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Just to update this thread, Spring 2013, I know of two midwives who will come to Beijing for a home birth.  OurMidwife.com.au and Midwifeinternational   the first one has attended one here already, and Midwifeinternational will be in Asia for a Japan birth and free in late Sept/Early October 2013 

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And, anyone who wants to see my BIRTH OPTIONS document, PM me at Mothering.com!  thanks! 

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I'm surprised to see so many posting from Yunnan! I lived in Kunming ans Shangri-la in 2010, and we're headed back to Kunming next year with our daughter who will be 2.5. We're not sure about #2 yet, but it's good to have info!
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Originally Posted by lioralourie View Post

And, anyone who wants to see my BIRTH OPTIONS document, PM me at Mothering.com!  thanks! 
Hi, I'm new here and when I tried to pm you I got a "not allowed" msg. Maybe you could pm me and I could reply? I'd love that birth options document!!
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I just saw someone posted that a midwife will come to your home for home birth in china. I live in china and you should check with your local hospital that they will issue you a birth certificate if you home birth. I checked multiple hospitals in my area and none would grant a birth certificate if I home birthed bc it is illegal to home birth due to the one child policy.
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SOME HOSPITALS WILL STILL GIVE YOU A B/C if you present relatively quickly after the birth with an uncut CORD AND PLACENTA

Some people have HB'ed in Beijing and just gone right to the consulate, even weeks later, with no Chinese BC and were issued a CRBA no problem. So a Chinese BC may not be strictly necessary. Helpful, yes, heck yes, but maybe not strictly necessary.

Still, I will post the BEIJING procedures here. My friend, associated with Beijing United Family Hospital, provided me with this a few years ago, and I assume it is still fairly up to date (hospital can give you the current instructions, in any case, but they are charged to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to discourage intentional Homebirths, so they might tell you there isn't such a thing, or not know about it, until a real life situation. Do Not Fear, there IS for every city!!)

如果孩子是在和睦家医院或任何医院以外的地方出生,例如出生在家里或是饭店,及其它地方, 孩子的出生证明应该到北京妇产医院的医务处统一办理, 和睦家医院无法为婴儿出具出生证明,因为孩子不是在我院断的脐带。以下的相关信息相对来说更适用于外国患者 If a baby is not delivered in BJU or in any other hospitals for example, the baby was delivered at the home or delivered at the hotel or possibly in other places, according to the Chinese law BJU couldn’t issue the birth certificate for the baby. The following information is mainly applied for the foreign patient. Please prepare the information as below.

1. 母亲和孩子在和睦家入院后的情况证明,请分别找患者的妇产科医生或儿科医生为患者开据证明。 The medical certificate about both mother and baby to state that after the admission both mother and baby's medical situation. Please ask the OB in charge doctor and pediatrician to issue it.

2. 酒店开据证明, 如在家生产, 街道办事处开据证明什么时候生下的这个孩子. The hotel should issue a letter to verify when the baby was delivered.

3. 剪脐带的人的身份证明及写个书面材料。 如果脐带是我员的护士剪下,需要护士写一份证明材料签字,并人事部提供此位护士的资格证书的复印件。所有的相关文件都应该加盖和睦家医院的人事部印章。 The information of the person who cut the baby's cord, and a writing material to be support. If a nurse cuts the cord for the baby, the nurse should write a letter to inform what happened and to say she cuts the cord. She needs to sign on the letter. Also need to get a copy for this nurse’s certification copy from the HR department. All the related information should be chopped by BJU HR.

4. 产妇的护照原件及复印件 patient' s original passport and copies.

5. 如果产妇的家属替她办理,她家属的护照原件及复印件。 If the mom couldn’t go to issue the birth certificate by herself, the person who goes on behalf of her should bring his/her passport and passport copy.

6. If the parents are too young to have passport or ID number, they should get the birth certificate number of them and put it on the birth certificate. 如果婴儿的父母都是未成年人士未年满18岁,应在婴儿的出生证明写上父母出生证的编号,而不是social security number。

7. 如果因为婴儿的父母都是未成年人士未满18岁,女方不愿意在出生证明上填写婴儿父亲的任何信息,她需要写一份说明书说明并签字以便妇产医院存档使用。 If the baby’s parents are too young or under the 18 years old and the mom doesn’t put the father’s information on the birth certificate, or for some reasons, the baby father’s information is unavailable, the mom should write a letter to say that “ so far the baby father’s information is not available, I prefer to leave it empty on the birth certificate” and sign her name on the letter.

Please contact the following address to double conform it should have any further questions.

The following is the detailed address which can issue the birth certificate
手机: 85976699 ext 8094 医务处于亚滨女士 ,于主任
办公室电话 : 85968411

Beijing Women and Children Hospital : No 251,Yao Jia Yuan Chao Yan District(it’s close to the chao yang park, and opposite to the Chao Yao Gymnasium.
Tel : 85976699 ext 8094 Ms. Yu Ya Bin medical liaison department
Office number : 85968411

如果对于出生证明上的信息不够确定,请随时于患者的使馆联系,因为使馆会再出具证明为婴儿办理签证使用。If the patient does not sure what the exact information to put on the birth certificate, please ask patient to confirm with his embassy since the embassy will issue another important document for the patient to do the visa apply use.

病人可以她/他联系使馆寻求帮助,这样也会对我们的工作带来便利。The patient should understand she/he can get the support from her/his embassy always and it does also will make us easier.
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HB is not specifically illegal in China, though it is discouraged by various measures.

Just think about it, how could you totally control nature? People sometimes do give birth out of hospital, even if they wanted to be in hospital.

So. They do fine and censure doctors who attend HB (they did a MD I know, when he attended not one but two home births). And nurses, or anyone with a Chinese medical license, they could put that license in jeopardy to ATTEND a birth. That's the key. ATTENDING is illegal, not birthing. And it's only "illegal" in that Chinese medical personnel could be in trouble. Foreigners living here, attending a birth, or coming in for a birth, are not affected at all.

It's not illegal to give birth in the home. I know many people who have done HB on purpose all over China.

And one expat lady who was an honest to goodness "I know I go from contraction to baby in 40 minutes" so she made preparations because she knew how she births. Turned out that the receptionist at her serviced apt. helped her catch the baby! wild! Just goes to show you that anyone can birth, and anyone can catch!
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Lioralourie - I tried to PM you to ask about the birth options document you mentioned, but as I am new, I am not allowed to yet. Could you please PM me? I might be able to reply to that, and send you my email address.

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Hi Lioralourie,


I, like Arwenia, am a new member, and can not private message you about my home birth in China questions. Please send me a message if you have a chance. Thanks!

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