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heveasoul I am so sad to see your post. I am sorry. Hope you feel better soon and have a fruitful cycle! August is a lovely time for a baby



Joy-my fingers are crossed for you!

Jessviola-thanks Hope your cycle evens itself out and you end up with a nice BFP!

Welcome to all the newbies

I am now 2 days late, but not optimistic (ok, maybe a little bit) but I am crampy and was a little short with dh last night. I hold my breath everytime I go to the bathroom, but nothing yet. If no af tomorrow, that will match my longest cycle. I better be pregnant! Being late and then getting af sucks!

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beta test from blood draw Wed is BFN.

so where's AF?

I'm so confused.

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AF has arrived. *sigh* Moving over to the Nov pre-o board.
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oh my...

heveasoul, i'm so sorry AF showed up. hopefully you'll kick this cold quickly then your body will be extra good and ready.

wtchyhlr, that is disappointing about the blood test, i'm sorry. is it possible you ovulated later than you think? maybe it's just too early?

sierra, sorry you're not feeling hopeful anymore. it sounds like your cycle was so good this month, i hope you find that encouraging.

jessviola, thanks! it was easy for me to get down to 1-2 cups of green tea a day but those last ones were hard to wean myself off of completely! as for confusing cycles, maybe those will be the lucky ones?! fingers crossed. and toes.

to those still waiting (and waiting and waiting)


oh, just a quick laugh, this morning dh informed me that my boobs have gotten smaller again! :LOL
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I'm not really here...

Just wanted to give to those who had a tough cycle and those who are entertaining that nasty visitor.

And Brandi, I'm routing for you!!! I hope to see a BFP post from you this weekend!!
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Good biiiiiiiiiii my friends, gooodbiiiiiiiiiii.....

I'm afraid I'll be leaving you guys here, but my warmest wishes are with those who are waiting to test.

Sierra, Hevasoul & Naturegirl, I will happily join you for Nov pre-O!

Brandi, I do the same thing every month too. Took me so long to realize some of my symptoms happen in a cycle, like MAJOR bad attitude for part of a day. I now chart each and every symptom so I can't be in denial anymore :

Jessviola and all those of you who thought of me, I am grateful and blessed.

Good luck to all of you shooting for July!

I was sooooo sad yesterday when I knew "she" was here for sure. I was sadder than ever before. But today I am a new girl and ready. Bring it OOOOOOONNNNNN LADYYYYYYY!!!!!!

We have to keep saying this:

I WILL be pregnant!!

It's so much easier to scream when is here. So you don't have to scream, just say it, over and over, all day long.

Think !!!!!

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to all those headed back to the pre-O. Say "This is my month. This is my month"

Congrats to all you pregnant ladies. Be generous with the baby dust.

As for me I am 3 DPO

The big excitement for me is this is the first time ever I've really been sure of when I O'd I feel like it calls for :

Even more exciting is the fact that I O'd on day 16. Usually if I have an idea it's been later in the cycle. I am hoping this translates into a longer LP for me (yeah like 9 months).

I have also pledged to ignore all symptoms.

I will ignore all symptoms

I will ignore all symptoms

I will ignore all symptoms

I will ignore all symptoms

That's right, no more nausea watches, no more poking my boobs, no more checking for veins. I'm going to exercise great self restraint and look only at temps at days late. I'm always wrong, and it sucks. I'm going to try to wait until I'm late to test. (okay that might go out the window now that I actually know when I o'd-but still)
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Oh, heveasoul
and wtchyhlr

So sorry AF found you. Better luck next cycle!

Brandi!!! Things are sounding really good for you!! I am sending serious baby vibes your way!

Gonnabeamom - I don't know if you are aware of this, but generally your LP doesn't vary. (Unless you are pregnant, of course! ) It's your O date that varies and causes your cycles to be different lengths. Good luck this month!!

As for me: I am SOOOO thirsty today, which is exactly what happened around 6-8 DPO last month and I was pregnant! I normally HATE water with a passion, and today I can't drink enough of it...like gallons, I mean. :LOL I would be doing a naked happy dance... There's just one small problem: I don't know if I actually ovulated, because my temps are all screwy and below the coverline. : Time will tell. I am taking a laid-back approach to the 2ww this month. I need a break from obsession. (Till I get to 13DPO, that is )
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Hi everybody

I'm new, though I've been lurking for awhile... I'm ttc#1 -- on my first cycle post-bcp. While it might be too much to hope for, a July baby sure sounds nice to me, so I'm joining ya'll in the 2ww. (I'm cd 17 and had ewcm for three days, tues-thursday. We had lots of bding before my husband left for a conference on wednesday night -- hopefully it took!)

I've been having lots of pregnancy and birthing dreams and sleeping way too much. But I'm telling myself to be like gonnabeamom, and ignore the symptoms.

lots of baby dust to everyone here! Thanks for sharing your stories, cause it is nice to have a community of mamas-to-be that are sharing this journey with me...

alexis yael
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to Mothering Dot Commune and the 2WW! Hope your TTC stay is short and sweet!
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Thanks, Katie, I hope so to, but you never know. I'm so trying to be laid back about this -- we told everyone we weren't going to start seriously trying until January, but now that we've started we both really want it NOW, kwim?

It's just so exciting for me, since I've wanted a baby for so long, but we waited to ttc until my husband felt ready. Now that he's ready, it's game on!

(It's so good to have aplace where I can get all excited!)
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Lucy's mama,

Thanks. I know it's supposed to be fixed, but it can sometimes be short in some women, and improving the hormone balance can result in a longer LP and better chance of getting a keeper.

I'm one of those short LP women-so I'm hoping that the fertility teas and the lunaception, and vitex will give me at the very least a longer LP, but really I just want to be pregnant. I'm telling myself that having a back up goal of better cycles and longer LP will help get me through the 2 ww.

The water thing is interesting. I will add it to the list of things I'm not paying attention too.

Alexis, Welcome, and I hope you get your baby soon!
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still here, waiting patiently...

still nothing to suggest I'm pregnant, but nothing to suggest that I'm not, either.

Sierra, Joy, heveasoul, Bluedragonfly. My thoughts are with you all, and who knows, maybe I'll be joining you over in preO soon.
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heveasoul, joy, sierra, bluedragonfly

i just said a little prayer for you, i hope you conceive this month!

i'm still very hopeful for you!!! my official temp went down again today, but i tested an hour earlier than normal and i retested for fun at my normal time and it was back up at 98.3. it seems to be pretty consistently there at 8:30 every morning. hopefully that's a good sign. i don't think there's any real possibility of pregnancy if i did O because we've been sick here and haven't been up to much BDing.

i can't wait to *know* i've O'd

i hope the thirst is a good sign!!!

welcome! i hope your stay on this thread is very brief!
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thanks, everybody!

I hope everybody's stay in this thread is short, too.

OK. A question about temping: I know about temps going up right when (or right before?) you o, but it seems like people are still taking their temps to see whether the bding took. Am I right? So, what's the temp changes if implantation occurs as opposed to if AF comes?

I haven't started temping yet... next month I'll start, if it comes to that. I'm not much of a morning person

I never heard about thirst as a sign of pregnancy, but I'll itry to ignore it as well...
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You may want to check out the book Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It's all about charting and TTC. Most women use it as their TTC/charting bible!

To answer just a few of your questions....
-temps go up after you ovulate. This is caused by progesterone released by the corpus luteum. The progesterone is essential to a successful pregnancy, and the corpus luteum will release it until either the embryo implants and produces it itself, or it dies because no egg was successfully fertilized and hormones cue your endometrial lining to shed - starting your period.

-People chart AFTER they O because temperature patterns can be read to see if you are potentially pregnant. If you have a second sustained rise in your temperatures, your chart is what is called "triphasic", which is a possible indicator of pregnancy.

-It can also be helpful when beginning to chart to establish your luteal phase - which is how many days there are between your ovulation and and period. This is important, because if your luteal phase (LP) is too short, which happens because the corpus luteum dies too early, it can be difficult to achieve pregnancy. The egg needs to be able to implant before the corpus luteum dies.

If you need more detail, let me know, and I will PM you with any answers!!! I recommend charting! It's a wonderful way to get to know your body a bit better.
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Cool, thank you for such a concise answer, Katie!

I will start trying to temp. I'm not very awake when I wake up, though. More like groggy and disoriented. And no caffeine to help me get through it (I gave it up last year, even before ttc, cause I have IBS ) Perhaps if I set the thermometer (sp?) out the night before...

thanks again

for all of us!
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<-----this is me. I just went to the bathroom andhad a whole lotta CM - weird for post-O. I had one OPK left so I took it. It was positive. I guess I am just *now* ovulating...I think my body geared up to O last week, but never made it....maybe still recovering from the m/c?

I suspected this might be the case, esp. since I had a typical pre-O temp-dip today. My chart!

Sooooo....I better go wake up dh!
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get to work katie! hehe, no seriously, i hope you have a very special and memorable night

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Can't sleep, still no af, wonder what the test in the morning will tell me, with my first two, I tested rather late. Second time around I had a false negative even though I was a day or two late. I am obsessing now, I guess it would not be the 2 ww without a little obsessing now would it hmmmmmmmmm.

Thank you for all the well wishes!

Joy It is so hard to come up with words, I understand how you feel and I hope that you never have to feel it again. Lots of love and baby dust to you for this next cycle.

Bluedragonfly-I am sorry the witch found you, but it is nice to read your positive words. A baby will come your way soon

gonnabeamom-welcome back to the wait! Good luck with obsessing Meet you on the pregnancy board ok

Lucysmama-Nice to have your presense again, sending you lots of baby dust and sticky vibes When do you test?

Welcome Alexis!!!!!!! Hope your stay is short and fruitful! I want to see you on the pregnancy board right away

Dailaimama-sounds just like me, don't feel like I am, but not like I'm not either. Hope we are both pleasantly surprised

Jess-keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you anyway!

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