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Hi Mamas,
We are back, and well adjusted to day to day schedule of playing day long.Would love to have a playdate, so lets plan something next week, i feel like summer is almost over.Maybe we can have some kind a old good babywearing meeting?anyone interedsted?
Gwen- is Hannah going to camp everyday? Amelie totally would love to spend some time with her.give me a call.
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we'll be interested at the end of the month, right now we're waiting for chicken pox to show up.
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Does anyone have a recommendaton for a chiropractor, preferably one that does the Webster technique? Baby is still breech and I need her to turn soon!
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i don't, but you are still pretty early. you've been doing the spinningbabies.com stuff, right?
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What area are you near? I know people in Nassau and Suffolk that do Webster. You still have lots of time for the baby to turn on its own.
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Originally Posted by mothragirl View Post
i don't, but you are still pretty early. you've been doing the spinningbabies.com stuff, right?
Yep, with no change. Midwife suggested a visit to the chiropractor.

Originally Posted by longislandmom View Post
What area are you near? I know people in Nassau and Suffolk that do Webster. You still have lots of time for the baby to turn on its own.
I'm in eastern Suffolk, but I'm willing to travel for a good chiropractor!
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The closest one to you that I know of is Scott Brunnengraber in Smithtown.
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food co-ops on long island

are there any natural food co-ops on long island?
i thought there used to be one in malvern? but i can not
find their phone number to locate them, so maybe they
are not there any more?

i'd love to hear about any that you know of. thanks.
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Don't have phone number of co-op in Malverne, but the name is light foods. Hope you can find it that way. I know it was open about 6 months ago.
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babywearing meeting

Hi mamas,
Change of seasons is coming, yey, time to find a new rhythm of the day, week etc. My two girls are heading to school this week,i'm soooo totally not ready for that transition ,just hope not to have tears on the first day of kindergarten/2 grade.
But now since we will have a little more space and time we are having a babywearing meeting this friday, 11am-2pm.Anyone interested,please pm me for directions, we are in Lindenhust.
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looking for pediatrician

HELP.....My pediatirician is retiring. I'm looking for a new pediatrician and/or family doctor close to home. Preferably one who is open minded about vaccinations-- I live in West Hempstead. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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We like dr.Tomei in Huntington, she is open-minded about vax and very friendly kids love her.
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Religious Exemption

Hello all -

I am preparing to enroll my daughter in kindergarten for the 2010 school year and I will be filing a religious exemption for the immunizations. I have heard that it is very difficult to get a religious exemption in NY and I even watched the video of that couple being grilled by the school lawyer who was to trying to find out if their religious beliefs where sincere and I'm a bit worried. Also, my daughter was vaccinated up until two but she will not be receiving any more vaccines.

My question is, has anyone had any luck filing a religious exemption on Long Island?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!
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well, i submitted an exemption about a week ago, and am awaiting my written response. The best advice i got was to contact gary Krasner. He will help- he's great. If you run a search here for his name, it will come up with his contact info. I basically had to write a 3 page narrative about our faith and beliefs and why vaccines are against those beliefs. if took a long time... good for you for starting early!!!
good luck, let me know if you have any more Q's.
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We had no problem with our exemption, but then again my son attends a school for autistic and developmentally disabled children, so they are no strangers to religious exemptions . Honestly, it really depends on the school, since the decision is left up to the discretion of the principal; the same request could be approved by one principal but denied by another. So, I'll just echo pp and say "Call Krasner!" He was an immense help!
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Thank you ladies! I will contact Gary Krasner ASAP!

Mommymoose - good luck getting your exemption! Please let me know how it goes.
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Just google "Light Foods Co-op" and it'll show up. They're still running, although they need more regular customers.
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Fairly new here...

I am sort of new here, I signed up and then did not have much time to read or post, but here I am now, looking for other mommies in Nassau county. I am stay-at-home-mom of a beautiful 4 months old baby girl, and I am itching for company during the day. I looked up all types of groups to see if they meet in my area, to no avail.
My location is Hempstead, and I would love to have a friend to take our kids to the playground with, etc. I live on the border of Garden City, which has a few nice places and many sidewalks!
I would also appreciate any insights about groups that might meet around here!
Thank you!!!
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Hi, The Waldorf School in Garden City has a wonderful Parent/child program that starts either this week or next. Good for your little one's age. Helen
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primary care doc?

i moved to this area almost a year ago and i'm still getting settled in. finding it very difficult to find like-minded mamas around here! i have 2 questions:

1. does anyone belong to the holistic moms network? i was thinking of going to the meeting to meet other parents but you have to join and i didn't know if it was well-attended or not.

2. can anyone recommend a primary doc for me? i have a ped for my kids, but no doctor for me! we're on the north shore...syosset/plainview area.
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