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Current River Float Trips

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We're considering a 3-4 day float trip down the Current River next summer and am wondering if anyone here can recommend an outfitter. I'd be most interested in a package deal that includes canoes, campsite reservation, shuttle back to the start point. We can carry our gear however a trip which hauls the gear would be a plus!

There are several and I always like to get recommendations. I think as a kid we always used Aker's Ferry, but my mom is drawing a blank, so I"m not sure if that's the outfitter we used or if I'm just remembering that as the place we always put in.
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Twin Bridges is good. I love that area for floating.
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Hey - we just got back from floating the Jacks Fork(which merges with the Current) a couple days ago. We stayed at Alley Spring campground(Nat'l Park Service campground, flushing toilets, campsites very close together) and it was what we expected, not our favorite kind of camping, but we were there to float. We purposely went mid-week, because we had our children with us and on weekends it is too crowded, IMO. We were quite impressed with our outfitter(Harvey's). They were professional, punctual, and had very nice, clean, vans to transport us(unlike the dreaded old schoolbus that we have experienced many times in the past!)

I have floated the Current many times and can't remember which outfitters are good, unfortunately. Jadwin comes to mind.

I would recommend the Jacks Fork, there is a pic or two of us from the trip on my blog linked below if you want to check it out.
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I grew up about 30-45minutes from there. We have almost always used The Landing when we floated Current River out of Van Buren. They have a lodge and a camp ground.

If you decide to do Jack's Fork, I recommend trying Shady Lane if you are thinking about cabins. I am not sure if they do float trips, though if you call I am sure if they don't they could set you up with someone who does.
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Thanks much gals! I"ve never floated Jack's Fork but that's always where we finished up our trips when we were kids.

I'm so excited! I had sooo much fun on the river as a kid and can't wait for my kids to experience it!!!
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current river

I know this post is a little late, but wanted to add another option for you. We go every summer and float at round spring. It's great because they take care of the canoes for you, it includes your campsite and the best part is they pick you up in the morning and take you to the drop off site to start your float, your canoes are waiting and then you end at your campsite. When you pull out, they are there waiting for the canoes. I have done float trips where you have to be bused back after floating and that has ended badly before for numerous reasons. Hope this helps!
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