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Presbyterian Hospital of Allen

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Has anyone had a natural childbirth at this hospital? This hospital is in Allen, Texas near Dallas.
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I've not used their facility, but I interviewed their maternity area's director just this past week for a magazine article. I was impressed with their flexible, family-supportive policies. They have a brand new hydrotherapy tub for labor, although they don't intend it to be used for waterbirthing per se (be sure your provider supports its use; not all who see patients there do).

Of course, plenty of hospitals have policies that somehow don't seem to translate through their staff into actual practice. From what I could tell, this hospital seems to have the policies in place to support a natural labor and delivery, and the staff management seems encouraging and supportive.

Best of luck!
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I had a good experiance there.
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I have not done a birth there yet, but I have heard good things from other doulas. Hopefully this will turn out to be a hospital for moms and babies in the metroplex. Goodness knows we can use another one!
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