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hungry all the time now?

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Well, I have been feeling better for a few days, but now I feel hungry all the time, to the point I feel like I am starving!!!!!!!!!! I had my first craving today so that was unusual as well. :
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me too! i ate soooooo much today-an unbelievable amount of food!!!!
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I just go though eating a Mexican pizza and Nachos Supreme from Taco Bell (I know, I know, SO not healthy, but I substituted beans instead of beef). Despite all that, I still have that starving feeling! What to do??? I guess I will have to munch on anything I can find. I've got mostly snacks around since I couldn't eat many full meals until recently.
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wait-- is everyone's nausea already gone????? I've BEEN hungry as all get out since before missed period, but still pretty nauseas, so I only WISH I was where you guys are-- I still can't imagine eating anything but dry toast, yogurt, fruit and more yogurt :
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My nausea is fading, but I had nausea and super hungry at the same time! If I don't eat, I get sick. If I eat, sometimes that made me sick too.

I'm almost through the nausea now though and now I'm moving on to the feeling full and feeling hungry at the same time stage.
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ha... i felt like throwing up all night last night. it was horrible i thought i was going to die~ ugh... no happy medium with being pregnant.
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I go back and forth with nausea. Some days I feel fine and some days its back. On the days I feel fine, though, I tend to feel hungry. Although if I eat too much, or the wrong stuff, the nausea will creep back. The other day though, I was at work and had eaten my breakfast, snack, lunch- and it was 10 a.m.!
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My nausea comes and goes and so far, hasn't been too bad. The hunger part though - I totally get you. Some days all I think about is what I can eat next. Yesterday was one of them. I had an English muffin with jam for breakfast, a frozen microwave pizza thing for lunch, a big container of yougurt with granola and strawberries for desert, a bag of pretzels for a snack, a bowl of mashed potatoes with sour cream and cottage cheese baked in (my daughter's fav), left over chicken and dumplings AND a bowl of peanut butter Cap'n crunch. My husband went to bed with our little one at 9:00 and I found myself thinking about the cookie dough in the fridge. Thankfully...it passed.
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I'm finding myself hungry alot, but the nausea isn't gone yet. It's a very frustrating combination.
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I'm just about to tuck into my lunch again and it's 10:30 a.m. :
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I'm basicly eating every 2 hours and hunger is massive and also with nausea.
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