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20 week (or so) U/S check in!

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I figured since so many people were going this week, we may as well have one place to chime in!

I went today for my 20 week u/s--the first and hopefully last! The entire ordeal took 4 hours from checking in to walking out the door. The first hour, of course, was checking in and forms and waiting rooms. But when we finally got going, first with the u/s tech, things seemed fine but then baby would not budge for her to get a good view of one pat of the heart. The tech started jabbing the wand thingey into my abdoment to try to get baby to move, which baby refused to do. So then I had to spend a loooong time rolled on one side waiting for baby to turn--which baby did, but only completely around to the other side, which was also unhelpful. more waiting in this position and that, and finally she got what she was looking for or just gave up. The jabbing thing happened enough times that DH started whimpering and growling every time she did it. Then we waited some more, the doctor came in, had us move to a different room with a better machine, and we basicaly repeated the whole routine.

Bottom line, all is well (we are waiting to find out the sex) and I'm glad that's over with! It was kinda cool to see baby moving around and they gave us some pictures but I also felt that somehow it just was too much intrusion for the baby and have been apologizing all evening!
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I'm off to get mine in about 40 minutes! Wish me luck. I'm praying for a healthy one!!!
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I had mine a little early after a scary quad screen result. The baby looked great and was VERY active. I still have to get one more in another month to help rule out a particular genetic defect that my quad screen put us at risk for. We're looking for "ambiguous genetalia" which is one of the markers. So far this baby's genitals were great (high five, baby!) so hopefully we'll get more good news. We opted not to find out the sex with is rather tempting since we're specifically looking at the baby's goods!
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We're finally home. We had a 40 minute wait at the perinatologist's office to get our u/s, then waited for an HOUR at the midwife's office. turns out she didn't even head IN for the day until after our appointment time. They ended up calling the on-call midwife out of the hospital to come do my visit. DH was pissed, and DD and I were STARVING. Our appointment was at noon, we didn't go back until 1, but by 1:30 we were sitting in Red Lobster eating lunch

As for the u/s baby is measuring a few days ahead, but not too many, so I don't think it's a big deal. I'm 17w6d today and baby's head measured 18w4d and the rest of the baby was 18w2d. The sonographer joked with me that this one should be fun to birth. It's ok, DD had a big head too. She was 95th percentile for head circumference until she hit 3, even though she was 25th for weight and 50th for height! Baby's heart has 4 chambers, brain looks great. Spine is properly formed, we saw toes and fingers. I didn't count them all, but I did see that one hand had 5 fingers. I'm sure they would have said something if we had extras or were missing some. So, I was beyond thrilled to know that my little one is growing perfectly. No,

Then we went to the midwife visit where I was told I need to be gaining weight. Apparently I have lost a pound between each visit (this is visit #3) and they want me to gain 10 - 15 lbs. I figure I'll be doing that at the end, but they want me to track my food consumption for 3 days before my next appointment in 4 weeks.

That was my fun day!
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i think we lucked out.

b/c i'm an "older" mom, i got to be referred to a genetic counseling hi-res ultrasound place that, i think, has MUCH more experienced tech's + accurate images.

our tech was a cute, funny, deadpan 62 y.o. southern woman from alabama who said m'am a lot & had a hot flash during the appt. she's been doing ultrasounds for something like 28 yrs. so seemed to really know her stuff and got the images/measurements she needed pretty quickly. she said i was "easy to read" b/c i was slender & also baby seemed to be cooperating.

she was funnily NOT excited when we entered (had clearly seen WAY too many excited parents) but still got little flashes of authentic excitement/personality as we proceeded.

genetic counseling was maybe 30 min's conversation, actual ultrasound time was maybe 1 hour (but not all that time was w/the thingy on my belly).

it's a healthy girl!
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Originally Posted by ommom View Post
it's a healthy girl!
: congrats!

I go today at 1:00 for the level 2 and the genetic counseling. I had one with my last pg too, but the dr. that did it (the docs do the level 2's here) wasn't very nice at all. She was all business--forgetting that even though this was a high risk practice, not all patients were high risk (I wasn't--just had an elevated AFP test). It was ok, just not the exciting high energy kind of thing you expect! I'm looking forward to this afternoon!
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Had my U/S this morning.

I was really hoping for a girl, but the baby is a boy in all my dreams. So I was prepared to hear that this baby is my third boy.

We found out that this baby is just modest and won't let us know. Surprise!

Now the purpose of the U/S was to see placenta position, and that news was good. The placenta is high. Won't grow into my C/S scar. So I should be able to HBA2C.
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Wow--I am so happy for you all! I'm happy for all the great results.

We had a great sono--everything's perfect and they were able to determine the sex but we decided not to find out (but like with DS I am now convinced it's a boy because if she could tell that easily, I feel like she must have seen the goods, kwim?)

I never realized what a difference 1. the machine and 2. the technician makes. We had a bad US experience with our DS (I only had the one) and I was not looking forward to it. I had to pee really badly and THIS time, the woman was like, if you have to go THAT badly I won't be able to do my job, go ahead and use the bathroom just don't empty completely.

SO much better--it really allowed me to relax and enjoy it whereas with #1 I was in actual pain the whole time. She also was really nice and very respectful about us not wanting to know the sex (with our first kid the technician was, like, personally offended we didn't want to know and really huffy about it) The machine was also so much better. With DS, we couldn't really tell what anything was, even with the technician showing us. This time, it was crystal clear--we could see everything and it was really cool!
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Ours was today, and it was great. Baby really put on a show for us, and then decided that it was nap time. We don't have any offical results, but the tech didn't seem concerned about anything. Baby is adorable, and the gender remains a surprise, which is what we wanted.
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Originally Posted by jr'smom View Post
I was really hoping for a girl, but the baby is a boy in all my dreams.
I only had one dream about the sex of the baby when I was pg the first time. It was a boy and he had a HUGE penis. I'm talking the entire length of his femur. I ended up having a girl. I have only had one dream so far about the sex of this baby. Again, it was a boy with a HUGE penis (same length). I'm not sure what that says about my psyche but it gives me comfort to not trust my dreams!
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It's a.................girl!

Yup, we will add girl #4 to the family in January!

Everything measured just fine, all looked great. It was fun to see the baby and get to know her a little. The staff were all nice (I didn't go to my regular OB's office due to this being a higher level us) and my oldest went with us and enjoyed seeing all the baby parts, movement, etc.

I am happy to know the sex of the baby--we were hoping it might be a little boy, but it feels great to actually know, and now I feel like I can bond a little more with her. We're certainly not disappointed, just excited in a different way now, if that makes sense!
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Congratulations, everybody!
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I had my u/s today. We are having a girl! : My DD is very excited to have a sister after the twin brothers. I can start purging all the boy stuff in earnest now. I have tons to give away and lots of baby boys who will love to wear it this year.
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I had an ultrasound this morning. There's only one (yes!) and everything looks great! : The baby measured *exactly* how we've been counting. That cracked me up, nothing related to me has been text book so far.

Did find out the sex but I'm not telling. Those guys can be wrong. It's all up to a Greater Force anyways.
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I had my u/s today. It was a suprise last minute squeeze in. I went in for my routine follow up and they told me that they had an opening in 30 minutes so I called DH and told him to haul a$$ to the midwife's office. he had the kids in tow (luckily they havent started school yet so they got to see this u/s)

Im 18w3d... Everything looked great. The first thing we saw was feet. They were sooo cute and perfect. The baby was very active because I had just eaten lunch (I did that on purpose) 10 toes, 10 fingers, perfectly formed everything. Everything measured well. heart looked awesome. Baby has a BIG head and a pointy lip... looks like a Simpson. The baby had one hand in the mouth and the other arm was behind the head... as if lounging after lunch. It was too cute. Then there was some jumping, looked like Thriller.

Did find out that my placenta is in the front of my uterus which sucks because its harder to feel movement and makes sex somewhat uncomfortable but at least its not placenta previa.

And we did find out the sex. Its a GIRL!! :

DH is psyched. DS had a look on his face like someone had just punched him in the groin... He now has THREE sisters! DD and DSD were just so fascinated with getting to see the baby that they hardly noticed what the sonographer said. I have to admit, at first I was a wee bit disappointed but then I started thinking about how much of a handful my son is and realized that two kids like that would be a lot to handle. He is a cuddly and lovey mamas boy but hes all boy. I didnt want to tell anyone. Surprise everybody but of course, DH and I told our moms immediately. It was like a compulsion. We couldnt not tell them. And I told my sister. Being one of 5 girls she is thrilled.

I am now totally excited (even more so than before.) and its amazing because nw I can feel her moving around. I didnt really feel it much before. Maybe its all in my head. I dunno. But I dont care. Im excited! :
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Had an u/s on Monday. I did not have any with DS #2 - but felt like I needed the 20 wk one this time (we aren't doing any testing..but I am 36...you know Over The Hill). Anyway, Dh took the boys out to Barnes and Noble and I got a peaceful look at baby. We aren't finding out the gender...but it was hard not to try to peek! LOL.

Baby looks great - placenta is right where it should be...baby measuring perfect for sometime mid Jan. It actually woke me up a little...I think that this pregnancy has been somewhat unreal to me...mostly because I am too busy/overwhelmed with my other two! LOL.

Oh..the whole thing only took 30 minutes from entrance into the office until exiting the office! This tech is known for her accuracy in town!
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we just got back from our first and only u/s for this pregnancy. and everything looks great. having foregone the quad screen, they told anything that would have picked up is negative. healthy little baby....GIRL. i'm SO SO SO EXCITED. if i was pulling for anything, it would have been a girl. NOT THAT I WAS.
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My u/s is in about 9 and a half hours! I CAN'T WAIT! OMG! How am I going to focus on work today? lol I just keep praying baby will be in a good position to see everything. hehe I'm soooo excited!!!! :
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Mine is today too and the wait is killing me!!!! I want DS and DH there with me so they can see the baby

The second I get home I'm calling everyone and then my sewing machine and knitting needles are going to be very busy!!
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I'm getting mine tomorrow and we ARE finding out the sex. I can't wait to update!!
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