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Start of November 2ww??/Anyone else not finding out until later in November? - Page 3

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Flitters, that does seem confusing : :. I had a chart equally as confusing last cycle. Just keep waiting it out and BDing I guess...and we'll be here to obsess with .

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DalaiMama, Fertility Friend is telling me to test on the 11th (AF is due the 10th or 11th). I am just amazed by your patience about testing. I am so tempted to test, and I keep thinking that I want to just take a preliminary test on Thursday...just in case. I'm gonna try to wait till at least the 10th though. Anyway, I'm eager to hear if we'll be doing the 40ww together. That would be so cool!

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I've been charting for 5 months, but I am having trouble figuring out my O this month...someone wanna take a look for me and tell me what they think...?
My chart - 3 weeks post-m/c. My chart from last month is under it, too...so you have a frame of reference. TIA!
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lucysmama - I would say cd 19 or 20.
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lucysmama, I'm guessing CD 19, so in my opinion, what perfectly timed BDing!

If you wait another day, I bet FF will show your coverline and ovulation date too.

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See, that's what I thought, too...CD 19 - but then I had that weird temp drop today, which was especially weird cause I slept in an extra hour. : That usually makes it higher, not lower. So anyway, it confused me. Thanks for your help ladies, just needed another person saying, "Yeah Katie, looks like you O'd."
I have a 17 day luteal phase, so I'm in for a L_O_N_G wait. I guess I'll test around the 17th.

Good luck to wtchyhlr and Jodie! I have my fingers crossed for you both!
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Well ladies I will be leaving the 2ww now.
has come to visit me this evening.
I had a dream last night that I got my period and well here it is.

Of course I'm down about not being pregnant when I felt so positive. But I am happy about my cycle this time. It was only 29 days long with a 12-13 day LP! This sounds great to me and is the best cycle I've had since since coming off the pill in Feb.2002!!
So I hope and hope and cross fingers and try not to stress that the trend will continue. I just feel a baby coming to us very soon!

I hope everyone else will be gone and over at the 40ww when I come back. Goodluck to everyone, you are all in my thoughts and I hope for lots of BFP's this month too!
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Oh Jodie, I am so sorry and feel so badly that came. That woman is mighty pushy! I am glad for you, though, that your cycles are starting to look so good. That is terrific, and it is half the battle. Now you are onto a new cycle that will likely be even more perfect. Yea! I think a baby is coming for you very soon too.

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An update:

I had a little, tiny bit of spotting this evening. I'm wondering if along with my temp dip this morning, this might indeed indicate implantation. I am praying hard .

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Jodie - Sending you warm and fuzzy thoughts! So sorry AF came, but that's such a good thing about your cycle. Good luc to you this next one!

Sierra - fingers crossed for you!!! Sounds good!!!!
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Sorry for Af showing Jodie!

Thanks Dalaimama

2dpo this 2ww is loooonnngggg......
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Okay, my temp went back up this morning! So far so good. Of course, I did something really stupid and woke up first thing having decided I was going to take an hpt. I used EPT, so it is not even FRER or anything. Of course it was a BFN and I knew I shouldn't have even tested because just looking at it was a downer. But it was so dang tempting! I think I could have made it without testing but my SO was so insistent about not testing yet that I got all stuborn. Okay, I will try to be patient now and wait, wait, wait so I can get my .

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12dpo and counting

Boobs are still tender, but not as tender
CF has changed from creamy to more milky
and my cerivix is now high, but kind of firm still.


I so hate waiting....

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Hello ladies I am back. Our move went fine, but now the real work begins. The house is so grimey and dirty, so we have been cleaning just to make it livable, tomorrow we begin ripping up carpets so I can finish the hardwood floors. What I can see of them throught the holes in the carpets is just beautiful. It is so hard to type, I have so many bandaids on my fingers.

I cannot believe what has been happening around here,

Congrats sunbaby and wolfmom!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry Jodie

As fir me, I am cd 26, not sure exactly when I o'ed because I have had such a crazy schedule of late that I have not been temping, I don't even think I could find my thermometer if I tried. My usual cycle length is 27 days. I am waiting to test until the 8th, so four more days unless af showes. I really have no idea what my chances are this cycle. I don't feel like af is about to start (knock on wood) but I also do not feel pregnant. I think I am too busy and tired to feel anything, but think about getting the house in order.

to all!
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So sorry to read about AF, Jodie. Glad you're feeling positive about it so soon - your cycle improvements are very encouraging! for this cycle!

Sierra, sending some patience vibes your way! If the rash of BFP announcements made me feel tempted to test early, your morning experience has renewed my desire to wait...I hear you - the reason why it's so tempting to test early is because there's hope, and with that hope, the excitement of knowing that you could know right then and there, instead of waiting...which is why the BFN is soooo sad.

wtchyhlr, you're testing tomorrow?

I'm CD 25, DPO 11...waiting till Sat. Nov 8 to test, with Ovusoft telling me AF is due on Mon, but I think it would be more like Sunday...

Patience and to everyone in this wait!
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welcome back, Brandi!

Glad to hear things are gradually getting settled in your new home. It's good that you're so busy - less obsessing !

Oh, and thanks, Sierra, I am feeling better already...back at work today, although I'm kind of wishing I could sleep the day away like yesterday...maybe I'll go home early

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Thanks heveasoul
Here's to us both getting BFPs on Saturday!
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Thanks Brandi - I hope so....!!!

Something tells me your week will go by more quickly than mine...
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Something tells me your week will go by more quickly than mine...
:LOL only if I stay away from here
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No freeeeeakin' kidding... :LOL

I've even moved AWAY from my desk, found a non-computer task I can be doing, so as to not be tempted to browse...and really, how many times can I look at my chart? Does it make Saturday come any sooner?

At least yesterday, I slept all day - that's always a good time-killer!

It's not like there aren't things I need to busy with...

Ok...no more hanging out here for me until the end of the day!
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