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Joining You All...

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Hi Ladies!

I'm Stephanie, mama to Ezri (one year old on Monday . We got our BFP last night and, if my dates are right, I'll be due sometime around April 17th.

This pregnancy was somewhat of a surprise. In June, after I got my first PP AF, we decided to try so I watched my CM for signs ovulation and acted accordingly. Then, Ezri hit a bit of a rough patch with teething, ear infections, sleep regression, etc. which made me realize that it might be best to wait to TTC.

Well, we ended up catching the 2nd PP egg and, lo and behold, here I am!

I am a bit nervous going into this pregnancy. Ezri was a twin and I had an absolutely perfect pregnancy with her and her sister, Lili - no MS, no pain, great weight gain. I had to go for regular ultrasounds (I have Crohn's disease and at the time we thought the girls were identical, sharing a placenta). At our 27 week ultrasound, we found that Lili had passed away. I was put in the hospital on bedrest for 2 weeks so that they could monitor Ezri for any complications since we didn't know why Lili had passed. I was discharged and was able to make to stay pregnant with both girls until 33 weeks when Lili's sac started leaking, putting me into labor. Luckily, I delivered both girls vaginally. Ezri spent 3 weeks in the NICU, but luckily never had a single health issue other than being small and taking some time learning to eat by mouth. She is now a happy, healthy girl and no one can believe the rough start she had.

So now, while I am thrilled to be giving Ezri a sibling, I am also well aware of how quickly things can change. We found out after the birth that the girls were fraternal which means a better chance that it could happen again. I would be thrilled to have twins again - still just nervous.

Anyway, sorry for the novel! I am excited to be here and REALLY looking forward to having the natural birth I dreamed of the first time around. I can't wait to get to know all of you and hear how our beans are growing!:
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Hi, Mama.
Congratulations and welcome to the DDC.
I lost twins with my last pregnancy. I can imagine what a ride you were on with that and I am sorry for your loss and thankful you are blessed with a healthy Ezri (makes me think of Ezri Dax and grin; what a precious name!)
Good luck to you and to baby inside you. I look forward to knowing you. Peace
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Our dog's name is Dax. DH named him after Ezri Dax.

Ezri is also the Hebrew word for 'strong', which is why I like it. DH says that's why he likes it too but I know it's the : in him.
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