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The Lightening Fast Arrival of Eleanor Ruby

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Whew! Finally home and able to update everyone!

My water broke at 8 am on Tuesday (5th) as I had posted. After calling my mom and doula, my contractions started around 8:30 am, so DH and I got showered, packed overnight bags for our sons and had FIL pick the boys up. We arrived at the hospital at 9:40 am, with our doula pulling up at the same time. Before we left, I grabbed a bowl because I felt like I might throw up. I couldn't believe how quickly the contractions were coming and how much they hurt. I was seriously thinking that I might cave and ask for an epidural if I was only 4-5 cms. We had to stop at the hospital entrance for a cntx to pass (me sitting in front of the main lobby on my birth ball while my doula pressed on my back.) I had another doozy in the elevator and again right outside of the L & D doors. When we finally got thru the doors, the nurses were joking that I was pushing already in the hall.

We got into a room & I had another painful cntrx, so back on the ball. The nurse helped me undress and slip on a gown & tube top thingy for the monitors. I finally got on the bed & before she hooked me up, she checked me and said "Oh yeah, you are 7 to 8 and very stretchy. I'll get your OB here asap." I curled up on my side while she found the heart rate, as cntrx were so freaking close together and painful that I couldn't just lay there on my back while she set up everything. I kept trying to stay focused and chanted "open open open" and said "push hard on my back!" My doula tried to keep me calm and applied counterpressure. DH was feeling very bewildered and uncertain how to help.

Another nurse tried to get an IV going for antibiotics because I was GBS+ and she also did a blood draw. The main nurse said "Your Dr was heading into surgery, she's coming here instead. She'll be here shortly, so hold on."

I started feeling intense pressure below and said "The baby's coming now! I can't stop it!" The nurse kept me on my side and told me to "blow out the candle", wait for the Dr. I said "I want to get on my knees NOW! The baby is coming!"

My Dr rushed in the room and about 4 other nurses came in too, she started yelling at them because no one was scrubbed in, the bed wasn't broken down, the lights weren't even on. She got them flying into action, turned me on my back and opened my legs to look. Major bloody show and crowning. She said, "Slide to the end of the bed right now!" I said, "I can't, help me! Someone help me move!" I just felt out of control at that point and all I could think about was pushing her out. The nurses finally got me into position and were holding my legs. My doula was by my head and I couldn't see dh so I called for him to come near me. I couldn't focus on anyone in the room.

My dr said to push with the contraction and I did but it was so tight. My Dr said, "Deborah, you are going to tear. I'm going to give you a little Lidocaine to numb it where I think it's going to tear." I pushed again, with my hand on my belly, yelling "Get out! Get out!" Pop! Out she came, and for some crazy reflexive reason, I scooted back up on the bed. My Dr said, "Get back down here! We can't leave her half in, half out." Apparently I had just delivered the head, so one more push and at 10:03 am Eleanor Ruby was born! Just 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital. My Dr told me the next day that she thought I was going to sit on her head, that's why she told me to get back there. Oof!

My Dr repaired the tear at my perinium and said I had a small tear on my urethra, but she wanted to let that heal on it's own. One more contraction and out came the placenta. She said it looked perfectly healthy and intact. Eleanor's apgars were 9 and 9 and she was pink and vocal immediately. We never got my birth plan out, so I forgot to remind the Dr to let her cord wait a bit. By the time I thought of it, she already had it clamped and was handing dh the scissors. I did get asked about the Hep B and managed to tell them no on that.

It was such an exciting birth and I am so blessed with our beautiful new daughter. Eleanor is our biggest baby, weighing in at 7 lbs, 1 oz and 20" long. She is very healthy and nursing wonderfully. She's had her blood drawn to make sure she didn't have the antibody issues or ill effects as well as any signs of complications from the GBS. We had to spend 48 hrs at the hospital, but our stay went very well. Ella's lost a little weight (down to 6 lbs, 7 oz), but has been nursing like crazy and has had tons of meconium poops, so hopefully she will start gaining soon. We came home today and are settling in slowly.

A few photos of our new family!

On the Scale

First Milky


Big Brother Aidan

Big Brother Sean

Singing to Baby

Family of Five
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congrats on ur little girl and that is one fast labor

i sooo hope mine goes fast
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I LOVE the first milky pic!!! What a beautiful family! Congratulations!
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oh my goodness!!!!! She is such a precious little peanut! My favorite is the first milky pic too.

Congratulations! And wow, I hope my labor is as fast.
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: Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful babymoon
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You did it Deborah!!! : beautiful story, wow so short i SO envy you!!! mine was so tiring but of course I am not complaining...

I love the photos, great family pics. All you mamas look great PP! Happy Birthing
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Welcome Eleanor !!
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Congrats :
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Congratulations! She's beautiful!
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::Congratulations! And welcome to the world, little Eleanor!::
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Congratulations-what a fast birth!
Great photos and I LOVE the name! Enjoy your little girl!
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Two hours! That's sooo crazy! I can't believe how well you remembered everything, it sounds like you really kept your head! Congratulations and take care! And your daughter is beautiful!:
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Oh, wow!

I need to not be pregnant any more - I got teary eyed at your "singing to baby" picture - I'm so worried my kids will have a hard time adjusting to the new babe.

*Love* the milky pic, too - so beautiful!

Congratulations again! :
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congratulations!!wow that was fast!
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Yay Deborah! Congratulations!!!! :
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Congratulations!! :

I love when they tell you not to push, and you're not!! Those fast deliveries have a mind of their own...trust me!
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Not in your DDC, but I couldn't ignore a new post with "Lightening fast arrival..."

Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful. Your family looks happy and you are positively radiant in your picture! Well done!
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Oh my goodness! Look at all that hair! Welcome to the world Eleanor Ruby! I'm so happy for you.
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