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What are we naming our babies?

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Saw this on another DDC...
it's fun to see all the names and how different they are, soooo-
As of today, we are naming our girls:
Emilia Anne and
Julienne Mary-

don't take that to the bank though

If you care to share, what will your LO be named??
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I wish we had at least a few names picked out...but we dont have anything. DP wants to wait to see what the sex of the baby is first. We havent found out...then just looking at baby to get an idea of what would fit.
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If it's a girl, Sadie Ella (Ella is my paternal grandmother's name). Our backup name in case that doesn't seem to fit her is Helena Jessamine (maternal great-grandmother's name).

Boys are trickier, we haven't decided. I came up with a few new ones last weekend though so will run them by DH when he is back from his trip today. Hopefully we'll decide soon, it's driving me nuts to not have it narrowed down to at least two!
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Dagmar Lee
Dagmar is a Danish name, pronounced DOW-mahr.
Lee is a family middle name.
My mother calls her "D.L."
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Fern Matilda.
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We had chosen to use Emilia when I was pg with my boys. I love that name! But early in my pg I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby girl and the other names we'd chosen didn't fit, and I said "her name is Sunlight!"

But... this time around I think we are settled on:

Kira Eileen (although I prefer Kira Elena... dh doesn't like the -a ending on both names)... Kira is Persian for "sun" and Eileen and Elena are both versions of Helen, which means "light"

Teagan Bryant (pronounced Tay-gun)... Teagan is Celtic for "little poet" and Bryant means "strength with virtue and honor"... although the virtue and honor part was just in one baby name book, so I think that may be kind of made up.
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No idea. I have a list of potential names, but I refuse to name this LO before she arrives. Last time we did that and the name didn't fit, but DH refused to change it b/c we had agreed on it, so she's stuck with a name that isn't hers. I won't go through with that again.
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My husband just came up with "Clementine" when reading one of the baby name books, which I actually love, and her middle name will be Jane after my mother. So if it's a girl it will be Clementine Jane, unless Beatrix Pearl fits her better.

For a boy we are torn between Angus James and Jasper James
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I still may change my mind when we see him/her, but so far we have Audrey Esther for a girl, Levi Benjamin for a boy.
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GREAT names. This little one with be Silas Gerard. Sure hope it fits him b/c I've monogrammed things and we've had it picked out since before he was conceived. At this point, changing his name would feel like changing the name of one of my other children .
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Lucy Adele
Adele was DH's Great Grandmother's name. With DD we picked out her name as soon as we knew she was a she and it fits her perfectly. Hoping the same thing happens this time, but DH and I are both flexible if it doesn't!
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We're thinking Zara Olivia if it's a girl. We're not loving any of the boy names we have. Zachary William is our leading candidate, though. I'm secretly hoping that dh changes his mind about the name I love, Xavier. Hopefully when baby shows up it'll be clear what his name should be if it's a boy.
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We're naming our little girl Sofie Genevieve.
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99.9% sure she's going to be Poppy Marie. We're not monogramming yet....she'll probably be unnamed little baby girl for the first twelve to twenty four hours of her life while we get to know her.
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Girl- Verity Rose

Boy- Elijah Rodney
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Uh...I dont know if I count since I already named him but....

Kaidyn Rowan Seamus (all our kids have 2 middle names-I dont really know why. lol)
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This poor boy doesn't have a name. We've been trying to find one so hard but *nothing* seems to fit. I wish the name would just pop up like it did for our daughter... out of the blue we came up with Athena and it fits her perfectly. Now this kiddo is due soon and we don't even have a name.
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Her first name will be Isabella (I have three aunts named Isabelle), but we haven't picked a middle name yet. Maybe Anne.
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It will either be Aidan Gavin Taliesin or Aidan Destan Taliesin
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Boy- Aldo César (backups are Gael César & Béla César)

Girl- it's complicated. I want Adelita Frida, husband wants Adela Frida. In case we cannot resolve, other first names we are considering:
Dorothea, Thalia.
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