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Long Island Mamas??!!

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Help, I'm drowning in the mainstream!

Hi! I'm Bethany, wife to Rob and mama to Julian (6), Emma (almost 4) and Charlotte (almost 2). We live on the south shore in Suffolk County. We've been here two years and I still feel transplanted (even though I am originally from the island!). I love the area, but I am having trouble connecting with local mamas. I'd love to meet some mamas and papas in the area to get the kiddos together and just for some mutual support and friendship. Hey, we just bought a house and it came with a pool table---anybody wanna come play?

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Hi, Bethany! I'm Tricia, another transplant (from NJ/Pa), whose been here for almost 2yrs. I live in Centereach. I work during the day, but am usually available in the evenings and weekends. (Although, I'm rehearsing a play right now, but the show is over at the end of Nov.)

I have a ds, Jared, who will be 3 in a few weeks. And we have baby #2 due at the beginning of June! When dh is not working on a film or TV show (as an actor), he stays at home to watch Jared. We're always on the lookout for other families to hang out with. We really don't know of other families that are in the "natural living" way. Heck, it's just seems a little difficult to find other nice families to hang out with in general.

Please, PM me if you would like to chat some more. I look forward hearing from you!
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Hi there! We're in Saint James. I've been here 4 years and have a small group of other moms I get along with very well.

Drop me an email and we'll chat! I'm not sure where exactly you are, but it might be worth the haul to the North Shore to meet us if you're really desperate!
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hi alll

i am in huntington but i am getting my mfa at stony brook so i am out thataway often. anyone want to gather? i have a 16 month old.

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How about after the first of the year? We can meet for a late lunch or something.
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sounds good by me. i go to fla jan 10-17 tho.
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I'm a dork and completely forgot about this thread! LOL Sorry gals. Anwyay, I'm up for a get together in the new year.

I'm in Bay Shore and have no problem travelling---it just takes some planning with the kids' school schedules and such.
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stonybrook area anyone?

Hi, I'm Tracy, mom to Jake 2.5 and one on the way in Oct. I'm searching for mamas in the stonybrook/setauket area. My parents live there, and due to a very unfortunate situation between my husband and me, I'm thinking about moving in with my parents for a while (I live in Iowa now). So as part of my decision whether or not to leave Iowa, I wanted to scope out the mama/ap situation in NY. I don't know the geography there very well, except right around where my p's live. I know St. James is nearby, and I think one of you mentioned you're there. Can anyone give me the lowdown?

Many thanks!
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hey mama

there is a natural mothering forum of long island that meets in setauket sometimes and i go to school at stony brook univ. i don't have too many other mama friends but they are out there for sure...

post here and pm or email me when and if you get to long island and we'll go do something fun and brainstorm on making more mama friends!!

i hope everything turns out to be good for you.

i will be here on LI if you come!
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I'm from Nassau county, mom to 4, ages 3, 5, 11, and 13. 3 boys, one girl (the 11 yr old). It's great to see so many Long Islanders on here!

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I used to be a regular @ mamatron..which doesn't exists anymore...well, I'm here now..we used to live in Nassau County (Freeport) and we moved a few months ago to Brentwood. I like it around here because of the extra-space, but it's sooo faaar from everything!!!..sort of hard to get used to, cause most of my family lives in the Long Beach area, and we feel lonely.
Please PM me, I go to school full-time w/ DD (she's 3) to QUEENS College (go figure) but I'll make the time to meet new friends

thank you so much

la llorona
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Wow, great to see all these responses! La llorona, we are neighbors!! I just pm'd you.

I am still feeling rather disconnected and lost here. I'm experiencing car troubles here and there lately and we all know what a death sentence that can be out here in the 'burbs, especially seince I am fairly ignorant of the local bus routes and intimidated about navigating them with two or three small children. The small amount of mild and sunny weather we had recently was certainly a help. My mission this summer is to get to know and begin to patronize more of my local businesses---especially the downtown areas of Bay Shore, Islip, Babylon, etc. I am going to take one town for a week or two and just park at one end each morning and explore. I need to stop complaining about how Wal*mart is killing small town life, and start living small town life!!
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It's great to hear so many mamas out here! Although I've heard of the places you all have mentioned, I have no idea where they are since I don't actually live here. The good news is that it looks like my husband and I are going to try to work things out when I go back to Iowa. But I'm here through the end of the month, and will probably return more often in the future. So if anyone is interested in getting together, I'd love to meet the LI mamas! Of course I have no idea where a good place to meet would be!

Take care!
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Oh, Tracy! That's great news for you! I hope you and your husband can work things out! I live out in Centereach (near Stony Brook/Setauket). So if you ever want to get together, just let me know!
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playdate anyone?

Thanks Tricia, it's been a heck of a time and I'm so grateful things are looking up for us.

Is anyone interested in getting together sometime this week for a playdate? We're desperate for playtime with some kids and me with some moms! I was thinking of Wed or Thurs morning, since those are the days I can use my mom's car. Or I can have people here (in Setauket). We don't have tons of toys, but there's a lot of space for toddlers to run around. Anyhow, if anyone is interested pm me and we can figure out a place to meet. By the way, my son is 2.5 y/o.

Take care!
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indoor play area?

Hi, it's me again, visiting mom from Iowa. Does anyone have suggestions on ANYPLACE I can take my 2.5 y/o (around Stonybrook/Setauket) that is indoors where he can run around and jump and basically expend his energy??? I'm so desperate I'm even willing to go to a Mcdonald's playland if there's one nearby (I know, germ city!).

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I don't personally dig on those places, but there are a bunch around.

There is Fun 4 All in Port Jeff Station (631)331-9000 for directions and info. It's got a bunch of indoor playground equipment. I hear it's pretty clean, but gets rather crowded towards midday.

There is Wood Kingdom in Farmingdale:
Wood Kingdom Inc
111 Milbar Blvd
Farmingdale, NY 11735-1426
(631) 845-3804
We've been there for a birthday party and it was pretty clean and well-kept. They sell outdoor swingsets and such and have a big play area with their equipment and some open playtimes during the week when they aren't doing parties.

Miracle Maze is right on 25A, aka Nesconset
Highway. So maybe take the LIE to exit 63,
North Ocean Avenue. Take that all the way
north, to 25A. Go about 4-5 miles or so and
Miracle Maze will be on the left. It's in
a little strip mall shopping center... just
past Carvel, Aid Auto Store and 7 11. (Sorry if these directions suck, I haven't been there, and this was the most info I could find)

I hear that Let's Play, Let's Party is one of the cleanest around:
From West: LIE or Northern State Parkway to Sunken Meadow Parkway
(North) to exit SM3E.
Go east on Jericho Tpke approximately 2.5 miles.
We are located on the left side in the same shopping center as
Domino's Pizza and Pudgies
From East: Rt 347 or Rt 454 West. Make a right onto Old Willets Path.
Make a left onto Jericho Tpke (Rt 25). We are located 1/4 mile
on the right side in the same shopping center
as Domino's Pizza and Pudgies.
863 West Jericho Tpke
Smithtown, NY 11787

This McDonald's is supposed to have a good play center as well:
take LIE to exit 64 (Route 112) south. Keep going south, you will pass under a train overpass, and and then travel another mile or so and the McDonald's is on your right hand side. The McD's is before you hit Route 99 (Woodside Ave) so if you get there, then you have gone to far.

I got most of this info from a local mother's group I am part of and they attend these pretty regularly. My middle child is infamous for getting up in a tube and needing help coming down, so I no longer go to these types of places. I'd love to meet up with you sometime, though, but we've been sick on and off and I'm returning to work next week so my schedule is crazed. You should also check your library for a playroom and storytimes and such.
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Oh, we also attend a storytime at Barnes and Noble in Bay Shore, but most of the larger chain bookstores run weekly free storytimes. I'm not sure which ones are in your area, but it might be worth a call. I was actaully going to suggest trying to meet up this week because I want to check out Wild By Nature (organic food store) in Setauket but my girls are recovering from a cold and I'm smack dab in the middle of it so I think we'll be home-bound for at least another day. <sigh> I'm ready for spring, at least I can function through allergy season!
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Wow, dawningmama, you're awesome!! Thanks so much for all the suggestions and directions and everything! We are signed up for a program at the library, but Jake really needs somewhere he can run around freely. My mom is great with him, but she has a hard time keeping up with him since he takes off all the time. These places should be perfect.

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Long Beach, here

Anyone in Long Beach?

I feel like all I run into around here are mainstream moms.

Feel free to IM me.
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