certain foods that I need to avoid: rice, sugar alcohols (in a lot of low-carb prepared foods), whole wheat bagels, and more than 1/2 c. of milk. At this point, you're so close to your due date, I can't imagine they'd want to give you drugs - would they be OK with you just watching what you eat?
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I watched some birthing show last night (something I NEVER do) that followed the practice of a group of women OB's. They highlighted 4 of their patients during the show & one of them was in for a scheduled c-section because "she has gestational diabetes". It made me SOOO angry!!! That is NOT an adequate reason. Anyway, I bawled all the way through them showing the c-section & I realized I am TERRIFIED of a c-section!!! I've talked to the OB several times about this but I think I will bring it up again on Friday - I want it to be super clear that it had better be a true emergency before he even brings up the subject!

I finished my birth plan last night & although I tried to concise I feel it is too long - it's about a page & a half. But as I have to have it translated into spanish & it may be the most reliable way for me to make our wishes known with some of the staff I'm hesitant to cut anything.

Sigh - I'm SO ready to be done with being pregnant.
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