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think my water broke

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k so im 40 weeks and 4 days adn think my water just broke
i was laying in bed and then wet myself
ive never just peed myself but god thats what it felt like and not a big gush just enough to wet what i was wearing and then a lil on the bed
but how do i really know if its water or pee?
this is my 3rd child but water has never broke on its own
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Well I've had two babies now and what you describe is exactly the way it happened both times for me. A little bit of unexpected wetness and "I really don't think I just peed myself." Within 30-60 minutes or so a lot more would come out and contractions would start, but I never had a big obvious gush.

Happy birthing!
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That happened to me with DS also. But I did have a gush after a few minutes though. I guess if it continues it is your water. If it stopped maybe it closed back up, I have heard of it doing so.

I was having a HB so my Midwife came with sometype of strip thing that. I think you can touch the vagina to check although you are not to put anything in it, I touched it with the strip. I could have pressed it in the cloth pad I was wearing since the water was dripping in there. Sending you good birthing vibes (oh I didn't have any contractions until 46 hours after my water broke and then DS was born in 2 hours)
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oooh! Good luck!!! Sounds like its your turn!
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Hope this is it for you!

Not sure about the waters. Both times mine was dramatic with a huge pop and gush just before pushing.
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Does it have a smell? Is it clear?

I've read that amniotic fluid smells kind of like semen, while pee smells like, well, pee.

Good luck!
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yep definately waters more and more came along with the mucous plug
but still no definate contractions not anything to time and all
this is totally new for me with my other 2 contractions started every 5 minutes so their was no wondering if labor started it just kicked right into gear witrh no water breaking and this one is just goin slow and easy
be nice to have the baby today
you no its 8-8-8
but got the cake made(kiddies made it)
made some pasta salad
went to the store got some chips and goodies
need to make some sweet tea
cleaned up the house
waiting on honey to come home from work
my sis woke up and asked if i was having contractions since she was woken by horrible back pain which is usually what i have so maybe shes takin all the pain for me
thatd be nice
so thats my update
we'll see how it goes today
think ill rest for awhile since i never fell back aslepp this morning
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Can you check on your own to see if your water has broken? With litmus paper? I've had a constant...trickle since last night, but I don't want to go to the doctor if I'm just extra...juicy today.
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Originally Posted by mommyshanti View Post
yep definately waters more and more came along with the mucous plug
Woohoo! Sending : that everything continues nice and easy for as long as possible.
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