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i just tested + this am and dp is out of town, so i figured posting here would be a good way to get some excitement out! i want to tell him in person and he gets back tomorrow, so i don't have TOO long to wait :P . anyway, my name is leah. i'm mommy to a little girl who is 4.5. we tried for five cycles and i was starting to think something was wrong (my cycles are irregular to start with). this totally surprised me!! i am so beyond excited- i hope this baby sticks. anyway, i look forward to posting here with you all :
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:Congrats and welcome!!!:

Good for you for waiting until your DH is home-- I don't know if I'd be able to wait if I were you .
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thanks. if it was more than one day i had to wait to tell someone real, i think i would just be making a phone call. lol!
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Congrats and welcome!
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thanks! and i just realized there was an intro thread. im a dork! lol.
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