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Start of November 2ww??/Anyone else not finding out until later in November? - Page 2

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Heveasoul~ Our party was a blast! It lasted till about 4am.
Oh man I had such a good time. Only bummer was my DH, poor guy. He drank a little rum, got drunk, about 11 o'clock got sick and then laid out in the bed. He was out for the rest of the night. This normally doen't happen to him. He was so bummed when I told him all that happened while he was out, he's sorry he missed it. I then had to be the one to keep it all going, and I did ok. I've been wanting to enhance my hostessing skills. I just loved the fact that all our friends were together in one spot and I got to see and talk to all of them. And met a few new folks We even got some trick-or-treaters this year!

How was y'alls halloween?
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i know i said i wasnt gonna test until the 5th.....but all the good news over in the oct 2ww got me all worked up, and well, i have been suspecting and tonight i got a very faint, but definately there
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hey sunbaby, I get to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you! I have some extra baby dust to spread 'cause of what happened at work yesterday. here's the story: I'm an er nurse and i had a patient who is 41 years old and was 6.5 months pregnant and didn't know until this week. (crazy situation, i won't go in to it all) but the really impressive thing was that she thought she was post menopausal 'cause she hadn't had a period in 3 YEARS! well she unsuspectingly caught her only egg in 3 years! how's that for luck? she had other problems so i spent alot of time feeling her belly and checking the baby's heart beat so if she had any baby dust to share i got a mega dose of it! Just wanted to spread some around! good luck to us all this month!
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:bf :bf Congratulations Sunbaby!!! :bf :bf

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Yay, how fantastic!! Happy travels on your journey to pregnancy and motherhood!!
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Jodie - glad to hear the party was such a success! (except for dh, poor guy ) When are you testing, aren't you close?

Such great news in the last couple of days...I'm so happy for all the latest new grads!

Thanks for sharing that story, and for the extra babydust, wolfmom!

I'm CD 23, 9 DPO. Walking that fine line between getting swept up in the rush of excitement, and being patient...my last BFN/AF came right after a whole slew of BFP announcements...so I'm trying not to get too caught up in it for my own sake...

Boobs still tender, though neither I nor my dh notice any changes - same size, etc.

waiting, waiting, waiting...

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I'm officially here! (Though I haven't gotten my confirmation from FF yet.) This was my first cycle TTC after my m/c a few weeks ago, so I don't really know what my expectations are. I was happy just to ovulate so quickly. My chart

Another congrats to butterflymaiden, sunbaby, and oceanbaby!!!
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Congrats Butterflymaiden, oceanbaby and sunbaby!!!!

butterfly, pop on over to my thread and share some of that baby dust!!
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ok girls, sorry i haven't kept you all up to date on my 2ww progress but the whole 2ww thing was really stressing me out! anyway, i am 13dpo(i think) and i was exhausted yest. so i took a big chance today and tested - BFP! I am still in disbelief and of course very scared that we will lose this baby too. oh well, i guess i'll have to enjoy and hope for the best! thanks so much for all your support and here's to lots of baby dust for july babies!
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congratulations wolfmom and sunbaby! wishing you the best of 9 month waits, one step at a time.

i'm moving over here now too... i didn't feel particularly fertile this month (less EWCM, cervix not as soft) but signs indicate i ovulated so here i am.

my chart
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Congrats Sunbaby and Wolfmom!!!! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!!
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Congrats sunbaby and wolfmom!!!!
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Congrats Wolfmom!

And... Congrats again to you Sunbaby!

What a great way to start out the month.

If I calculated O right I am about 12-13dpo and don't plan on testing till sat. Maybe Fri. at the earliest! I expect AF to show any time now. No signs of her yet though. Boobs are really sore today, and while at a friends house tonight I had to pee 3 or 4 times in 2hours and I went before I left my house. I do have to go a lot but not usually that much.

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Wishing you a wonderful, healthy pregancy!!
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Congrats wolfmom!!!

cd 16 1 dpo according to opk and had temp jump this am. So I guess it's official. Just happy that we covered O!.

++++ thos everyone!!
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Hello all.

check-in time...

I'm CD 24, DPO 10.

Home sick today . No, not nauseated sick - throat/achey sick. Hoping that that's why I was so crabby yesterday, and not because of PMS...Anyway, since it was such a busy weekend, and since I'm still holding hope for a BFP on Nov. 8, I thought I'd take it easy today, even though I *could* have made it in to work today.

Hope we all catch some of that babydust that's been flying around lately!
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First, Congrats to the BFP's... way to go....

11 DPO is where I'm at... My LP averages 12 days... temp started to dip today, but not much.. still have sore boobs, creamy CM and exceptionally firm CP.


Have my yearly appt w/the Dr Wednsday, if no AF, I'll ask for a blood test, i think.

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I just want to send a big to nikirj, arduinna, lucysmama, and flitters. I'm glad you're here to obsess with us. I also want to shout a huge congratulations to sunbaby and wolfmom for the !

dalaimama, when's your test date? I know about this 2ww dragging on, and I wanna obsess with you.

Jodie, My Halloween was good. I didn't have a party, but the few trick-or-treaters who came to the house were *adorable.* It was a small but great bunch. I think you and I will be testing within a couple days of one another even though I am fewer dpo than you are (I'm either 8 or 9 dpo). AF is due also for me on Monday or Tuesday, and I'm trying to hold out on testing but will probably give in by Monday.

heveasoul, I totally know what you mean when you said earlier that the symptoms you are having you also had your last cycle. All my possible pregnancy signs are also post-ovulation symptoms for me: major acne, gassiness, sore boobs, fatigue, and so on. The only good news this cycle is that this morning my boobs were so sore that it woke me up early. But they're still the same size and all. It is so tempting to test, isn't it? If a blood test is accurate at 10 dpo, I could test on Wednesday. Man that is tempting! Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. I've been fighting off something myself.

wtchyhlr, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. The waiting is almost over...hang in there!

My update: I had a temp dip today from 97.5 to 96.8. I'm just on the edge of my seat waiting to see if it turns out to be a possible implantation dip! Of course, I've had some dips in non-insemination cycles that looked like implantation dips, so it is kinda confusing. Well, I'm off to go check for spotting...

to all!

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hmmm, well, my temp fell this morning (and i temped 45 mins after my two high temps and got lower temps too, but they were later than normal so i was supposed to use the first temp) so i'm not sure if i ovulated after all!

i think i'll stay here, but mostly i'm just confused now!

my confusing chart

for everyone!
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I'm feeling hopeful today. My boobs have been leaking today, which hasn't happened since mylo was probably five months old. Is this a good sign? *fingers crossed*

Sierra, Af is due for me on the 9th or 10th. I'll probably wait until the 12th to test, though. FWIW, I also have a potential due date of July 18th, so hopefully we'll be obsessing toghether through the 40ww soon! When will you test?

Jodie, your halloween party sounds like it was a blast! Sorry your dh missed out on it.

Arduinna, I read your Clomid thread over on infertility (I'm a lurker sending positive thoughts). I've got all my fingers and my tors crossed for you!

And here's some for us all!
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