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Anyone LOSING hair?

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I know they say your hair gets THICKER during pregnancy (as it did with my two kids), but this time around my hair seems to be coming out by the handful when I wash or brush it.

Anyone else experiencing this weird phenomenon, or are my hormones just whacked?
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I always lose a lot of hair so it's not unusual for me... .but yes, I am. It usually subsides by the 2nd trimester. Oh the beloved second trimester!
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Losing hair is one of the first signs of a thyroid imbalance which is very possible during pregnancy. A LOT of women develope thyroid problems during pregnancy because of the strain on the thyroid. It's worth getting a thyroid panel done, just to be sure that's not what it is. It's easily managed if it is, but can cause complications if left undiagnosed.
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I am too. I had a thyroid screen done after my last loss, is it worth it to do it again to test? Someone else said low progesterone, and someone else said it's my prenatal vits. Don't know what to think.
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I've lost hair during the first trimester of each of my pregnancies, even my early miscarriages. I'm losing it again this time. How is a thyroid screen done?
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You must be having a girl!

I just read an old wives tale that said that if your hair is falling out, you're having a girl.
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Wouldn't apply to me. It feel out with my son and I think that some of my miscarriages were boys.
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I'd definitely check thyroid just to rule it out. I just had one done and all is well.

Some people just lose a lot of hair. Usually people WITH a lot of hair. I have very thick and course hair so I could lose half my head of hair and still look normal!
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A thyroid screen is a simple blood test, but it's important to have your doctor order a full thyroid panel, not just TSH because that doesn't give a full indication.

Personally I think a thyroid screening in all pergnancies is a good idea. Just because one pregnancy didn't throw your thyroid out of whack doesn't mean it won't happen with another one. With my first pregnancy that ended in loss I didn't have any thyroid problems, but with my next (DD1) it sent my thyroid drastically hypo. I didn't know I should have it checked though so I just felt awful through the whole thing and then not long after DD1 was born (well, months) I nearly was in a coma because my thyroid levels were so outrageous. Could have been prevented with a simple blood test.
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My came up by the handfuls during my last pregnancy. I had them run a thyroid panel to make sure that wasn't the problem. All was ok. I finally stopped shedding around 6 months post partum. This time, it seems to be staying about normal.
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Wow, all, thanks for the feedback; it's comforting to know I'm not the only one going through this. I always hate the postpartum hair loss; hard to accept it's starting SO early this time around.

Let's all keep fingers crossed for thick and lustrous locks in the 2nd tri!

I'm not yet convinced this PG is viable; going back in for another u/s on Friday. So at least it's comforting to know pregnancy hormones could be doing this! I'll also look into thyroid...my mom has hypothyroid condition, so I've been tested in the past.
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I lose about 3 months postpartum. Not losing any now. I thought the losing after was normal though. Or is it still possible that it is a thyroid issue?
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Originally Posted by Paddington View Post
I lose about 3 months postpartum. Not losing any now. I thought the losing after was normal though. Or is it still possible that it is a thyroid issue?
Oh yeah, around 3-4 months pp is VERY normal to lose your hair.
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Prior to this pregnancy, I'd only ever lost hair postpartum. But this time, I am definitely losing hair. I went to get it cut and even the stylist commented on how it was coming out.
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I'm sorry, I didn't even read this thread. I'm stuck on the fact that your name is Heathereenie. That's what my dad called me as a child!!!
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Hi Heather...yeah, MY dad (and mom) called me that as a kid! Kind of a mashup because my middle name was Irene. I hated it then, but it's a good handle, I guess!
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It's getting thicker so far this time. However, when I was pg with DD, it got terribly thin. It got thicker when pg with DS. It also got thicker during the last pg which I lost, that one was a girl. (However, I do find leg hair growth to be an accurate predictor of gender for me so far. If it grows fast, then I was pg with a boy. If I grew more slowly, then I was pg with a girl).

However, I was able to take a children's multi this time around with hyperemesis. When I had hyperemesis and was pg with DD, I couldn't tolerate any vitamins except for the tiny folic acid. So, I wonder if my terrible nutrition due to being so sick had something to do with my hair.
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Hee, hee. Heather Irene, I'm Heather Erin!
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I've been thinking of getting this ebook (http://thyroid.ultrawellness.com/p/i...18&ai=CD8&ci=2). I've been certain for years that I have a thyroid problem, but it never seems to show up on the panels, despite the fact I have all of the symptoms.

I don't think I lost hair with any of my others, but I definitely am this time. And even with being pregnant, I'm still cold a lot. I know one of the reasons I liked being pregnant with ds1 & 2 was that I was warm for a change & it's not happening this time, so I think my thyroid problems are getting worse.

Well, I've been thinking of going to see my gp soon anyway, I guess I'll ask him for panel. Maybe this time it'll actually show something.
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