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What are you going by..LMP or US dates?

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I was going through my medical records today....have only seen midwife 2 times and have had 2 US. Pretty much a UP pregnancy...in a way. So i was checking out my US print outs and it says per the US....EDD is a week sooner than going by LMP dates...this was on both US print outs. Just got me thinking...which due dates are other mama's going from. The US due date or your LMP due date? I know that baby will come when ready....but i was thinking... hey baby may be earlier than what i thought. Just something to keep my mind busy while i'm waiting...so what are yall going by?
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I'm going by LMP because it makes 42 weeks a few days later than by ovulation. Thus, less fuss and worry for my midwife and me. I haven't had an u/s, so I don't have that date to go by.
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Neither - my cycles are short, and I know the date I conceived so in my head i'm going by that. My MW is going by LMP though.
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Neither. I'm going by the O date.
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midwife is going by LMP and I'm going by ovulation. No ultrasounds here.
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Going by O date. MW is using LMP plus a few days... I begged her to make my official due date a few days later because I thought I'd be close to 42 weeks and here that risks you out of MW attended homebirth.
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Apparently I am going by the ultrasound as my LMP doesn't fit with it. I usually ovulate later than most so this makes sense.
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I'm going by LMP as I prefer to have my weeks change on Saturday - My OB is going by O date however.
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Neither. I'm going by O date also. On a side note, it's a good thing my 1st mw went by this date too w/ DD because if we went by LMP, she would've been considered 3 weeks "overdue" instead of 1 week. (I had really wacky cycles.)
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My situation is a little confusing. According to early u/s, I am due September 22. But if you go by when I KNOW I conceived (and yes, it can be off by a few days), it's about 2 weeks before that. I originally thought I was pg (got + tests) and then got a tiny bit of spotting, which my m/w thinks was a chemical pregnancy. But it wasn't a full period. We DTD a few weeks later and then I got more + tests, and got my hcg levels checked. The levels were pretty low for where I thought I should be, thus the early u/s. SO, after all that, I'm going by the u/s. If I went by LMP, I would be due right around now, and there's no way I'm full term. This is the weirdness of an unplanned pregnancy, I suppose.
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I'm going by my ovulation date, since I was charting. LMP wouldn't be accurate for me (especially since I o'd on like day 22), and I haven't had an u/s.

If I had to pick between u/s and LMP and was planning to birth in a hospital setting, I would choose whichever one is later.
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This was a clomid cycle, so I had an u/s on day 14 which determined that I hadn't ovulated yet and was unlikely to . I'm pretty sure I Oed in the next 2 days, so I'm going by that, which happens to match up with my early ultrasound for dating (why we needed to date a clomid cycle, I'm not sure). So I'm saying I'm due 9-23 wheras my LMP says 9-21. I hope we don't get to the point where those two days make that big of a difference, but if we do, I'm going to use them for leverage! I still have my weeks turn over on Sunday (which goes with the 21st edd, though), because somehow that's what got stuck in my head.

With DS2, I knew that I'd ovuluated about 5 days late, so I said all along that I was due on 7-15, not 7-10 like my LMP said. Sure enough, he was born on 7-14. I'm hoping this LO is that close to his due date, too!!
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MW is going by LMP (Aug 31st) I am sticking with conception, which puts me at 3/4 September.
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Ok..help me then..if i o'd on 12-25...lol...i did ok...so what would that put my EDD at? I'm thinking i'm going to go early then. US says 9-10, LMP says 9-16...i'm not having a hospital birth...so baby will come when he/she is ready...but it would be nice to try to play a guessing game kwim?
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With a date of conception at 12-25 the EDD would be 9-16 according to some random calculator I found online.
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Charlotte - you and I are a day apart! I'm due by LMP on 9/20, O date of 9/22. Those two days are important for me since my doc schedules inductions at 41 weeks. I hope I won't need those two days...but I'm glad to have them just in case.

I will say though that almost every u/s we've had, she's measured ahead. Six weeks put her at 9/19, seven weeks was 9/22, and nine weeks was 9/18.
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MW is going by LMP, which puts my DD at 9-5. I know that I conceived on the Winter Solstice (only day that DH and I DTD for that week), which makes my DD 9-12. If I go late, I'll show my MW my charts and insist on the 9-12 DD so I don't get pushed into induction.
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I've done the online calc's and that's what i got too. So baby will come when ready...
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My U/S date is August 30th. My LMP is Sept 3rd and my conception date is Sept 5th. My midwife said "pick date" so I chose Sept 7th.
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Ultrasound dates but they were surprisingly spot on with my date of ovulation. I didn't have a period so we can't go based on LMP! Ultrasound date gave me September 30th. Date of ovulation gives me an EDD of October 1st. Close enough.
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