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I'm not even 12 weeks yet & I'm already feeling like I barely have room for food in there. I'm down to eating half or less at meal than what I was even a couple weeks ago. I feel sooo full.

I don't remember having this until much later with ds1 & ds2. I've been trying to convince myself it isn't twins, but stuff like this sure is making me wonder.
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I feel this way, too. I haven't been eating as much lately because of nausea, and then when I do eat (and even when I'm super hungry), I get so full so fast! Uncomfortably so, too. Ugh!
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I have been the same way, and I can't blame it on nausea since I haven't had any. I have lost 5 lbs as a result of eating less, but I just feel sick if I eat any more past that full feeling.
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I've reached the point where some days I feel ravenously hungry, but I can still only eat little bits at a time. If I eat too much (like typically more than a toddler sized portion of anything) I feel stuffed and then sick. Some days it feels like I am constantly eating to balance the feeling of being hungry and the feeling of being stuffed.
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I think its probably all of us getting bloated. Gas, intestines moving and making room and all that. OUr digestive system is just adjusting to the changes. ??? I feel the same. IT all sucks right about now.
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