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Sweet, sweet babies....

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I would like to announce the arrival of Cabhan David, born into his mothers hands on 8-8-08, and the arrival of Aile Amber, born into her mothers hands on 8-8-08. They were 6#15ounces and 6#10ounces.

Born at home in the water after about 35 minutes of labor and some pushing.
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That is such fabulous news!!!!! : And how awesome that your sweet babies ended up with the neato birthdate. I can't wait to hear more and see pictures!

How ya feeling?
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how cool!::
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Wow!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pics! :::
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Awesome!!! Congratulations ::

That's the 2nd set of twins born on 8/8/08...how cool! There was a set born in the Oct DDC too.

Can't wait to see pics too
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Congratulations!!! And 35 minutes of labor - how cool is that??!! :::
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: Welcome, little ones! :
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You do know that you've just given birth to a couple of math geeks, right? Twins coming after a due date? They were holding on for a purpose.

35 minutes of active labor? Speedy!!

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Congratualtions Sarah ::

You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!Welcome sweet babies!~
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Yeah! You are such an inspiration and you have taught us all that patience makes for beautiful births!
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its about time you had those twins And 35 minutes of labor. I am insanely jealous. One of my twins was 6 lbs. 10 oz. too.

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Oh, congrats! What great weights, too.
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That is wonderful news! I think we've all been awaiting your delivery, probably more than our own. LOL
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Congratulations! What a great birth date and size! I can't wait to hear about your labour too...sounds pretty ideal
LOVE the names too! enjoy your new little ones!
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Oh Sarah! If anyone deserved the cool birthday, it was you, you amazing mama!! I am so glad all the labor vibes went to you, I can wait(but it is SO my turn now!! LOL)!!

Love those babies up and let us see them soon!!!! :

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Wow! Congratulations mama. You are awesome! Enjoy snuggling those sweet babies.
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: Sounds like you had a good labor! Congratulations and Welcome Babies!! :
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You are a birth goddess!!
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