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Congratulations! I'm glad you used cloth.
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YEAH!! I am so happy for you!! Welcome sweet baby!!
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[ i wanna give fitted ones with covers a shot, they're cheaper, right? also seem to be of softer material, somebody correct me if i'm wrong... [/B]
You are right, much cheaper, depending on what you buy. You could also spend a heck of a lot more!:LOL
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Fitteds are definitely less than AIOs, but prefolds and covers are the least expensive diapering option altogether.
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We did not use cloth in the hospital. I had thought it through quite a bit and was scared of the meconium. I also just wanted to rest and didn't think it was big deal. I started using cloth at about day 4. I was sick of the disposables leaking all over. I might try cloth at the hospital for the next one now that I've been doing it for so long. I remember craving to put cloth on my little baby...and when I did the fuzzi bunz small were way too big (I had an 8 pounder). I used infant prefolds...but I'll have to pick up some preemies for the first few weeks, next time.
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Poopy leaks, a revelation!

oops, supposed to be a new thread.
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We are having #3 in a new hospital (she will also be my first in cd's) and I am afraid that my favorite part of my stash (which I would love to take to the hospital) will dissapear in the nursery or something. Not that she is planning on being there a lot, but my other 2 went for an hour or so to have their check ups from the ped. What happens if they plan on changing her diaper then and my lovely FMBG get "misplaced"? I would be devastated. I will have some in my room with me (4 day c-section stay), but she wil probably wear "sposies" to the nursery until I can "bond" with a diaper baby sitter inteh nursery to watch out fo rmy stash.

But I am taking the big girls to "big sister class" at the hospital this evening and knowing that one of the things they will be teaching is diaper changing (at least it was the last time at the other hospital) I will ahve my most beautiful dipes there to put on the doll. Maybe I will get a convert or 2......that and my freshly knitted nb sized aran cap....maybe some extra Xmas $$ will be coming my way......
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Just bumping this up since there seems to be so much interest in newborn CDing lately! (myself included!)
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if you don't want to bring home dirty dipes, take a pack of tendercare or seventh generation with you to the hospital.
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I used cloth at the hospital. We roomed in and apparently my midwife told the nurses a bit about me so they didn't even bring disposables into the room for us. We just filled up the dirty duds bag and brought them all home with us. (I stayed only one night despite the emergency c section - arghhh)

I do wish I had owned more newborn sized dipes though - if we are blessed with a next time, I will be more prepared.
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Originally posted by LaffNowCryLater
Its gonna be hard telling my SO to stalk the nurse to make sure he can put on the first diaper....he's one of those anti-cloth diaper people.
You don't really have to stalk the nurses.....Tell them that previous children (or family members if it's a first) have had bad allergic reactions to disposable diapers (true in my case)....they can't purposely put a disposable on a baby that they know can have an allergic reaction to it....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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I'm planning on bringing my cd's to the hospital, at least 24 (JIC- I've had long stays before) and I plan on leaving at least 1dz cpf's in easy access for dh if needed.

I bought some cheapy microfleece from Joann Fabrics to cut liners for the first few days (READ: Meconium days) that way I could just throw them away, and not have to worry about washing that out, or stains.

I paid 2yd and can probably make a million newborn liners from that yd. LOL
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We brought our Kissaluvs 0s to the hospital and DH went home and washed them right before DS and I came home. We didn't have any trouble with the meconium staining. We had total control over diaper changes because in our hospital, DS never had to leave the room to go to a nursery. I was so happy to have our newborn's sensitive bum in nice cloth dipes, and we got to educate the hospital staff too
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We were trying to have an UC birth- but when I decided that (after 39 hours) it may be time to try the hospital- DP went to take a shower as I got the stuff together we needed- Now, mind you I had washed and folded my dipes about a zillion time- lol.. so I go grab a bag and put a bunch of dipes in there a few snappies and head out to the hosiptal- needless to say Rainey did not have any clothes (from home) when she was born- I was so busy picking what dipes we should take- I FORGOT CLOTHES! :

And the nurses loved my dipes I felt like- if they see some really cute dipes they may be more apt to learning about cloth so I had to have my cutest ones

Also a OB nurse once told me that if I do have my baby at a hospital I should take my own dipes- there dipes are washed with very strong soap and it is hard on a babies skin- and really do you want the first dipe on your baby to be a hospital dipe? Also, the first poops are not bad at all- and the peel off if you get lucky :LOL And if they do stain, just put them in the sun- it will take it right off- we had no stains!

Congrats on the new little one- soon to be!
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I was so busy picking what dipes we should take- I FORGOT CLOTHES!
Oh my gosh! LOL! That is too funny!
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We did - we used Kissaluvs and some fleece liners I'd made. The meconium didn't stain at all. I was in the hospital about three days, and my monster-in-law took diapers home with her each night to wash (I was freaking out about this...I gave her explicit instructions about what to do, but I was sure she'd ignore me!).

The nurses initally thought we were nutbars for using cloth - but then they saw how cute and soft they were compared to sposies, and they all kept coming in to show off the baby with the "cute butt"!
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Okay, I think I am the only one who's dd's meconium DID stain. :LOL
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We didn't use cloth diapers until Nick's cord fell off at 5 days old/ He is our first so we don't get any prefolds or know about snappis and I was scared of pins and everything was rubbing his cord. I was so happy when his cord fell off at 5 days old and we could start diapering!!
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