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Unexpected Suprise

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I was done having kids. We (my husband and I) were done. We already have a girl (7) and a boy (5--and autistic). Suprise, suprise, their little brother or sister will be joining us next April. First, how should I let my husband know? Should I do something cutesy like get a Warcraftish onesie (level 0 human) or just tell him flat out?
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congrats! i was boring and just told my dp, lol.
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yeah..i went the boring route..but i like your idea! especially because he'll be so surprised..
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good luck, mama, and congratulations.
i dont have any advice on telling dh. i called mine at work and i feel bad about that now. i was too excited to plan anything more appropriate i just was excited and wanted him to know as soon as i did.
again, good luck to you.
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I said, "Holy SH*T! Is this a second pink line????" He said, "Leave me alone, I'm sleeping." :
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