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Temp went back up today - whew! I'm also remaining cautiously optimistic...glad we can all wait it out together, so to speak!

Is it Saturday yet? :

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still no news. sigh.


I am now 14dpo. My average LP is 12. Longest was 13
BFN this morning with a FRER test

Still sore boobs, still high temp, CM is now EW which is VERY bizarre. I'm exhausted, for the 4th night in a arow i woke up to go pee at like 1am and couldn't get back to sleep til 3. *sigh*
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Sorry about the BFN this morning, Joy. I looked at your chart - it has me confused, too. I think you just may have to wait a good 2 or 3 days before testing again...not what you want to hear, I'm sure...It certainly is encouraging that your LP is so long - looks good!! Sending you lots & lots of !

ps I also had some very sticky ewcm this morning...well, a bit drier than ew, and very stretchy!
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waiting, waiting............today with no af makes me a day late, I am waiting to test and not getting excited because I had a long cycle two cycles ago, and I am grouchy, and I have had a lot to do lately, so it could just be all that. I will test Saturday

I have been reading and am thinking of you all, my computer time is extremely limited so I don't have the time to address you individually as usual. My apologies and love Eagerly awaiting to hear all about the BFP that I am certain are headed our way!

Back to work. All the carpets and pads are gone (sitting in the garage) today I get to clean the hardwood floors, getting closer to moving all our belongings out of the garage and into the house!

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wow oh wow...well, I'm getting excited, Brandi - I'll be thinking about you - I really hope you get that BFP on Saturday!

IKWYM about not letting yourself get too excited, though - what a crazy blance to maintain - remaining optimistic, yet not letting yourself get too excited...ugh. A measured excitement?

What a big job - enjoy the fruits of your labour - how satisfying, exposing hardwood floors! (been there, done that )

More wishes for lots & lots of BFPs and graduates this month!
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Well, my temp dropped again this morning...this time to 97.0. I am feeling very discouraged. My chart was so beautiful as of two days ago...an absolutely lovely pregnancy chart. Nice flatlining high temps after O, a good-sized implantation dip and spotting on 8dpo, a temp that jumped right back up on dpo9. I feel pretty certain that if I am not pregnant now that I was and that this is simply a very, very early miscarriage. Which I guess in some ways would be good news because at least sperm met egg and that all worked out LOL. I wont lose all hope quite yet, but I'm starting to feel a period coming on (very menstrual like cramps, feeling bloated, etc.). I guess that is another reason to feel like this is an early miscarriage. This is 5 days before my period is due according to FF, and my temps have never dropped this early nor do I get signs of my impending period this early. The only thing that is keeping my hope at all is that SO turned down the heat in our bedroom last night, and the night before I didn't have enough of the covers, so I could have been running cooler. And my temp hasn't reached the implantation dip number of 96.8 yet. Come on baby! But I know I'm probably grasping for straws.

DalaiMama, SO seems sad, but I think she was trying not to get her hopes too high in the first place. She was supportive and would help me get up to temp and all that (and also test my blood sugar twice during the night and feed me if need be without even hardly waking me up), but she just distanced herself from the idea a little more than I did. She's a very emotionally cautious person. I'm glad I didn't sweep her up into my "I'm sure I'm pregnant fury" too much.

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Sorry to hear what you're going through, Sierra. I hope things take a turn for the better soon. Awful stuff, this wait and see business...
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Awww Sierra, I'm still hoping for the best, since your symptoms are so early. I feel for you right now. Hevasoul is right, this is a brutal business.
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oh sierra, i'm so sorry this is so difficult. it really sounds like your body is doing all the right things. hang in there.

heveasoul, it's great news to hear your temp went back up! now hopefully it will stay there! also, those ovusoft galleries are great.

for everybody!

as for me, my chart continues to be jaggy, but that doesn't surprise me too much. this cycle did not feel particularly fertile, but i'm hopeful anyway!

i got a great email today from the woman who is sort of a big sister to me. we only talk about twice a year (for hours when we do!) and basically never email. she just sent me a note because she had a dream i was pregnant! last time we talked was in june, so she knew we were getting ready to ttc. whether or not this cycle is the good one, the dream made me happy!

i also recommended this site to her because her wife is also trying to get pregant now too. they tried once in July which did not take, and they switched doctors and are more optimistic now!

for her too!
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well, my first ttc cycle in over a year begins today . . .cd1. I'm trying to keep anxiety level at a low; we'll see how long that lasts.
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Sieera, sorry you're having a rough go of it. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you. We'll be here if you need an ear to vent to or a shoulder to cry on, ya know?

Today I'm exhausted, even though I haven't done anything strenuous. Went yesterday to see a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the conservatory here, which was really neat, but today I'm feeling PMSy... I've been short and impatient with my son and my husband. We're supposed to be going to see Belle and Sebastian tonight, but I'd totally rather stay home and sleep. I'm telling myself that these are early pg signs. After all, I'm not feeling bloated or crampy.... only time will tell.

Kelly, hopefully one cycle will be all it takes this time around.
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sorry you got a this morning. when will you get the results of the bloodwork? when will you test next if doesn't arrive? i think it's a good sign that your LP is longer than usual maybe your urine wasn't concentrated enough since you mentioned getting up to pee? that in itself is a good sign

i don't really know what the effects of reg vs decaf green tea are. i drink mostly decaf too, but maybe 1-2 bags of regular a day because i'm trying to get rid of it :LOL and then today my temp dropped, so they moved the O date back to DPO14 : i still think DPO3 is more accurate because i was much better rested this morning and think that might have affected my temp. sorry you don't feel too hopeful, i hope you're mistaken!

last month i had quite a few dreams (normally i don't remember any of them) about having a homebirth and my first day with my new baby. such awesome dreams but a little disappointing to wake up from i've been watching your chart and hope that today's rise is a good sign!

sorry i can't be of much help but my best guess would be your body is still recovering and gearing up to O.

i hope stays away even longer!!! i'm very excited for you now, i really hope this is your month!

sorry you're having such a stressful wait. i hope the drop was just a fluke and your temp is back up tomorrow morning. it's nice that SO is being so supportive of you sticky baby vibes headed your way

welcome to the 2ww, i hope this is your only month here

bluedragonfly and dalaimama,
my fingers are crossed for you

i'm looking forward to this weekend and hearing about lots of BFPs! they seem to travel at least in pairs so i'm guessing there are at least a couple of you preggo this month!
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I'm 8 dpo

This is only my second ovulatory cycle since Nova (19m) was born. I typically have a short luteal phase- 9 to 11 days. I had a natural progesterone shot a few days ago, so it will be interesting to see how and if that affects things. I noticed a bit of red tonight when I peed. So I'm waiting in suspense to find out if my menses start tomorrow or the next day!
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I'm pretty sure AF is here...I've never had spotting, so until AF is here in full force, I guess I don't know...my temp is still up, but that could be due to being sick, and the fact that I was up 2 1/2 hours before my wake-up/temp time.

I was up 2x in the night, in a sweat, and having to pee, and the second one (3:30 am) was when I first saw blood on the toilet paper. Since then, it hasn't come full force (hasn't even filled a pantyliner), but it did show up as a pretty healthy glob when I wiped...

I guess I'll know for sure come mid-day, if it's AF or not.

I'm pretty sure it is AF, and the high temp was due to being sick.

I had been felling pretty positive, even when considering that it might not be this time, and I'm not as upset as I was last time, a bit of tearing, but not out and out Maybe once AF comes full force, it will sink in...
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Will it never end...

15 dpo
No AF, no spot, not even on my cervix
Sore Boobs
Temp fell out of the sky tho.

I don't feel good. I feel like i'm coming down w/something. Maybe thats why the temp fell?

Still havne't heard from the doc's office w/the result of my beta test from Wed. not holding my breath with todays temp dip.

Am expecting AF any second now..... keep running to the bathroom to see if she's here. she's not.

So weird.

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definitely for me.

Guess I won't be joining you wknd testers.

It's a bit of a blessing, this cold - at least that's a reasonable explanation for the red eyes when I feel surges of teariness from time to time...

Sorry to hear about your frustration, Joy. Hope the temp dip is a fluke, and you get a BFP soon.

to everyone still in the wait!
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heveasoul, I am sooooo sorry AF came to visit. I never knew a visitor who could visit so many people at once :LOL? Damn her! She'll be over here within a couple days, I am sure of it.

My temp fell to 96.8, and I have pretty much given up on this pregnancy. I even drank diet coke yesterday (I quit when I started trying) and had tons of Halloween candy. Some people drink alcohol, I just get goofy with food and diet coke ...

I know there is still a chance, but all my pregnancy symptoms were gone by yesterday. Nausea is totally gone. Blood sugars are much easier to control. Boobs are sore but not painful during normal daily activity anymore. Etc.

The sadness seems to come in waves. It helps when I focus on planning for next month. So heveasoul, we're in this together again right? Let's check back in on the November pre-O sometime.

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You bet, I've already popped over to the Nov pre-O thread!

It's a ride - after the sadness, there will be hope again. We have to push through the sadness/anger (insert emotion here), to come out and be able to continue. It's a real mental game, to emerge from that and be positive.

Wrt to the symptoms, some women feel nothing until the 8th week or so. That helped me when the symptoms came and went. Then of course, there's the aggravating similarity between PMS and pregnancy symptoms...

take care of yourself

Here's to that nasty social butterfly not making so many visits next cycle.
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Just wanted to stop in and give a few to everyone struggling ttc and for all those who recently had a visit from the "you know who".

I am still in pre-o status and should O sometime next week. Trying to gear up for the bd fest coming soon. I am getting pretty disheartened with this being our 12th month ttc. I am trying to only think of it as our 7th or 8th because that is when I started charting...: Anywho, I will be finding out hopefully around Thanksgiving give or take a couple of days that I am pregnant! I would like to also, selfishly, ask for prayers and baby energy from my fellow ttcers and I will do the same! Good luck to those testing soon.

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You've got mine, Cheryl. In fact, yesterday I copied the prayer list (+ added those not on it yet, but who have asked to be added) into a little document, and taped it in my journal. So everytime I go in there, I pray for all of us.

Thanks for the hugs.

and to everyone!!
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