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After tomatoes appear, how long til ripe?

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I'm anxious to have home grown tomatoes! We have 2 tiny green tomatoes on one plant, and 5 on another plant. How long until they get ripe? weeks? months?
Just an aside, we planted 9 plants from seed, and 1 that was about a foot tall when we got it. The one that we bought as a plant has 2 tomatoes, and it's an Early Girl. The one that has 5 tomatoes was from seed, and they both developed tomatoes within days of each other.

Also, how many flowers will turn into tomatoes? Many of my other 8 plants have lots of flowers.

I'm so excited. We go through a ton of canned tomatoes, so this will be awesome!
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I think its going to depend on the weather
I would imagine they would turn red and get fully ripe much faster if its sunny and warm

I see you are in Burnaby...lived there before...my two older kids were born at Burnaby General

I am in Portland Oregon now.
I have tons of green tomatoes and only 5 turned red so far...and that was a couple weeks ago. the rest are still all red and we have had sun all this time...

its a mystery LOL
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Doesn't it seem like the first couple tomatoes take forever to turn? Then after that you will be inundated with tomatoes. :
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I'm curious too.

My plants are loaded and have been for like a month, but just won't turn red.
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It could take weeks, it could take over a month- it does really depend on the weather. I know, it's sooo hard to wait, isn't it?
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My plants are all covered in little green tomatoes too, I'm so excited and can't wait for them to turn red. *anxious*

Take care,
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Haha, I just came here to post, "dude, when will my tomatoes ripen!" So it looks like I'm not the only one out there staring wistfully at all the green ones!

This is my second year growing them and I swear they were in full swing my this time last year, but I guess we did have, oh, one of the coldest springs on record this year?

Let us know when they start to ripen!
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I have well over 100 tomatoes and they just sitting there....mocking me..... I was concerned we'd have to move before they ripened but thankfully we have more time...but I still wish they'd hurry up!
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I am in Eugene.

My early girls are now a pretty orange color. My romas have not done poop!!!!!!!! The sungolds are orange on the first two of the bunch. The Brandywines are not doing well.

The sungolds have not been enough to actually make a salad out of... just pick and eat a couple at a time.

Soon enough we will be over loaded with tomatos.
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Waiting, waiting, waiting...lol

My ds goes out every day and comes in yelling "they are so much bigger than yesterday!!!" He's waiting excitedly too.
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