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Angry at my dinner??

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...lol, that is the only way I can describe it.
I have horrible nausea and all of the normal, everyday foods that I like to eat are so gross.

We usually plan a menu every week and it consists of about the same dozen dishes or so. Well, every single one is just aweful right now. I find myself looking at the menu and thinking, "aagh! I don't want that! Go away. Yuck..."

Dh doesn't understand, although he is sypathetic. I just want to be able to eat normally again. He is a big dinner/planner/eater and he is just so stumped about all of my aversions and cravings.

I feel like I have turned into a monster! lol...
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Oh, I feel you. I haven't made an actual meal in about a week because I know I won't eat it. Plus, dh works nights, so he's not home to eat dinner. I can't eat anything I normally would and it sucks. My dd is the only one eating normally around here.

I'll tell dh I'm hungry and he'll ask what sound good and I just burst into tears and say "Nothing!".
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MEE TOOO!!! Its so hard because I am STARVING every two hours, but NOTHING sounds or tastes good. Seriously, everytime I get hungry I start to cry. I basically GAG the entire time I'm eating. As soo I I manage to get something down I feel FINE though! Its crazy!!
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I want so badly to be able to eat a regular meal again! Dinner is always such a depressing ordeal, as I have to wrack my brain for something to satisfy my growling stomach and stave off even worse nausea (or worse), but everything sounds so inedible. Even when I think of something I might be able to stomach, I have to take a few deep breaths before I take the first bite, telling myself that if I can just get some of it down, I might feel better. I feel bad - we haven't had a good, real dinner in at least a month. I miss cooking and liking food.
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Originally Posted by Momma2SoSweet View Post
I'll tell dh I'm hungry and he'll ask what sound good and I just burst into tears and say "Nothing!".
Oh man - that same scenario happens nightly here.

I have still been cooking and mostly sticking to a meal plan because I realized that since nothing at all sounds good to me - it doesn't really matter what's for dinner anymore. I'll take as many bites as I can stomach of the protein portion, and then sip water for the rest of the night.

Every now and then something will actually sound good (like right now, i want shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa). Its a race to eat it before it sounds unappealing again.
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I'm pitching a tent in your camp! I've now graduated to gagging at the sight of food in the grocery store. Mmm, how cool am I?
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i am right there with you guys. i can't even menu plan cause nothing sounds good. though sushi is sounding strangly good right now.
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the only thing that sounds remotely good every single night is a bowl of cereal.
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I concur. Food in general sounds/looks/smells disgusting to me, except occasionally later in the evening. Even then I have no idea what I can eat until I actually see it in front of me, or start eating it. Sometimes I can't eat it afterall, and yet, as eveyone else has said, I feel like I'm starving if I don't eat something. I often have to eat saltines or fruit popsicles instead of "real" food. I think I've actually lost weight, but it's not like I can't spare it.
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Originally Posted by hedgewitch View Post
I'm pitching a tent in your camp! I've now graduated to gagging at the sight of food in the grocery store. Mmm, how cool am I?
I just got back from the grocery store and it was TORTURE!! I gaged the entire way through the and only ended up with a couple things...One being a pre-made veggie tray w/ranch dip??? WTH??? RANDOM!!!!!!!!!
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^ I have been wanting strawberry pie w/whipped cream for the last three days b/c I saw it on a sign in a restaurant and they were OUT (the NERVE!!!). Mmm. Besides that, it's more aversions still than it is cravings.
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My poor dh has been catering to me. I'm constantly afraid that between the time something seems appetizing and the moment it's actually ready to eat, I'll have changed my mind and he'll have gone to all that trouble for nothing.
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My nausea hasn't been too bad, and I mostly am gagging on things in the AM, but many evenings I just don't feel like eating. This may be TMI, but I sometimes am having other sorts of digestive upsets from the day and so nothing sounds or looks good. We have such a busy schedule at our house, that we usually plan our meals out for the week on the weekend. Usually this is fast and efficient, but somedays I just can't face another taco, you know? Plus, the more cooking and food prep that I have to do, the less likely I want to eat anything. Somenights all I want to do is just sip some beverage- usually a carbonated one at that. My kids look at me like I am both crazy and being unfair. We usually don't even have something like 7-up in the house, and here I am drinking that and not eating dinner- all the time saying- "eat up your zucchini" and "no- of course you can't have any soda!"
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