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Anyone else feeling FINE??

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The title says it all/ I`m about 7 weeks along and I`ve been feeling fine. Tired, yes, but nothing else. Not sure if I should be worried or relieved. At this stage everything makes me worried
Anybody else?
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Except the searing agony earlier, yep. I generally feel fine until about 25 weeks or so, then the extra weight & the pain from my hips being out kick in. Just tired/insomnia, tiny bit stuffy, peeing & some pain when ds2 latches on.
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Other than some bloating, exhaustion and a few episodes of heartburn I feel pretty much like normal. I am not at all concerned about it, this is what I went through with my last pregnancy and everything stayed nice and easy through the labor. When you start letting your mind wander why you don't feel this or that, it just causes needless worry.
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I feel pretty normal. I did with my pregnancy with my son though. No morning sickness, just a little bit tired with some breast tenderness. Other than that, I feel fine.
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I had two days in a row where I felt great. Does that count? LOL
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Totally fantastically fine!

No morning sickness. No cramping or spotting. No round ligament pain.

Just a bit of fatigue.

But all in all, quite wonderful!!!!
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I've felt great, just tired all the time. No m/s but some bloating the last few days.
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Add me!
Tired, a bit of heartburn and bloating. I feel fine. Haven't gotten sick once. It almost bothers me a bit. I wish I felt more... ya know? And I'm 10w 5d
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Well, glad I`m not alone. It was the same way with my other pregnancy. Very tired but fine...
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I was feeling "fine" until about 9 weeks and then the all day sickness hit me like a mack truck.
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yep, been feeling fine for about three full days, so glad to hear I am not alone.
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I have days and days where I feel fine and then, out of nowhere, I'll throw up.I'm always exhausted though. (I am so happy because our local tumbling school is holding open gym where my dd happily let me drop her off for two hours at a time. They haven't had this before, it's new this summer. We've known the owner since dd was a baby and I trust her so it's been nice to have small breaks.)
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I was feeling fine until 7 weeks and 1 day- now I feel awful 24/7. (I'm 8 weeks.)
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Mostly fine so far. Tired and crying easily, though. And some lower digestive stuff and smells bothering me. But compared to most of this board it seems like I'm doing fantastically. I've actually been staying away from our DDC because of all the m/s talk. I think if I let my mind go there my stomach will follow... Someone PM me when it's over!
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I know it's not meant to be funny, but this thread does make me giggle a little.

"I feel great except for x and x and x bothers me a little. But otherwise I feel fine!"

We are so all in the same boat! LOL
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now that you mention it.. I do have sore nipples too.
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I feel great compaired to last time! Does that count? Very little M/S (only a little dizzy a few times), sleeping great, not overly tired, eating what i normaly eat. I have been having some starnge cravings (Taco bell? Eeewww!) but that is just funny, not bad. i am a bit more gassy, but I am still 1000X better than last time, so I am loving it!!
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I am feeling fine, too. Just tired. I was the same with my other pregnancies and hope this one will be just as pleasant and easy for me. You never know, though.
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