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erica - i think that the risks do start to grow pretty large going too late with GD, which is why i agreed to the induction. mostly my fear of the risks has made me psychotically paranoid about losing the baby and i might have a nervous breakdown if i don't have her soon.
I think most of those risks really are for people whose GD hasn't been that well controlled, so breath in breath out However, I would never condemn anyone for wanting an induction for whatever reason...Japhy was induced at 39 weeks for maternal psychotic nervousness. But I did want to mention the option that if you are this close and it feels like you are going to go yourself, but the induction is looming they really will reschedule them if you want that. I think sometimes people get into the "but its scheduled" mindset and you just sort of seemed unhappy about it. Mostly though I'm just going to send you full moon vibes!

I hope Noelle does well, Candy really doesn't need any more trauma.

Welcome to everyone new here, I hope you have gentle and successful pregnancies and births. Snacks...whole wheat bagels and rice cakes would totally put me over the edge. High protein yogurt, apple with peanut butter, nuts, cheese, a very few oatmeal biscuits with cream cheese, cottage cheese and something called skyr which is like a cross between yogurt and cheese and is very high protein low fat and carb were my snacks this whole pregnancy. Also salad greens. Yum. I'm strange, I'll snack on salad greens right out of the bag. (things like arugala, not lettuce)
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We haven't heard from you...

I hope the induction goes well and baby is regular size and all your fears will wash away. Can't wait to hear about the little one.

Last night I was a bad girl. We went to Indian food and my blood was elevated for hours. Eating out is so, so, bad. Three and half hours after I ate my blood sugar was still 147 and this morning my fasting was 100. I usually don't have any problems with my fasting. That's probably the last time I eat out unless I have a salad. Boo hoo!! And the holidays are coming. Well, the benefit is not gaining 4 pounds in a week from eating unhealthy.

Hope you all are doing well and keeping your spirits up through this process.

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"Luckily" I'm on insulin. I adjusted it for the Indian buffet in our town (and had very little rice and no naan - sob!) and managed to be 123 after 1 hour - not great, but better than I was expecting. I generally have stopped eating out since being diagnosed with GD - great on our budget, exhausting for me. My problem is we have 2 holiday parties to go to tonight - one starting at 6:30, but dinner probably won't be served until later, and then another right after!!!!

I'm still trying to figure out how to manage it tonight - I suppose I'll do a couple of big snacks before we go and just up my insulin again.
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Holiday parties

For our holiday parties and family get togethers, I am offering to bring some food and drink, so at least I know there will be healthy options.

Obviously I can't drink anything alcoholic or soda pop. I found some Sprite Zero at the store in a 2 liter. It has 0 sugar and 0 carbs and tastes a little special instead of water. I bought a few of those to take around with us and I'm offering to bring veggies trays everywhere we go!
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I'm still here, and so not in labor. night before last was much more promising. went to costco this morning and walked around, did last minute grocery shopping. raisin bran crunch!!!

i'm still very ugh about this thing today.
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Brandy - I can't remember did you have an ultrasound indicating a big baby? Have your numbers been in check since you were diagnosed with diabetes. I know you are anxious about going over your due date with the diabetes.

My daughter was 6 days late and we were still able to have our homebirth. She weighed a healthy 7 pounds even and had no sugar problems at delivery. In fact she was very healthy and strong. I attribute her strength to all the protein. I hope that I can maintain my numbers enough to keep this baby smaller too. Good news is I haven't gained in weight in the last few weeks. I hope to only gain a few pounds before I deliver. Than I'll know that the babies weight is staying under control.

Try to relax and be at peace!! I can tell that you are very much against the induction but understand your fears for your baby. All will be well when you've got your healthy baby in your arms.

Atleast at holiday parties they usually have a meat and cheese tray. Yeah for protein and veggies. Have a good time ladies.
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my US 5 weeks ago said 7lb 6oz. my numbers have been well controlled the whole time!

anyways, i called the hospital to postpone and they are too busy anyways! we just went for a walk and will see what happens. i think it's easier with DH around.. i wonder if it has been a mental thing or what.
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Brandy, I'm so glad to hear you postponed and are feeling better with hubby around. How much weight have you gained since your last ultrasound appt? I bet that you'll do fine with size of baby. I know you know this but those ultrasounds can be way off. Do you feel huge? Does it seem like baby has put on a lot more weight? I think you'll do great. My friend is small and she delivered a 10 lb baby but it wasn't without difficulties. I believe she had undiagnosed gestational diabetes because she got it with her next baby. This baby will come on it's own eventually. Keep us posted on how your doing. I'm excited for you that baby is so close. :
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Brandy Hug. I think someone was looking out for you. Keep walking, and I'm really hoping you'll go on your own before they can reschedule. I wouldn't worry too too much about the ultrasound, mine a couple of weeks ago said 7 pounds 10 ounces too, but the last one also said 7 pounds something ounces, they don't gain all that fast at the end usually.

I do feel like this baby is going to be a big chunk o monkey but my last was skinny but all head and weighed a good deal just because of that, this one has a smaller head.

I'm miserable, I have the worst cold. Now I don't want to go into labor because I can't breathe. Please wait til mommy feels better baby.
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Trip to L&D

Well, our Saturday afternoon did not go as planned! I noticed some spotting after lunch when I went to the bathroom. No cramping or contractions, but I called my midwife just to be safe.

She was advising me to just take it easy unless the bleeding picked up. She started to give me her pager number in case I needed it, and when I jumped up to get a pen I had a major gush. Very scary. So she said to meet her at labor and delivery.

I sat hooked to the baby monitor for an hour. Baby's heart rate and mine were fine, they just had to keep moving the belt b/c the baby was moving so much. I checked my blood sugar while at the hospital and had a snack of peanut butter and crackers from the vending machine while waiting for the ultrasound tech and my midwife to arrive.

The ultrasound showed no issues (other than a baby measuring 2 weeks ahead of due date). My cervix is still long and not funneling, placenta still high.

My midwife did a physical exam and my bleeding had stopped. She took a culture to make sure I didn't have any vag or cervical infection, which I did not.

So basically, the bleeding is totally unexplained, but has stopped. At least my hubby and sons got a tour of the new hospital's maternity ward in the process.
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I survived my husband's two work related parties last night, and even ended up with a normal BS reading at bedtime! I upped my insulin, and tried to eat mostly protein and vegetables, since I had a couple of bites of apple pie and candy cane brownies (YUM!!!!!!). I was very worried because prior to my GD I have had a hard tim controlling myself around delicious food, but I guess having a baby in my belly helps keep me accountable!

I didn't do my fasting numbers this morning because I slept in (the first time since my GD diagnosis 2 months ago!!). I hope my numbers aren't too messed up today!
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Weird Question?

I have noticed that after I go pee there will be bubble floating on the top of the water. If I remember correctly I heard this can be a sign of spilling protein or key tones. Has anyone heard of this? I have a doctors appointment on thursday I'll have to ask. Thanks for any info you might have.

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Originally Posted by nixnux View Post
I have noticed that after I go pee there will be bubble floating on the top of the water. If I remember correctly I heard this can be a sign of spilling protein or key tones. Has anyone heard of this? I have a doctors appointment on thursday I'll have to ask. Thanks for any info you might have.

It could be, or it could be that there is soap residue in the toilet from the last time you cleaned it, or there could be something in the water that is naturally occurring that you've stirred up (tannins and lignins). Or, it could be nothing and you've just managed to trap a bit of air in some water/pee!

Do you do your own pee dip sticks at the doctors? Might be worth it for your peice of mind to take a few extras with you and test at home once in a while. Basially, if they turn colour, there's something wrong (for test strips that do ketones, protein, glucose, pH, bacteria). You can also buy test strips on line and someone recently mentioned that thier pharmacies carry them? They can be a bit pricey if you only need a few though! I'm a big advocate in being involved in your own care, so I do my own testing at home. I stop in at the same BP cuff in the pharmacy near me fairly regularly after 30 weeks and test my blood sugars proactively starting at 10 weeks. I'd rather know that something was up as soon as I start to feel a little off, or even before, than waiting 1, 2, or even 5 weeks between appointments.

Whew, long-winded answer, sorry!
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ARRRGGGGGGG!!! I hate all the trouble I've had with my diabetic supplies!!! Yesterday I called my OB first thing in the morning (8am) to request the prescription for my new insulin. I called the pharmacy (11am) and they hadn't got it yet. I called the diabetic clinic (1pm) to see if they could call it in, they said no it had to be from my doctor (even though they called it in for me last time). I called the pharmacy again, no script yet. I called my OB again, they said she was in clinicals until 5pm AND that she doesn't change insulin, the diabetic clinic does. So I go to the pharmacy (5pm), still no insulin. THEN they test strips I called in a refill for the day earlier, was "stuck in the computer". It took them half an hour JUST to print out the label and stick it on the box for me!

I'm losing weight again trying to keep my carb count low enough while I'm out of insulin. Then like last night I can't help it and I get a post-meal of 171...
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I hope you are holding that precious baby of yours and that you had a good labor.
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She's sleeping! In the crib! OK, here's my writeup!

Went in Saturday evening for monitoring as a compromise to no induction. But I ended up changing my mind (I wasn't pressured at all) and decided to do the induction. The aforementioned paranoia and all. Also it didn't hurt that my OB was coming on to be the supervising OB that evening, so if I had to do it, I wanted it to be with her around. We started the induction with a foley cathether, and got to 4cm an hour after it was installed. My OB (and the one on call before her) were really gung ho about not using the cytotec, which made me happy. I was able to walk around etc with the foley. I got pretty crampy and they didn't expect me to go to 4cm that quickly. I was also at 50% effaced and -4 station (whaaaaat?). So then we had to start on the pitocin, which I didn't expect to do that quickly. That was around 11:30pm on Saturday. I was stuck in bed with that because they couldn't get the telemetry monitors working (surprise!) and honestly I ended up not wanting to move around too much. I sent DH out to get some food for himself around 9am, and my water broke promptly thereafter. The pressure was starting to get pretty intense. After 2-3 hours of that I went to fentanyl, which was great for all of 20 minutes, and then I got an epidural. I was crying and puking before the fentanyl and I do not regret the decision. I was on pitocin for well over 12 hours before getting an epidural and it was excruciating. I was having triple contractions with no chance to recover from them. DH was so good and wanted me to try more hypnobabies scripts (not because he didn't want me to get pain relief, but probably so I wouldn't be mad at him later!). After 17 hours total on pitocin, with some decelerations of baby's heartbeat (not a surprise!), I was 5cm, -3, 80% effaced. I made the decision to do a c-section and I have ZERO regrets! I seriously believe that this baby was NOT COMING DOWN.

My baby Allegra Faye was born at 6:14pm on Sunday December 14, 2008! She weighed 9 lbs 3.3 oz, 20.5 inches long, and a head circumference of 34.5cm!!! I incubated a hugely giant baby!

Unfortunately the c-section has caused some breastfeeding problems - she lost 14 oz in her first day and we HAD to supplement (14 oz is acceptable after a week, but not one day). She was dehydrated and just lost way too much weight. I am offering both breasts at each feeding (she hates the right one), feeding through a syringe, and then pumping. We pretty much just have to wait it out until my milk comes in. So that was an unfortunate consequence of the c-section (didn't get that initial bonding time), but also could be just because she's humongous and I'm not really producing colostrum, just a bit of milk. She didn't even sleep at all until we gave her a formula feeding. It was really a relief. I am still upset at giving her formula at all but I'll get over it.

The OBs signed my discharge orders Tuesday morning (1.5 days after my section! Apparently this is unusual, but I feel pretty darn good), but we only came home today because we wanted to make sure things were fine with baby. I am happy to report that she's doing great, just wanting my milk to come in SOON. The same thing happened to my friend that had a GD baby and she went to EBF as soon as her milk came in so I am hopeful.

One thing I found out is that GD goes away slower for c-sections and non-diet controlled GD. But I just realized I ate like 3 slices of pound cake (yeah, sue me, I wanted some flour and sugar in the worst way) and my BS isn't too high, so it's going away!

Please ask anything I forgot! This past sunday I was 41w - my OB had wanted to induce at 40w, but honestly I don't think it would have made a difference in the outcome.
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Congratulations Brandy!!!! I am so glad you are doing ok and the baby is healthy and in your arms!!! Please take care and get lots of rest. Oh, and eat! : Sounds like you made all the right decisions for you and your little girl. Bfing will get easier too, after your milk comes in. Take care and congratulations again!
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Yeah Brandy!

Congrats to you and your husband. I guess your anxiety was accurate...you did grow a big one. Also, glad you were at total peace with all of your decisions and now can enjoy your little girl. Blessings and get some rest and eat some carbs lots of carbs for the rest of waiting our turn.
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I copied this from Dec ddc I thought I had posted here but oops sorry

Hi guys Sorry I haven't updated. It was a crazy emotional week, here's the story.

So they broke my water at 11pm Monday the 8th. I went into labor at about 11:30. I could just never get quite into the groove. I started begging forr drugs and for awhile they talked me out of an epidural but at 4:30 I looked at my midwife and said " I don't mean to be a b**** but I'm paying you so give me one"

So I got one and was fully dilated by 10am. I started pushing at 10:30 and pushed for 2 hours 45 minutes. I could feel her hair but she wasn't budging. The mw called the ob in and he said we could try a vacumn but he'd only give me about 6 contractions to push her out. DH and I decided to just go ahead with the c-sec. Noelle Catherine was born at 2:11 pm at 5lbs 14 oz 18.5 inches.

I had spiked a fever of 103 so they put me on antibiotics. I was so out of it!!Evidently my placenta had started to calcify and the doctor struggled to remove it. I lost 50% more blood then most c-sections. I felt so out of it that I only held Noelle for what seemed like a few seconds because I felt like I was going to black out.

I didn't get to see Noelle for 6 more hours because they were trying to control my bp. Noelle also had a fever so they brought her to the special nursrey. Hooked her to iV and put her on antibiotics.

We started battling with her temp for the next 3 days. It would go down to 97 and they said it needed to be 98-99 for her to go home. I mean literally it was down to the last hour as whether or not she could go home. I was trying to take all the sticky things off her that held the wires. The nurses said to put water on them but they wouldn't come off so her temp dropped since she only had a diaper on and I was putting water on her.

Luckily the nurse gave me 30 minutes to warm her up which I did. So we finally went home Friday. They told me to put her in 4 layers Friday night. I had been in contact with Noelle's peditrician so they wanted to see her Saturday morning. We brought the themoter the hospital had been using and gave us. The docs temp said 98.4 and ours said 96 something. Which made me feel a lot better and a little pissed, but I'm just glad to have her home.
Enjoy the picture!

Noelle Catherine
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Congratulations brandyk and candyapplez! I only wish I were snuggling with a wee one right now!

My doctor wants me to get induced before my due date because I was insulin dependent, (I'm not on insulin anymore because my numbers are fine without it, but I don't think that's a good thing.) So I'm praying this baby comes soon, like tomorrow soon. I'm afraid the phones going to ring and they're going to call me in, but at the same time I have no intention of picking that phone up. This baby is kicking up a storm right now, so I'm happy she's happy, for now. Sigh, I don't know if I make any sense even, send good vibes my way please.
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