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Start of November 2ww??/Anyone else not finding out until later in November?

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I'm jealous of all you gals who are doing the October 2ww and finding out this week if you are preggers :LOL . I think I am still technically an October gal, but anyone else have to wait until November 9, 10, 11, or 12th? I'm personally hoping aunt flow wont show up as expected around the 10th or 11th. I did my first insemination on Thursday and another one again on Saturday (and may do one again tomorrow-- Monday). I am nervous for my first 2ww. I am already going nutso....

Are my boobs bigger? They seem bigger...

Was I teary yesterday because I was conceiving? I could be hormonal...

Would I be due on July 26th? What is 266 days from, say, Saturday? How about Monday? July seems like it is going to be soooo hot...

and on and on.

How am I going to make it through 2 more weeks of this : ?! Someone please inject me with some sanity.

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i will step into the nov 2ww with you. i guess i am kind of 50-50 oct-nov, as af is due nov 5th. this is my first wait too and i am going nuts, and driving dh nuts: 'do i look pregnant?' "do you think i am pregnant?" 'will you please feel my boobs?'. i do try to keep it down to no more than one interrogation an hour. : so anyway, i dont have that sanity injection you are seeking, but two patients make the waiting room less lonely, eh?
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Three is even better - I'll hang out. I should know by mid-next week, what's that - the 5th. also! July sounds soooo perfect to me, Sierra & Sunbaby. I very much want a summer baby this time around.

But I had some wine last night, half a bottle of pinot noir actually. Pathetic, I know. But I have been totally clean for months and months. I rarely drink. Dh, dd & I were visiting some very good friends who live across the water, our kids had a blast, we had a blast....

And the prospect of AF coming over next week helped ease the choice

Just kidding about that last smilie. Although, 2.5 glasses were plenty for me.
Back to my prego teas & water.

By the way, my boobs are killing me this morning.

Good luck with the semination Sierra!

My advice to us all is, don't drink.
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I think I will also join you ladies!
I'm 7dpo and plan to test on the 8th if I make it that far without a visit from the hag.
I plan on drinking/getting drunk this Fri.(Halloween)we're having a big party with all our friends and everyone is gonna dress up and I want to indulge. But I'm starting to question if its a good idea. I will be 12dpo. If I knew I wasn't pregnant I would not hesitate, but I don't want anything to mess up implantaion or growth of the baby if I am indead pregnant. Do you all think its really risky to drink once in early pregnancy? DH doesn't really think it would be a problem because I seldom drink and won't be drinking after Halloween. He seems to think that it is long term alcohol use that causes problems with the baby.
My boobs are already feeling sore.
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...well make that 5, then! I did move over to the Oct. 2ww yesterday, the logic being that it's still October, and I am waiting...:LOL

But, CD 17, 3 DPO, so AF due on Nov 8, I think.

I posted this in the Oct 2 ww, but I'll try here, too, since we're talking about imbibing...is one cup daily of red raspberry leaf tea ok/recommended at this stage?

I, too, enjoyed some red wine on the wknd c'mon - it was lovely with my beef tenderloin!!

...I will have to decide, and I will likely err on the side of caution come time, but I don't think an occasional glass with dinner is harmful. I can't help but think of all the women who don't find out until 3 months that they're pregnant, and lived as they normally would, and delivered healthy babies.

Not that I don't think it's wise to live a certain lifestyle pre-conception through to breastfeeding, or that a damaging, unhealthy lifestyle is ok then or anytime... (My 2 ¢ is that in general the occasional drink is not damaging or unhealthy)

As for FAS, yeah, I am also of the thinking that it's a problem when the parents/mother is an alcoholic, not when she occasionally has a drink or gets drunk...probably the same can be said for any potential interference with implantation? don't know.

In the end, maybe it has more to do with how you may feel about the occasional drink and/or getting drunk. If it's going to cause you worry and stress, then that may be where the real harm lies.
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There must be truth to that. Besides, I don't feel guilty at all .

Red rasp. leaf is extremely beneficial to you - before, during and after pregnancy. It is a uterine tonic, for toning and supporting it doing what it does best.

Too much of anything is potentially toxic. Even broccoli! Believe it or not. Small, occasional amounts of must be fine.

And two and a half glasses sounds better than a half a bottle, doesn't it.

Jodie, it wouldn't hurt to test on day 12, just so you feel better about it. You never know....it may read accurate 2 ddays before af is due. Either way, have a really FUN party! What are you going as?

Good luck to all of us!!!

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I will join you too! I just joined the October 2 ww, but am not testing until October 8th, so here I am Feeling completely normal. I am cd 18 and am pretty certain I ovulated late last week, so am very early in my wait. No obsession............yet

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Bluedragonfly~ We plan on having a really FUN party!
I'm going as a dark angel, I've got wings and everything.

I echo what you said about the red rasberry. I've got some capsules that I'll start taking tomorrow! Got to get that uterus in shape.:LOL
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This is my first 2ww too!
Yesterday I felt nauseus, today I feel fine.
I feel a bit weepy too, but strangely, I feel scared to find out!!

Looking forward to finding out everyone's news!
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i also think that an occasional drink is fine. dh is a winemaker and i drank moderately in my first pregnancy and dd turned out great.
i am thinking i am probably not pregnant this month and i am pretty mad, but i started a seperate thread about that so as not to bring that negativity into the nov 2ww thread. i still of course am hanging onto a bit of hope. with dd my boob were big and sore and i always thought i would know by this the second time around. but maybe symptoms change from pregnancy to pregnancy? anyone already have two pregnancies? did the 2ww feel the same both times??

i will continue to light my altar each night for all of us.
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I posted this in the Oct 2-ww, but I think we all need it here, too!

My cheer for July babies for all of us ends in a babydust-cheerleader pyramid:

.... ...............

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Me Too....

I am just so thrilled to be in the 2ww. This is the first time since June that I've ovulated. And FF says there's actually a decent chance we timed it right.... WAHOOO


So I have a test date of Nov 6, however, I have my annual GYN appt Nov 5, and if AF hasn't arrived by Nov 5, I will as my doc to do a beta test....

So, I know the 2ww is always a drag, but honest to god ladies, is more of a drag to have mulitple anovulatory cycles... so I'm so happy my body is acting normal

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Yeah, you're right - it's a blessing to have a new chance every month.

My boobs ache every month after ovulation, so that isn't a good predictor for me.

Sierra, how did the inseminations go?
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Hey guys! Think I'll join you all for a while. I think I'm 1dpo today. according to previous cycles and cm observations. DH and I have been bding every other day for the last week, and we'll probably try to get some in tomorrow just for good measure. IIt's almost like we're trying to have a baby or something. :LOL So I think our chances are good this month, I'll keep you all updated! to us all! oh, and congrats on the O Joy! Here's some extra for you!
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Hey all! I don't have a whole lot of time (I'm supposed to be getting ready for work right now), but I wanted to say hi and wish you all . I know, not as good as a babydust cheerleader pyramid, but hey .

So, we just did the inseminations on Thursday and on Saturday because Monday I drove all the way out to my donor's city for a doctor's appointment and forgot my calling card and his phone number and couldn't call him to confirm anything . I am pretty sure I was at *least* a day past ovulation (even though my temps were just begining to rise) because Saturday I was having very strong O pains. So I don't feel panicked about having missed it, though I feel awful for my donor who was waiting for me to call .

Well, I've figured out (I think accurately) that based on my date of ovulation, my due date would be approximately July 18th. I am so going nuts about testing . I'm tempted to do a blood test so I can test just a couple days early :, but I'll really try to be patient.

I've had a couple of moments over the last week where I've just suddenly felt like, "I'm pregnant," but when I think about it, I don't think I am. I don't have any real signs (I do have very minor nausea, a bunch of zits on my back and shoulders-- yuck, and I am a little emotional...but all those could have other, perfectly reasonable causes). This is our first try so chances are slim, especially given that I was unsure about timing at first, and since we are doing insems, I only have a couple shots to get the timing right (man, BDing would be so much easier LOL).

Oh well, here is hoping anyway !

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Come on July babies! I'm not even going to attempt something as fabulous as the babydust pyramid. LOL

I have a feeling that this is going to be the longest 2ww ever. It's the first one that I KNOW we timed the bding well, and I'm so hopeful. ANd, I had incredibly vivd dreams last night about my upcocming BFP. I remember saying to someone in my dream, yeah, our baby will be coming in July... and right after I got a positive test in my dream I thought 'I have to go post at MDC!" How's that for realistic? :LOL So, here I am, 2dpo, and wishing the time would just go faster, already!!!!

Sierra, here's to a bfp the first time around. I know what you mean about having moments where you feel pregnant, I'm in the same boat. I keep telling myself that it's too early, but I can't help the obsessing. :
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I think I'll just stop in and get some of that baby dust that's floating around.

I'm 12dpo, with tender boobs.
Trying to wait till next Sat. to test but now thinking I'll test on Fri.
AF is due on Mon. or Tues., stay away !

I've also been feeling those moments where I think "I'm pregnant", more so this cycle becasue I ovulated on time and we BD'd at the right time, so I have more hope than usual.
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Hello everyone.

Just a check-in. Some exciting news over at the Oct 2-ww!!

Jodie - hope you had a blast at your Halloween party!

I'm CD 22, 8 DPO...tender breasts? Me too, me too!! ...and occasional crampiness/twinges, but I felt those last cycle, too !

Had a short-lived temptation to test this morning, but I'm back to the test on Nov. 8 plan...

Glad you liked the pyramid.

Here's a simpler, but just as enthusiastic cheer:

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I guess I'm stepping into this thread now...

After getting AF on Oct. 15th, my 32-day cycle means I'm waiting quite a while - AF not due until Nov. 16th.

Bummer as it was not getting PG last month, when the timing with school and summer vacation would be perfect, I'm a bit stressed because if we don't conceive this month, we decided to wait another 6 months until the next vacation window.

I should be ovulating today or tommorrow. I don't chart, I just guess based on a pretty predictable LP of 15 days.
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I'm joining too. I'm cd 14 today and got a ++ opk. I think I'll O tomarrow and so not officially in the 2ww till Monday, But what the heck.
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