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Still preggo. Due 17th or 18th. Hoping to go any day now. No real prodomal - some mild-medium BHs and a lot of pelvic pressure but that's all.

I'm ready!
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8/24. i am ready. i don't mind being pregnant but at this point I am done with it. my classroom is set up and that was the last thing on my to do list so I have told her to come on out now. my last baby was a week early and my first one was a week late. so who knows?
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Me! EDD 8/9/08

39 wk checkup put me at 2-1/2cm dilated, 50% effaced, -2 station. Baby has dropped further since then, but I'm only getting a few ctx a day, which is not enough. Soft BMs, seriously hormonal ( weeping all over everywhere ), strange feelings inside - pressure and butterflies all at the same time, very uncomfortable and achy, but no real contractions.

I've loved being pregnant (except for the all-day sickness which has lasted all 9 mos), but I'm ready for the baby to be born so I can hold it in my arms instead of in my womb.

Come on baby, it's time to come out.
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Me! Hoping to go by Saturday since it's a full moon. I'm 3 cm dilated!!
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EDD 8-8-8.

Hoping it'll get going again soon, signs pointing to "yes", but willing to let baby decide when he/she is ready. Apparently my uterine hotel is a little too comfy...
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Me too! Due 8/18. Doctor told me I'll probably go a week after that.
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Preggo here too . EDD is 8-23 but my 2nd was born at 37.5 and I'm a full week past that. NO signs of labor (constant ctx but that's my norm). Also have full moon hopes.

I had a PTL warning (again) so quite surprised I'm still preggo... watch, I'll go post dates hehe
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Me, too. Due 8/28.

Lost my mucus plug. I was in the hospital with cntx 3 - 4 minutes apart lasting 1.5 minutes each last Thur night/ Fri morning. Had a bad experience and cntx stopped (totally a paper tiger thing for other Birthing From Within followers). I was 3 cm, 90% efaced and at -1 station at that time.

We are now planning a homebirth, and I am so very relaxed. I was anxious about just getting the hospital birth and stay over with. I have been able to enjoy my family and my pregnancy for the past few days. I haven't had a single braxton or real cntx until this afternoon. Now, I have had some strong but irregular cntx today.
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still baking here too. EDD 13th or 17th.
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Still gestating, due this Friday.
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My EDD is 8/23 as well and I'm still hanging in there. Everyone is suprised since I had so many issues with early contractions (starting at 25 weeks). But this little guy doesn't seem to be ready yet. I'm sort of hoping to go by this weekend though. I've been so uncomfortable for so long now I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.

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Still got my bun in the oven... EDD 8-4-08 Still waiting on baby to decide when she's ready... not trying to push things along yet although I'd really like it if she would come by or during this weekend, I've loved being pregnant but its time for her to come out now. I mean I've even given her a personal invitation! lol

Added: Looks like I'm the farthest along... sooo that means that I get to have mine first! All you ladies have to send me your labor vibes cause I'm not gettin any on my own. lol
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Sending you labor vibes, Nichole!!

:::::goodv ibes::
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due 8/18 or 8/21. not really in much of a hurry to have her yet, it is MUCH easier to take care of her on the inside!
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EDD 08/31 still feeling great but afraid I'll be the last to go!

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Me, due 8/5...
This is really screwing with my head. I feel farther away from having a baby now than I did two months ago when I was all, "only 8 weeks left!"
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Me too

Still happily pregnant-Due 8/24-guessing 8/22 just because there is a thing with boys being born on days with 2 in the family-maybe sept 2..?
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Me, EDD 8-10-08.
Haven't had anything, no mucous plug, no loose bowels, a few contrx. here and there but that's normal for me.

As of 40 week appt I was only fingertip dilated and 50% effaced, which is like nothing!!!

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I don't post a whole lot, but I'm here, and I'm still prego! My edd is 8/24 though, so I've got a little bit longer to go.
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