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Ah, I could have written your post, except this is #5 for us (#6 for me and 7 altogether, but we don't have the oldest 2 all the time). I am getting seriously concerned about how I am going to manage the house and homeschooling. It seems like it takes up all my time just to care for the kids, and kinda keep the house in order, how am I going to squeeze in 3-4 hrs of schoolwork a day. AHHH! I know we will manage somehow, I guess I need to stop *thinking* about it!

"Mom_2_3_girls I feel your pain this is baby # 4 for me too. My other 3 are aged 6, 4 and 2 and our baby boy has reflux (LOTS AND LOTS of throw-up ALL the time )it's just insane at our house most days and DH works out of town and left when baby was only a week old. My 4 o'clock I am so completely exhausted and the house looks like a tornado blew through. I just keep telling myself this shall pass and life will get a little less chaotic "

Oh, this was ME, two years ago! I had kids the exact same age and a baby w/the exact same problem, except my LO was a girl. I couldn't have survived w/out my wrap and a binky. (the wrap kept her upright and the binky helped her keep her feeds down. she wanted to suck for comfort, but if I let her nurse she would get waaayyy too full and the spitting up would be 10 x worse) I don't know if it would help at all, but you might try. I am not ordinarily one for pacifiers, but for that child it was a life-saver. She had terrible problems with reflux and was losing weight until I started using one.