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Looking for OB or CNM in Bloomington, IN

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I just moved to Bloomington, IN, and am looking for a provider. I am 12 weeks pregnant, and have not seen anyone yet. I want a natural, unmedicated birth. Here's the catch: We will have Hoosier Healthwise (medicaid) and need someone who accepts that.
Dr. Labban has been recommended by a few people. Does anyone know anything about him? He delivers at Bloomington Hospital. Does anyone know anything about that?
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(waves to sister)
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Hi there Brasileira. Welcome to Bloomington! In Btown, the only OB willing to oversee a home birth is Dr. Labban, though I don't know if home birth is what you were looking for or not.

I don't *think* there are any CNMs in town. There are several in Indy:
Betsy Baker: 317.258.0356
Lynda Barton-Kirch: 317.366.4611
Penny Lane: 764.436.7527

The person I would recommend in Btown, if you're looking for a midwife, is Jennifer Williams. She's a CPM but not CNM (I think). You can get her information through Bloomington Area Birth Services: http://www.bloomingtonbirth.org/

I've had good experiences with Dr. Labban.

I don't know how any of this fits in with Medicaid!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk over email.


Editing to add: I found info on someone I *think* is a CNM in Btown: Liz McDaniel through Dr. Lisa Weiler, Southern Indiana Physicians for Women, according to my four-month old notes.
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The previous poster is correct: Dr. Labban if you want to go the OB route, Liz McDaniel if you'd prefer a CNM.
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Just poking my nose into say that I had one visit with Dr. Labban as a homebirth client of Lynda Barton-Kirch and outside of the drive to very unfamiliar Bloomington from Indy everything was pretty good. He was very nice and the staff was very nice. He didn't strike me as the all might highest approving of natural birth, but he is the only one that will back homebirth so he must believe in it somewhat lol. He just asked me a bunch of questions and did the routine prenatal stuff. I recieved a very nice Enfamil diaper bag as I left BUT that has to be more his office than him, yk. Also, unless something has changed since then (maybe 18ish months ago) they do accept HHW. Good Luck!
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Personally, I would recommend Dr. Labban...

Yes, Liz McDaniels is the only birth attending CNM in Bloomington. She is in a practice with three OBs, you will meet all three of them. I've only been to one birth with her (as doula) but so far I think I would personally choose Dr Labban over Liz McDaniels if I was giving birth in the hospital. Lots of people seem to love her though.

If you decide on a homebirth, PM me for contact info. Unfortunately, until CPM legislation is passed in Indiana, homebirth with midwives will not be covered by HH. I paid out of pocket for two homebirths when I could have had free births in the hospital with HH and it was worth every single penny.
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I DO NOT recommend Jennifer Williams. She dropped me at 32 weeks without referral or refund! My suggestion is to use someone with a license until CPMs are actually trained in medical ethics and HIPPA in this state.
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I'm so sorry that happened to you. I had a very good experience with a bloomington CPM. (Not her). Do you have someone now?
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