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Well I can tell you a month I would NOT like to have a baby in. September. I've done it twice and it's awful. Being huge and in the 3rd trimester in the middle of summer and all that heat is misery.

If I could choose an exact month to give birth in I'd probably choose January-April
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I've had a January baby, an October baby, and am now due in April. I'm working my way through all the seasons. January was fine for DD1, I just had one child, we stayed home a lot, so bundling her up for the CO winter wasn't an huge issue. What has become an issue, the older she has gotten though is B-Day parties. Her B-Day is Jan 7th, so pretty close to the holiday season, people tend to be partied out and also factoring in that we get a lot of snow in January. Last year NO ONE showed up for her 5th B-Day party, I don't even think we are going to bother trying this year.

DD2 was born a week before Halloween, I loved, loved being pg in the fall. What I did not like was having a baby at the start of cold season, I think the first time she wasn't sick was when she was 7 months old and it was summer time.

I'm looking forward to an April baby, warmer weather, hopefully most of the illness will be over by then, I can hope anyway!
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Well, coming from the perspective of a kindergarten teacher, I would prefer to give birth in the spring so that my DC doesn't end up on the "bubble" of making the age requirement for kindergarten. DS is a September baby and here in Oregon he won't be able to go to kindy until he is almost 6, even if he is "ready" the year before. I know other states have different cut-offs, but I'm really bummed that this is coming down the road for us. If he is ready when he turns 5 I'll of course home school him that year. Maybe we won't even do public school. But having a spring birthday would make things a lot less problematic where this topic is concerned.

All that said, we had a pretty had time TTC DS, so I'd happily take another September baby any old day if we are blessed enough to have another baby someday.
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we are trying to conceive starting in a few weeks and have chosen this time for two reasons. . .
1) Its our first anniversary in a few weeks and we wanted to wait til we were married a year til we try for a baby
2) Because I am planning a home birth with a midwife and we live 2 hours away from my midwife and we live in Southern Indiana and gets snow in the winter and we didnt want to risk our midwife getting snowed in 2 hours away from us! So If I get pregnant right away I will be due in June sometime.
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I'd prefer to give birth in the spring March-June. Partially because my dh is a teacher and therefore he'd have time at home with the new babe too. Plus I didn't really enjoy being pregnant in the hot summer with no AC, DD1 was born the end of July. We're actually ttc now and will through next month. If we don't get pregnant, we're going to prevent until next spring because we're moving next summer. We moved two weeks after dd1 was born and I will NEVER do that again.
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I'm shooting for Jan-March of 2010. I would be fine with anytime October to April, really...just not May-September as it is about 115 degrees that entire time.
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June through September are what we're gunning for when TTC #2. I would not want to be 8 or 9 months pregnant in the winter....
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May. I don't know why though! But if we want May, we'd better conceive our fourth this Friday (when I should O) to make a May 29th EDD. LOL.

I had an end of August EDD with my DD. Oh my, summer time heat and that pregnant? Ugh!
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Originally Posted by CarsonBookworm View Post
June through September are what we're gunning for when TTC #2. I would not want to be 8 or 9 months pregnant in the winter....
Hehe we have the opposite problem....winter here is gorgeous...60 ish and sunny during the day and rarely freezes at night.
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We have two winter babes and a spring. I loved all 3 of the timings, actually. There are goods and bads, though. Our first is Feb. and actually everything was perfect about the timing of that pg -- because we live in the south and there was very little snow and cold to deal with. My 2nd was due in Nov. born in early Dec. and I really loved that because there was no cold to deal with like with the first (Jan can get snowy and cold here) so I could wear flip-flops, etc. and it was still pretty warm here through Nov. that year. May was great for weather -- no hot summer to deal with but, with one child in school, it didn't help that he was out of school all summer and I basically had a newborn and 2 small children at home.

For me, it depends on what area of the country you live in. If I moved back north I would LOVE a Fall baby (Sept/Oct) because I wouldn't be dealing with being huge during a very humid hot summer.
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I loved having my early July baby - but if she was born just a few weeks earlier it would have been even better. We had just started getting hot the last couple of weeks I was pregnant and I was pretty miserable. Being pregnant in the winter really was nice though, I normally run really cold and I was nice and toasty warm all winter. The only thing that stunk was that I kept getting sick throughout the flu season (got the flu TWICE! once at 13 weeks and once at 27 weeks, plus several colds). When we start trying for #2, I want a April-June baby!
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i don't feel like such a weirdo now! my son was born in november. a scorpio just like his papa. i'm a virgo, so we balance each other well. i don't want an aries or a cancer, because we would be incompatible (i have poor past interpersonal relationship experiences with both signs), but i really want to be able to have birthdays outside, something we can't do for the boy... SO (lol), i decided that i would be open to conceiving august (for a may baby), september (for a june bug), november (a leo) or december (for a fellow virgo).
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After having DD at the end of July I can say for sure that we won't be TTC for another summer babe EVER. I don't do well in the heat normally and being pregnant made it SO much wosre for me. I think I would love a spring baby. For our next child, we will try for April or May.

But of course if an oops should occur, baby is a baby and I'll take one whenever.
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IF I were to plan another baby, (and that's a big if) I would want a late summer/fall birthday. Mostly because August and September are the only months we don't have any birthday's in my immediate family. My oldest was a July baby and that was fine. My second was a Christmas baby, even though when we were TTC we attempted to skip a possible December due date... My youngest is a Feb birthday and that's OK but it's at the end of a string of 8 birthdays in a two month time period and that's VERY hectic especially when you factor in Christmas, New Years, and my anniversary. Yeah, Dec. through Feb. are VERY busy times around here!!
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Well, I don't want another November (DS) or December (DD2) baby. Too much going on in that time. Also, I didn't like bring home a baby in the cold, not being able to go on walks those first few months and worrying about family getting them sick when they are tiny.
DD1 was an April baby and that was great. Big pregnant in the winter so I stayed warm and by the time she was born it was warming up so we could get out of the house.
This time around we are hoping for March-June. February would be ok too. July is getting too hot (Aug is for sure too hot) and anything from there to Sept/Oct is getting me largest through the hottest part of the summer.
We'll see how it goes though. LOL
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So interesting reading everyones thoughts on this!
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Well I said earlier that I really wanted a May/June baby. I didn't think the odds would be in my favor this year because we weren't TTC... but my DH finally gave the green light and I think we are now officially TTC, which means... I now have a chance to try for that June baby!! : Please wish me luck!!!
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Fall is my favorite time to birth. It's my favorite time of year all around. I like having a baby and then kind of settling in for the winter- not wanting to be out and about all the time.

I have 2 fall babies and 1 late spring baby. I wouldn't trade my spring baby for the world (obviously!!!), but I'd rather not do that again. I didn't like having a newborn in the super hot, muggy summer. It was really difficult taking my older kids to the pool that first summer. It was a looooong hot summer.

Actually we are hoping to have another baby and I'm trying to decide whether I can force myself to NOT try for a few months so I won't have another summer baby. I doubt I will actually do it though. When I'm ovulating, I have baby fever super bad, no matter what month the baby would be due.

eta- I don't mind being hugely pregnant in the hot summer b/c we spend a lot of time at the pool and it feels sooo good to be in the water. Being at the pool holding a newborn- not so fun to me.
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I had DS in the end of April. It was great, it wasn't too cold and we could take him out with out a lot of bundeling. We walked a lot and it was great. I LOVE the spring so getting to be off work during that time was ideal. I also liked that I didn't have to be hugely pregnant in the summer. I HATE the heat so I we planned so that I wouldn't be very pregnant Next baby I think that we will do the same (if it all works out!)
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I have one May baby, although accidental, seemingly the perfect time for me to have a baby! Today, I'm hoping for a June baby... which means I would have had to TTC last week, right now I'm just in waiting for symptoms (or menses) mode.. Such a long wait! (LOL)
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