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Necessary C-Section help

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Hi ladies, It may be necessary for me to have a ceserean birth (again - second baby). I am just wondering if there are any books/threads/websites, etc. that could help me make it as postitive and as special of an experience for both me and baby (most importantly baby). I want to have my 'demands' and questions on the issue ready when I talk to my doc. Any advice from anyone on this would be most helpful. I am sad that I will probably not be able to do a vbac - I want to make this as beautiful for the baby as possible. That's what bothers me the most about my previous emergency ceserean birth- baby beng away for hours, me being out of it afterward and not remembering seeing him for the first time or nursing him for the first time... No one was with him him - fir the first few hours of his life , I feel like. Is there any way I can avoid some of that? Also should I be taking probiotics or something to help with the fact that baby does not get the good bacteria he/she would normally get going through through the brith canal? TIA
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mama, I know that there will be other people asking why you can't VBAC, so I'm going to bypass that question & just go straight to the It is possible to have a healing c/s after having a prior traumatic one & you are wise to begin researching it early.

I don't have any references, but I know there are lots around... do some searching here & using Google

Y'all please be gentle to this mama

P.S. Just want to be sure you're aware of ICAN- they're a great resource www.ican-online.org
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Not in your DDC, but I've heard about some doctors approaching c-sections like this, and it might be something worth exploring with your medical team. Good luck!
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Have you checked out this Mothering link? http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=401645
It has great information and links to other websites on how to approach a necessary c/s in a NFL way.

I've had a c-section (unplanned) so feel free to PM me if you have questions.
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I second Jen's advice. I would contact your local ICAN leader and start attending meetings. ICAN is a wonderful support network and they'll be able to counsel you regarding your specific situation.


PS - If you happen to live in the Atlanta area, I know the leader of that group.
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Thank you, Thank you! These are exactly what I need! It's not definite yet but so we'll see but I want to be able to have a plan for both when taking to doc.. and I want to know what doc/nurses/hospital be willing to do in each situation... I want to change docs/hospital asap if I can't have the birth I want whether it be Ceserean or vbac. And should I be able to try for vbac but end up with cesearean it's good to be prepared.

I loved the link Laurelg included - I will be printing that out for my doc.. . I need to be strong b/c I tend to let docs bully me (don't know why, I never let anyone else do that) so the more prepared, I am the stronger I can be. Thank you
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I am almost in your exaact situation. Except in my case, I delivered in a military hospital oversseaas thaat didn't have a NICU, and my son waas transported 45 minutes away to a NICU. My DH didn't see him until he was 4 hours old and didn't hold him until he was 12 hours old. I think about him lying all aalone in an isolette, and I just cry. I didn't hold DS until he was 2 days old, and then it was only because they rushed my discharge so I could be with him in the NICU.

In my case, we just moved back to the US, so when I meet my doctor, I plan on setting a birth plan for the c-section. In non-emergency situations, most moms can hold baby and nurse as soon as they are re-sutured. I anticipate that this birth will go smoother just b/c it isn't an emergency. What scares me most is the prospect of a spinal or epidural.

Sending hugs your way because I know how helpless I feel in this situation.
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As a momma who has had two c-sections, and planning my VBAC.. I do wonder why you can't have a VBAC. Especially, since it is so early in your pregnancy.

However, if you don't care to share, that's fine. My advice and support will be the same.

ICAN is a great resource (I am an ICAN leader in IL), and can help you with which ever decision you make. Also, hiring a doula and creating a birth plan even though you are planning a CBAC will help a lot too! You can request for baby to be nursed while in the OR room.. or that no seperation of baby and momma. It is YOUR birth, YOUR baby, YOUR body! Your decision!

Empower yourself, educate yourself, and you will have more confidence and self esteem to stand up to the doctors and hospital staff to get the birth YOU want.
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Not in your ddc, but I had to comment.

I just had my second c-section although i had planned a home VBAC... Long story short, baby flipped side ways during labor and I had to transfer.

Despite having to have another c-section, we had a very beautiful and gentle birth. My husband got to tell me her gender and as soon as they did her apgar they handed her to him and he held her right up by my face while they stitched me shut. I got to breastfeed her within 30 minutes of her being born and she was never taken out of my sight the entire hospital stay. I got to take my placenta home... we were able to opt out of the eye ointment, and I was able to do oral vitamin K instead of the shot. They also gave us no hassle about not doing the hep b vaccine. We also did cloth dipes and had our own recieving blankets, and she slept with me in my bed.

I had a great doula to help stand up for what was important, and we did have to do some negotiation with the nurses when we got there, but it turned out great!

good luck, and if you need to talk feel free to pm me!

and I also second, or third ICAN...
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Thank you for the hugs Racie. Good luck to you as well, I am glad this thread could help someone else in the same position!

Thanks for sharing you story Mamaspirit - it gives me much hope!
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