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I am so amazed! I seriously thought that nobdy CD'd from the get go due to the icky tar stuff!

Now, how many of you were first time CDing moms? I've never actually put a CD on a baby so I'm just not sure I'll be very confident. Any thoughts?
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OK I changed my mine now!(Posted earlier in this thread that I would use sposies in the hospiatl and thats it)
I think I will use cloth from the start in the hospital. Its gonna be hard telling my SO to stalk the nurse to make sure he can put on the first diaper....he's one of those anti-cloth diaper people. I'm gonna have to bring something simple like a Bumkins AIO or a fitted and cute cover.
I don't like my new baby's bum in a scratchy, chemical packed germ bomb.
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I wasn't a first time CD mom, but I don't think it will be too hard. Bring easy things like AIOs and make sure you have NB sizes. It's just as easy to change a cloth diaper, you just have to save them and wash them instead of throwing them away.

You know, I honestly think it looks classier to have a cloth diaper on a baby than a paper one. I know it sounds snooty, but it's really my opinion. I think paper diapers look cheap.

I like my kids to always look all nice and well-groomed (besides when they are playing in the mud, etc.) so for me, having cloth in the hospital was about looks as well as health.

I guess I compare it to the family that eats on fine china or the family that uses paper plates for every meal.

eek.. I'm a bit stuck up, aren't I?

I'm really a nice person, I promise!
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Damn it. One more thing to pack...
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We just had our little ds two weeks ago. He has been cd'd from the get go. He was born at home but I wanted to say that the meconium didn't stain at all. I had read other mamas saying that here and had my doubts but it was true! :LOL
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we cloth diped from the start, first time...but i didnt think to bring any to the hospital: , but dh brought some the last day (I had a long, dellusional labor:LOL maybe it clouded my ability to pack properly) and we clothed her as we were getting packed and ready to go home, and from then on. we gave all those sposies from the pack, and the 'comp' pack in our formula loaded free diaper bag to my roomate. she looked like it was x-mas, and we were crazy

next time I will be better prepared, and will have that extra baby suitcase ready with all my wipes and dipes, as well as a few other handy things I know now i needed.
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You know, I honestly think it looks classier to have a cloth diaper on a baby than a paper one. I know it sounds snooty, but it's really my opinion. I think paper diapers look cheap.
I have to agree, paper diapers look cheep and trashy. I know I'm a diaper snob and I bet most of us here are (and proud to say so!)
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the hospital where I deliver uses cloth in the birth center (LDR) However they do require disposables in the NICU and Peds unit for infection control.
And the nurses right from the start put a cpf and wrap on once they wash baby up and do the weights and all that

Recently I was talking to a nurse acquaintance. I serve on a local health center board of directors and she is on the staff there. When she was inquiring about us cloth diapering, she mentioned that she used to work in our hospital's birth center. She told the story how 20 years ago she campaigned to switch the birth center to using cloth over disposables and went into great detail of how they called her a "stupid hippy" for wanting the birth center to use cloth. However, the point is, she did win the battle
And the best thing is, she hasnt been there for 15 years, and was SHOCKED to learn that they are STILL using cloth..

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I didn't CD until DD was 7 months old, but I plan to CD from day 1 with the next one (hopefully soon)...but anyway, I have read in several different places that even though meconium looks like it would stain, it doesn't at all. So, just thought I'd mention that....the place I read that (can't remember where) said that bf poo stains more than meconium.
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I just called a friend that works in the LDR at the hospital I'm birthing at AND she says that while they don't use cd's for dipes, they do have them and I could probably use them as dipes! I am so excited. Maybe I will start something there!

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We used cloth here too

and I was in the hosp for 4 days cause of a section and Aaron was a 36 weeker. The day we were supposed to go home they decided he needed to stay under the lights for jaindice. LUCKILY for me the nursery was full (blizzard babies) and they brought the isolette with the lights in my room and I was able to bf and change at will and they let me stay the night in my room. His first diaper was a pampers cause the section was emergency and all the cloth were in the room. After that it was cloth all the way. No stains either. Also the ped was glad cause with jaundice they need to watch the output more carefully. They weighed my dry prefold and his wet one. I only had 1 cover I used for the way home.
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Sorry if this has been addressed already but...

Did/do YOU put on the first diaper or did/do the nurses? Don't they normally do that while you're getting all fixed up? I'm potentially having a c-section so I'm thinking I won't be the first to diaper him.
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The nurses put Emilys first diaper on. It was a cloth fitted with aplix closures. No different than putting a disposable on, but cuter. It had little sheep all over it with red bows and bells.... really cute. They loved it! It was flannel.... I'm saving it in her keepsakes.

Just think... you can save the first diaper your baby ever wore! Most moms can't brag that one!!!

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when i get preg again, which better be soon, I will have to look around for a WAHM that makes a cute 'my first dipe' in a newborn'preemie size.....
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We cd Sarah (1 month old tomorrow) from the start. It was no problem at all and I was in the hospital for 4 days for a c-section and she stayed in the nursery at night too. The nurses were great about it. I called about a month ahead to the hospital to make sure it was OK. When I got the go ahead I wrote out a birth plan and included my cd instructions in it (I actually just finished this the day I went into labor, lol). I packed about 14 cpf and 4 covers with the intention of dh bringing dipes home to wash and bringing a fresh batch. We only did that once the whole 4 days I think. I did have a special fitted diaper for right after the birth but the nurse persuaded me not to use it since it would get gunky and they'd take her to wash in the nursery and put a sposie on her anyway (grr!). Ended up they didn't do this so I whipped that paper dipe off her as fast as I could! After that the nurses just put a note on her bassinet stating that the cloth dipes were baby's own and to put dirties in a bag in my room. When they changed her in the nursery they'd just put the dirty on top of the tray and I'd stick it in the bag. The first day I used cpf with velcro covers but the velcro was scratching her tummy so I switched to my beloved pins and nylon pull ons. No one had any problems with them. And our dipes certainly were the start of many conversations! Oh, and we had no problems with meconium stains on our dipes - they washed right out. HTH!

Noah 6/3/99
Joshua 5/24/01
Sarah 9/30/03
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Originally posted by Spicey Momma
I would like to point at what so many mommas forget!!!! Newborns have 1 wet diaper at 1 day, 2 dipes and 2 days and then it begins to pick up between days 3 to 5. You could probley take 5 diaper to the hospital and be FINE!!!
This didn't apply to us in the least bit - just goes to show you each baby is different, eh? :LOL Let's see, I took a dozen all fleece fbs (won off ebay and saved from my 2nd child) - they were wee little newborns size . . . much smaller than the current smalls.

ANYWAY . . . I did change often. For one, I wanted the meconium off Kenny's bum as soon as he did it. Then, he was wet - did pee . . . and would pee on me as soon as he penis was exposed to cool air too.

Of course, he nursed non-stop as well.

We did cloth all the way. The nurses loved seeing what diaper color he'd have on next - we had lime green, purple, blue, white - too cute.

Just thought I'd throw another perspective on the minimal diaper usage. My mother actually took our waterproof tote home and washed them for us to bring back the next day with fresh diapers stuffed in them. A very good momma she is!
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We did it! I was so happy to be able to CD and CW (cloth wipe?) in the hosital!

Seriously, I wouldn't have even thought it was possible if it wasn't for you ladies and your wonderful insight!

Thanks so much!
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Oh wow!
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o my, you girls just totally changed my mind and doomed my budget for this month.
i was gonna use sposies (at least the unbleached ones from the natural food store) for baby's first 2-3 months. i started cd'ing ds when he was 4 months old and don't have newborn size cd's. figured it would be too pricey to get cd's in a small size just for the few months until #2 (due in may) will fit in ds's old diapers.
but you girls are right, either we make a commitment to cd or we don't. i'll look around for small dipers tomorrow...i've had aio's for ds, but i think i wanna give fitted ones with covers a shot, they're cheaper, right? also seem to be of softer material, somebody correct me if i'm wrong...
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congrats and WELCOME Aiden!!!!
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