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Where to start?

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I am NOT good in the kitchen, and all too often end up using boxed food for lunches, and snacks...we barely can manage to pull dinner together! I really want to find some good resources that literally spell out what I need to do to put a meal plan together...from a shopping list to recipes, I really need step by step...

Any ideas?

I really want to start cooking real meals for our family, and of course with the high cost of everything, that is also inspiring me to try something different...I also would love to help my children learn how to make food, rather than just watch it come from a box...

I am sooooo envious of those who have a monthly meal plan, but I think I need to start on a weekly schedule...

Any help would be appreciated!

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Figure out what your family likes to eat. Like if your kids love chicken nuggets, make your own. They're very easy and way healthier. I have a list of all the meals my family likes and we rotate through those depending on whats on sale and what sounds good. I try a few new things every so often but they're things I know we'll at least kind of like.

After you get the basic idea you can get more in depth. Like I meal plan off sales and stock up on the things we use so there is always food available in the house. I shop every 2 weeks for a big trip and then the other week for the few things I've forgotten or stuff thats on sale that week. Frozen veggies are great for when you're starting out and just steaming them is good. That can round out a meal.
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here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=464552

My method is on post #4, but it's a great thread overall.

I bumped the thread for you, too.
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