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Alternative Spellings

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So if we have a girl, we're thinking of naming her Mir&a...

If we have a boy, we're thinking M@t.

Ok, not really...

So have any of you seen spellings that make you wonder what drugs the parents must have been on to come up with such a travesty to the written language?

Are any of YOU thinking of some out of the world spellings for your little one's name?
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No, We stick to traditional names around here. No "Chair" or "BackoftheChevy" or "Banana" as names here....
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We like weireder names. So far we have Gage, Kennedy and Emerson but stick witht he normal spelling
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The bizarre spellings drive me crazy. Poor kids, having to spend their whole lives spelling their names over & over. My own name was annoying enough, but at least people generally know how to spell it.
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My son's name is Israel. You have no idea how many people spell it IsrEAl. So annoyning. But we can't say alot. We don't do strange spellings but our kids are named after countrys, Israel, Ireland, Iceland and this baby will be Italy or Scotland.
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Oh, cre8tiv names and spellings, omg, they drive me insane, makes me want to club the jerk parents that were so mean to do that to their kids

And fwiw, I soooooo wanted to go to NZ and figure out who Tallulah (Does the Hula From Hawaii)'s parents were so I could stick my foot up their bums. Omg, cruel cruel cruel.
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Originally Posted by Motherto4 View Post
My son's name is Israel. You have no idea how many people spell it IsrEAl. So annoyning. But we can't say alot. We don't do strange spellings but our kids are named after countrys, Israel, Ireland, Iceland and this baby will be Italy or Scotland.
I live in Israel so yeah, I can imagine how many people misspell the name
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I think there's a line where certain spelling are just wrong. I'm not against all alternate spellings, just the really odd ones. I try to spell a name in the way that it's the least likely to be pronounced incorrectly. Our last name is always butchered so I want my kids to have easy to pronounce first names. It did mean that our daughter Lilah doesn't have the most common spelling of Lila or Leila, but I still consider it a normal spelling, just not the most traditional. (Delilah has Lilah with the "h" so it's not too far off). But a spelling of say, Liila would be strange to me.
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I really don't like alternative spellings to really common names.
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I have a pefectly "normal" kind of name that is always misspelled. Erika. My parents' are both the grandchildren of immigrants from the Netherlands and Germany- that is the way Erika is spelled in those cultures. There was no thought to Erica.

So my whole life my first name has been spelled wrong, and when I married I took my DH's last name and, while an easy name also, it gets spelled wrong all the time. To have one's name always spelled wrong is really no big deal, IMO.

Both of my kids names get misspelled all the time. We went with G instead of J for Gillian because we felt that would reduce the number of people who called her Jill. We really wanted a Gillian, and although in the UK Gill is a common nickname for Gillian, we felt it was less so here. (DH also had an ex-girlfriend Jill). My DS's name is just long and people always forget to put all the "e"s in it. If you have a commonly misspelled name, you just get used to it, and it has never bugged me at all.
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I think our names are perfectly normal, but it's amazing how Emily gets turned into Emilee, or Emalee by others. But she goes by Emily because her real name is Rebekkah and no one could spell it the way we did (hey, it's straight out of the old testament Strong's translation!)

And my own dad can't spell Rachel, he always turns it into Rachael. Our youngest is Avari, pronounced like Avery, so I guess we set ourselves up for that. People who've read it without hearing it pronounce it like Atari with a v. Hmmm. It's supposed to be Hebrew for 'from heaven'. That was our one extension into potentially difficult names. The next one will have a generic old testament name. From Strongs
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My name is spelled traditionally, but it's not an American name, so people always misspell or anglicize it (the latter drives me nuts). I have a nickname, only 4 letters long, and people always butcher that, too. I don't really mind that as much (because at least it's not like they're trying to change my ethnicity!) and I have a super common Jewish last-name and people often mispronounce or misspell that, too!! I don't really think there's any foolproof way around it short of naming your kid Bob Smith (and I bet people mess that up, too). Heck, my husband's name is John and people frequently spell it Jon or assume his name is Jonathan. And John is a totally common and "normally-spelled" name. Our kids will likely have names reflecting my assorted ethnic backgrounds and I anticipate people having difficulty spelling or pronouncing them, even if we spell them in very traditional ways.
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To me, Erika and Erica are both traditional spellings. It's like growing up in the 80's with lots of Carrie's and Keri's - I knew to always ask if it was with a c or a k. Same with Rebecca.
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I have an unusual name and have always had to spell it out for others. That's not what bothers me. It's the mispronounciations that drives me nuts. I find it very disrespectful when people repetedly mispronounce my name over and over even after being corrected (I've dropped Drs before because of it).

As for my kids' names. Camryn is a bit of a cre8iv spin on the male Cameron (hey, I was young), but you just can't go wrong with James.
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^^funny, i have a semi-unusual name and could care less how people pronounce it. as long as i know they're talking to me, i'm very whatever about it. i'll correct people sometimes, but often i don't even bother. danelle is my cousin's name also, and i think it's so gorgeous, btw!!

i don't mind a strange name. call your baby moonbow if you feel the yen. just don't spell it munbaux
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Not in your DDC (due in Nov)but wanted to drop a line. DS's name is a touch different, but it's exactly my grandpa's name (including middle name, which is also my dad's middle name). I grew up hearing it, so it never occured to me it was an odd name! And it was my DH that first wanted to name DS that -- he never met Grandpa but really thought it was a cool name!
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We like uncommon and family names but haven't made up spellings. Probably our "weirdest" one is Grahame, and that is our family spelling so we didn't make it up. I do like non-"pretty", unisexish names for girls and I think that probably puts me in the minority.
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My son has a simple name that we ended up spelling a bit differently in order to have it pronounced correctly in several languages. My daughter has a traditional name from the region where she was born. Because we couldn't spell it in a way which would have it pronounced correctly in the needed languages, we spelled her name in the traditional way, which happens to resemble my grandmother's name, plus two letters. There are four places on this planet where my daughter can chose to live and not have to always spell her name or correct the pronunciation of someone reading her name. We had such a hard time coming up with a name that we ended up just deciding this name was just good enough, even if it didn't quite fit our requirements of being more universal.
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Yes, kr8tv names spellings make me nuts. They will make your kid nuts when he or she has to spell it out for folks the rest if their life! :

Trust me, my name is one letter off from the norm and I still have to spell it and I'm 42 years old. Don't do it.
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Well I don't think my spelling is "out of this world" LOL. I have seen it on a reality show before, which is how I learned about the spelling.

The name is Ayrica - aka Erica or Erika

I like the AY spelling over the E spelling of the name.

Personally I am laid back with what or how people spell names. I've found people can't spell no matter what. Even my name "Stephanie" has been misspelled and it's the traditional spelling. I once signed up for cable service over the phone and because I lived in an heavily spanish populated area, when they took down my name and combined it with my last name, they assumed and wrote my name down as Estephanie, LOL

My kid's simple names are misspelled too. Rachel is Rachelle ot Rachael. Sariah is Sarah or people can't even pronounce it (Mariah with an S) It's an LDS Scriptural name and I was shocked at how many LDS members couldn't read it or spell it either. So much for "daily" scripture study.

All of my kids names, traditional or not have been mispronounced or misspelled. I don't think it matters one way or another; at least to me it doesn't. My kids can spell their names and that's what matters.

I think it's relative.
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