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when did you find out it was multiples?

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The thread about seeing only one baby on your first ultrasound had me thinking about when I found out I was having twins . . . at twenty weeks gestation!

It got me wondering what other peoples' stories were - did you know right away? at an early ultrasound? more than halfway through, like me? while you were pushing?

And, if you found out late, what contributed to that?

For me, it was a third pregnancy, the first two had been totally routine, and my doc (not an OB, just my family prac. guy) didn't see any reason to suspect anything weird. My quad screen even came back completely normal. So he just ordered the normal 20 week ultrasound - no early ones or anything.

the only weird thing was that I measured a bit ahead, and once, when listening for a heartbeat, he said something about "an echo". Hah.

Oh, and I was exhausted. But I figured it was just because I was running after two toddlers!

At the twenty week ultrasound however . . . well, let's just say I've never been so surpised in my life!

So, what about you? when and how did you find out?
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I did not find out with my first set until I was 24 1/2 weeks. I had gained 9 pounds for two months in a row and although my OB had only heard one heartbeat, she said, "Have you had an ultrasound yet?" It didn't even occur to me that I would need one, but we went in the next day I believe and there were two little heads!

With my second set we also found out at 20 weeks at a routine ultrasound (which I would not have had unless I felt it necessary to rule out twins). I was seeing a midwife with them and I wonder if an OB would have wanted to send me in sooner. My midwife was really not stressed about it. But I *knew* WAY before 20 weeks that it was two.
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It was my 3rd pregnancy and I was doing my own prenatal care. By 10wk I could feel the top of my uterus up high. By 12, it was almost to my belly button. I was sure of dates, I usually measured small, and I just knew I was waaaaay bigger than I should be, even for 3rd time around. And I had twin dreams.

Went in for an U/S at 12 weeks and there they were just as I suspected.

BUT if I had not noticed those things, other than a little more morning sickness and fatigue, I wouldn't have suspected twins. They never moved much at the same time so that wouldn't have been an indicator for me.
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I found out late in the first trimester. I think it was 11 or 12 weeks, but I can't remember exactly. It was at my first midwife appt. We tried to listen with the Doppler, because I have major miscarriage anxiety and I wanted to KNOW. Anyway, we had some strange experiences zeroing in on the heartbeat-- it seemed to be in multiple locations, and the midwife didn't say WHY but she suddenly started talking about let's get an ultrasound, where before we had discussed AVOIDING ultrasound. She told me that she thought I might be carrying multiples, and that it worried her because I have like a gazillion risk factors. So I went and got it, and voila.

She dropped me as high-risk a day later.

I think I kinda knew before then, though. I was so big for so early, and we'd been joking for weeks about me having sextuplets.
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I found out I was having triplets at 6w3d. I had infertility treatment and it was my RE's policy to do an ultrasound before releasing to the OB.
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With my first set I found out at 22 weeks. It was my third (term) pregnancy but my last baby was an 11lber so we didn't suspect twins based on my size until that point.

With this set I requested an u/s at 9 weeks because I suspected twins again.
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7 weeks. I thought I was 12 weeks (was still BF DD and cycles were not regular at all!). I went in my first appointment and the MW couldn't hear the HB with the doppler, so she grabbed the portable U/S machine and ! There they were!
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26 weeks for me. I had an intuition about it from the very beginning, measured ahead (and showed) very early on, was not at all hungry (that was new for me) and felt movement at 9 weeks. At first my mw did think it could be twins but I remember at my 22 week appt. she said she really thought there wasn't more than 1 in there - just a nice sized baby with plenty of fluid (but not too much). I remember being crushed and having to wrap my head around the idea of having just one baby. I always thought I'd have twins and had come to feel that they were meant to be, and this being my final pregnancy made it very hard to accept that I wasn't having my twins after all. Anyway, at the 26 week appt. she thought she felt 3 fetal poles. I basically got scared into an u/s - I hadn't wanted one. I don't remember what she said but I remember thinking that maybe I was having a 2 headed baby. I went in the next day and sure enough, twins!
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Like I mentioned in the other thread, I'd had an early u/s at around 9 weeks (MW tried to get the hb with doppler, but couldn't find it, so used the ever-so-comfortable trans-vaginal wand). That u/s only showed one baby--and what a memento THAT pic is!
At 14 weeks I was having quite a bit of bleeding and painful cramping, so went to the on-call office expecting either m/c or placenta previa. The OB there did an u/s and said, "no, the placenta's nice and high and they've both got good heartbeats." I remember distinctly wracking my brain, trying to remember whether or not the placenta had a heartbeat or not. So, I said, "Both of WHAT?" She said, "Didn't you know you were having twins?" Um....NO!
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At a rountine 20 week scan!

It's funny because it was the ONE pregnancy I thought couldn't possibly be twins. We'd suspected it in my third because I was measuring large and got one baby. We suspected it in my fourth because I was measuring large and got one baby. This time, I was measuring RIGHT ON if not just a little bit big. Until 20 weeks. I gained 10 cm in 4 weeks, along with SIX pounds (unheard of for me) bringing my total to 12 pounds at that point. Uh, the last 3 pregnancies I only gained 15 the whole time. So I knew walking into the U/S that we were going to see two but it still felt completely surreal. Honestly, it still does!

I did actually have a feeling though. I kept asking people to reassure me that it was only ONE baby. I kept having dreams. Morning sickness started way too early. But oddly enough, it was the pregnancy I showed the latest with. I was in maternity pants with 2, 3, and 4 by 6 weeks. This time I was 9-10 weeks before I popped and looked pretty small at 20 weeks. But it was like some sort of magic juju because between 20 and 22 weeks my belly grew some craziness:

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks
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We were seeing an RE because we'd been trying for a while and not getting pregnant. After all my tests came back normal, she said OK, if you're not pregnant this cycle, we'll move on to Clomid+IUI.

I guess that scared my body into action, because a few weeks later, I was pregnant. Even though the RE had nothing to do with getting me pregnant, she had me come in for a sono. At the first sono (5w 4d) she saw a gestational sac but not the yolk sac and no heartbeat yet. Said it all looks fine for dates, but come back in 2 weeks. At the second sono (7w 4d) she asks me "Do you have any uterine abnormalities." I reminded her that she should know, because she had sent me for an MRI to be sure, a few months ago. She took the wand out, looked at my chart, came back, and said "there's another sac here." I started to freak out inside and my husband took my hand. She finished looking at the first sac, and we saw the heartbeat and went nuts. Then she said well, this could be an empty sac, that does happen, let's take a look....and there it was. A second tiny little heartbeat.

Boy was that the beginning of an adventure!
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I was 5 weeks pregnant when I was having pain in my right lower abdomen. The doctor ordered an ultrasound to r/o an ectopic pregnancy but to our surprise we discovered there were two sacks!! The pain was most likely from an ovary releasing two eggs. At that point there was only one sack that looked viable so the doctor told me I had about a 40% chance of continuing the pregnancy. It was initially shocking but than disappointing to learn I wouldn't probably stay pregnant. The doctor wanted to recheck with an u/s a week later.

So for the next week I was really depressed thinking that I had miscarried. Going in to the u/s I completely had psyched myself up for nothing on the screen, but to our shock we saw two heartbeats!!!: Of course I worried from that point on about vanishing twin syndrome but after a very rough pregnancy (bleeding and 8 months of bedrest) we have two healthy boys!!!
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As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I started referring to them as "them" not he, she or it.

Then I had three dreams three nights in a row about twins.

At 12-14 weeks I felt the first flutters - pretty strong, and early from what I had read to expect.

I grew out of my pre-preg clothes in about a month after I learned I was pregnant, and just kept growing, and growing, and growing!

I went to an ob and when she was checking heartbeats with the doppler asked her if there were two sets in there. To humor me, she moved the wand around but said she only heard one. I got a couple of prenatal massages by a midwives assistant, she suspected I was having twins. She laid her hands on me and could feel the energy of two beings in the womb. I went to have my first u/s 4 (?) months, the tech was looking puzzled, I couldn't really see the screen, my DH's is looking confused. U/s tech asks if twins run in my family. I turn to DH, "I told you so".
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Hi, it was my first pregnancy. The doctor was not planning to do an ultrasound at all. I was sure I was having twins right off the bat. I was having twin dreams and I can't explain it but I had the feeling. I was telling everyone in my family it was twins and no one believed me and they would laugh. Eventually I was feeling so much movement I knew there had to be more than one in there but still everyone laughed when I would say "I;m telling you it's twins".

When I was 16 weeks along I started to have really bad pains so I went in and the doctor gave me an exam and said I felt farther along than should be so he ordered an ultrasound. I had it at 16 1/2 weeks and my step mother and sister came with me and in the waiting room I kept saying "it's twins" and they laughed. Well we got in there and she no sooner out the machine on my tummy and she said "well, here's the reason why yu are larger than you should be....there's two babies in there" My sister and step mothers jaws were on the floor and I said " I told you!"

My twins are 13 years old now...it seems like yesterday though.
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I found out at 7 weeks. Only reason why I got an u/s so early was because I never got AF after my m/c. The OB wasn't sure if I was even pregnant in the first place. So, it was definitely a surprise when we saw two on the screen!
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We found out via ultrasound at 14 weeks. It was a shock. I sort of knew what I was seeing when I saw the screen, but it didn't really sink in. Then the tech said something like, "Okay, who's sitting down? Who's ready for the shock? Because there are two babies, not one." I had seen two on the screen, but in a sort of curious interested "there must be some explanation" kind of way.

We were having the ultrasound because I hadn't sought medical care (still deciding which midwives I might want to work with) until I got horribly dehydrated with chronic vomiting and ended up in the ER for fluids....on a follow-up with my family practitioner, who hadn't known I was pregnant, I was asked if I wanted to have the early screen/ultrascreen first trimester genetic testing. I was undecided about it. But I didn't know my dates well enough to know if we were past the deadline to have it, even, so she sent us in for a quick ultrasound to measure and get an idea of dates. That was the 14 week scan that revealed twins.

The tech could not find a membrane between the twins, so we were sent off to a tertiary center three days later to have a higher level ultrasound and a perinatologist consult...and they did find a membrane (right away) and diagnosed (for lack of a better word!) mono/di twins.

They were born at 39w, 2d. (3 weeks ago on Sunday. )
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I found out at 7 week. I had just had a m/c so we did an U/S to make sure everything was okay and to check for dates. It was plain as day right away as soon as she put the wand on. Two sacks, two babies
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I suspected pretty early, but it wasn't medically confirmed til around 18w.

It was my first pregnancy and I'd see women who looked just as pregnant as I did, and I'd say, "How far along are you?" and they'd say, "Oh, I'm due in 2 days! How about you?" and I'd say, "Oh, I'm due in 5 months."

My midwife kept asking me about my dates, but I was a single mom so I knew my dates. Us single moms don't typically get that much action! So she ordered an u/s and sure enough, two little penises in there!

I was pretty relieved, because with how big I was, I worried that if it wasn't twins, I was going to have a 19lb baby!
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16 weeks. That was a major shocker!
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My third pregnancy and I was feeling much bigger than my other two pregnancies. I needed my maternity pants at 9 weeks. My midwife measured me at 14 weeks and said I was measuring bigger (18 weeks) but she couldn't hear a second heartbeat and felt it was just due to being a third pregnancy. We were going to wait until the routine 20 week ultrasound to find out because we didn't really think there was any chance of twins. It's funny though how deep down I sort of "knew" even though we didn't think it was a possibility. I broke down a couple of days later and our babies were confirmed with an ultrasound at around 14 weeks.
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