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Book suggestion: The Thyroid Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal

Its easy to read, explains the thyroid function, symptoms of disease & side effects of treatment. I've read it cover to cover & refer to it on occaison.

Another suggestion: The Complete Thyroid Book by Kenneth Ain & M. Sara Rosenthal

This is a bigger book & I would never dare to read it cover to cover but its a good reference book for specific topics like diets & to understand your test results.

These books are from more of a traditional modern medicine viewpoint, less about the homeopathic stuff that I find all over the internet.
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Hello Ladies,


I was hypothyroid at one point in my life and my doctor put me on medications and hormones.  I was so uncomfortable with the idea that I decided there must be another way. I not only was hypothyroid, but also had adrenal fatigue, and many digestive issues.  I studied holistic nutrition and alternative medicines and was able to heal myself and am now happy that I no longer take any prescriptions and am normal!  I work specifically with clients in helping them achieve healthy, balanced lifes through thoughtful nutrition with diet and deprivation and heal their hormonal imbalances!  I have given several teleclasses on the subject and if anyone would like to hear the recording I would be glad to share.  my email is healthyhealinghabits@gmail.com just hit me up!  In health and healing

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