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Lucas Frederick.

Lucas is a name DH and I both love, and Frederick is after my grandfather, who was the most noble and wonderful person I ever had the pleasure to meet
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We have a couple options picked out for girl and boy since we don't know what we are having. These are subject to change between now and when baby arrives, or if we meet the babe and feel that these don't fit him/her.

Claren (Suzanne or...?)
Treya (Suzanne or Eileen)


Middle name for a boy is pretty undecided.
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Lucas Gage
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We're pretty sure it is a boy, and have the name - Shawn Matthew
If for some reason the boy parts have dissapeared then - Saundra Eileen
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Io Faraday

She's been that since the beginning...even before we knew she was a girl :
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Cara Siobhan

Cara b/c we like it and Siobhan for my grandmother.
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Our little one will be Orion Hunter like the constellation. This is a fun thread!
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I have no idea. She's comming in three weeks, and we agree for about 15 minutes on a name, and then one of us decides its 'not right'.

We both have names we really really want, but neither of us can bend to the other, so we can't find names we both love compared to the 'one single name' each of us loves. Its frustrating.

Last time I checked (3 weeks ago) it was Amaya Persephone, but I know he doesn't love it so I'm hesitant to use it. We're named out. Nothing sounds good anymore. We shall have a nameless baby forever.
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Both my boys were named before they were born and their names always felt "right" and fit them at birth. Well I can't seem to find the "right" boy name this time. Actually I regularly will be thinking of the baby and see a girl. The u/s did say boy, but sometimes I wonder, maybe...and that's why I can't come up with a boy name. I'm scared of him being born and still not feeling good about a name.
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I'm that person that has names picked out well before the baby is actually concieved, lol. This little boy will be Ezra Locke.

If he has girl parts instead (although we're pretty certain he's male!) she'll be Romy Calliope.
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You guys have such awesome names for your kids! Glad to see a lot of uniqueness going on here in this thread.

We've known since 12 weeks this lil one was a girl (chromosome testing confirmed it), and we've always felt that the name we have picked out is best. She will be Fiona Josephine. Fiona for my SO's Irish heritage, and Josephine after my grandmother.
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We aren't fully decided. We know she'll be a she , and the possibilities are:

Clara Ettore or Clara Mae
Laurel Mae
Molly Ettore

Mae is a family name on my partners side, Ettore on mine...so we are sort of battling that one out!
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I think we may have decided on a boys name! Evan James.
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There are a lot of really strong names on this thread, and some very unique ones as well! ehunter, Clara was on our list but we took it off, it didn't fit somehow and it sounds too similar to DD2's name.
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Zane Patrick
Dh and I wanted a Z name - no idea why. But Zack sounds weird with our last name which starts with a hard "k" so Zane it is.
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