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I'm back in Iowa now, but I wanted to say thanks to you guys for being so nice. We ended up going to Fun 4 All a couple times since it's so close to my p's house. It was great, I wish we had something like that here. Even though it's germ city I'm sure, it was perfect for Jake to run around and expend some of that energy. Dawningmama, my mom had no idea any of those places even existed, so we'll be ready with lots to do next time we visit LI, thanks so much!

Take care, Tracy
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I'm glad to hear you are home safe and sound but I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up. Be sure and let us know when you get back to the island!
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Hello all!
I am new to this board and due with my first baby in May.
I can relate to the pp feeling as though I'm drowning in mainstream.
My husband and I just moved here to Suffolk county from Manhattan after living there for about seven years and we feel pretty lost.
I actually grew up here but I'm really missing the city and all that's available there.
I'm happy to meet you all!

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Welcome, Amy, to the discussion and to the Island. I just got back from a Seder at my UU so I'm feeling very community-positive this evening. I can't wait until spring has sprung so we can get out and enjoy the best LI has to offer---the parks, the beaches, the downtown areas........
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Thanks Dawningmama!
What UU church do you belong to?
I used to belong to All Souls in NYC but I'm looking into one in Huntington.
You'll have to send some of your cheer this way!
I'm in West Islip

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The UU in Huntington is lovely and a good size, but too much of a hike on a Sunday morning for us. You are right around the corner from us, though! We are in Bay Shore. We attend The South Shore UU, which is right on Brentwood Rd, just north of Main St. It's a very small fellowship, but that means that every member gets a say and it is very much an extended family feeling. The social justice committee has really taken off lately and our minister and I are trying to get a CUUPS (UU papgans) chapter going. Come check us out if you are so inclined! Sunday worship is at 11.

How is your pregnancy going? WIll you be delivering at a hospital? I had my last child at Good Samaritan in W Islip. I liked that hospital, but I would not have liked it for my first delivery (mainly because they do not let Dad stay overnight). I have a lot of family that work at South Shore Hospital so I knew if I delivered there, I would never have gotten a moment alone with my baby! LOL Anyway, it's great that you have already found mothering as you are alrady on your way to a gentle and natural way to family life!
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hey maymom2b.

welcome. i have friends at the huntington UU if you want intros. One is a mama that runs an awesome waldorf-y pre-K and parent/child group. And i know some amazing homebirth/hospital midwives in suffolk.

welcome again.

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Thanks Dawn and Gabi!
I feel so welcomed!
I think I will check out both churches...I am looking to do a dedication ceremony a few months after my baby is born and have her attend UU religious instruction as soon as she's of age.
I never knew about the one in Brentwood so maybe I'll check that out this Sunday (Easter).
Gabi, I would love introductions at the Huntington UU as you mentioned - Thanks!
I am delivering at Good Sam but my first choice was a home/water birth.
Empire (my insurance) doesn't cover the midwife I wanted (Jeanette Breen) or any midwives for that matter that will attend a home birth.
They gave me a list of midwives (sort of like a wild goose chase) and after I called them all I realized that there were none who do homebirths.
My second choice was Nassau hospital because they do waterbirths but they don't take Empire either.
So here I am!
I have a doula and my doctor's seem pretty good about natural childbirth.
Gabi: when you say "Waldorf-y" do you mean as in the Waldorf Astoria?

Thanks again I'm so looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Gentle distinction, our UU is on Brentwood Rd in Bay Shore (between Main St and Union). Just didn't want you driving all around Brentwood looking. I'm hoping to be there Easter morning. They will be having a communion service at 10:30 (which we will not attend) and regular worship at 11.

Gabi, that parent-child group sounds really interesting. Is it just for very yound kids/infants?
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wrong post...sorry ladies
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Originally Posted by granolacrunch
Anyone in Long Beach?

I feel like all I run into around here are mainstream moms.

Feel free to IM me.

I'm in Baldwin...I think you're the closest to me so far...would love to meet and walk the boardwalk some warm day...

PM me and we'll talk some more!!

Any other South shore Nassau moms out there???
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Another LI new to this forum

Good evening everyone. I am brand new to this site and forum. I was very happy to see some LI's conversing back and forth. I just had a baby boy March 20, 2004 and am need of some support system. This is my first child, came as a surprise, and dealt with terrible post partum for the first month. Since I had no support system, I dealt with it on my own. I am looking for maybe a playgroup to join-live in the Holbrook area-so I can get my son involved with other children and also to talk to adults. Looking forward to any responses or ideas. Thanks all!!!
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Welcome to the community, Naminel!

I live in Centereach, and will be on maternaty leave starting Monday. (New baby not due until 1st week of June, if not before ) Hopefully, we could meet sometime soon!

Gotta fly and get back to work! PM if you wish!
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anybody in Nassau....

Doesn't anyone live in Nassau??????? I can't believe that there are only two of us in Nassau?

UGH, it's sooooooooooo mainstream it's gettin me down....

Anyone out there, especially on the South shore???

If not I'm going to drive East to meet with some of you Suffolk Mamas and kids once in a while...
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Hello Jaredsmom, thank you for the warm welcome, and good to hear you are from Centereach. Would love to get together with you. Keep me posted on your birth of your new baby-btw, where will you be delivering your baby? Drop a note when you can and hopefully we can arrange a meeting ground.

Hello Gardenmom, Nassau is not too far away-where in Nassau? Come out to the east end-it is nice out here, now that the weather is getting nicer. It would be nice for all of us to get together. BTW-Holbrook is on the South Shore.
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Hello Gardenmom, it would probably help if I re-read your previous message again since you answered my question-Baldwin and I am south shore in Suffolk-sorry about that. But we can still get together since it really isn't that far-by car.
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Nice to see some more LI mamas here!

I'm still here one the island, and on the boards. The recent beach-and-park-friendly weather has kept me away from the computer a bit, though!

Namiel, we are realtively close! I live in Bay Shore & work in Holtsville. How are you doing? Post partum depression can be so rough, I hope you are finding some balance in your life.

Gardenmom, I'm on the south shore, but in Suffolk. I do make it into Nassau relatively often as my mom lives in Westbury. I'm not afraid to travel west!

Jaredsmom, not sure if you'll be checking here before that baby comes, but I hope you know I'm wishing you easy labor and happy birth vibes!
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Anyone still out there?!

Hi all I just recently stumbled across the mothering forum & would love to meet some like-minded mamas near me. I also grew up on LI (Nassau) & recently moved to Babylon & am a SAHM to 2 yo Hannah.

If anyone's out there - please post!

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hey! We are here!

Hi Gwen, I am Gabi and I am mama to Gaia X Suzuki Beane. We live in the Huntington area. We would love to get together. Is Babylon close to huntington? i think my midwives had an office there.
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we are here too

hi moms. I'm new to this forum, but I already love it so much. And that I can find some moms from LI, that's really great. We've moved from Brooklyn to Lindenhurst (south shore, close to Babylon) 7 months ago, and we really need some play-dates. I have two-year old daughter Amelie and a brand new baby-girl Maya and we are so up to spend some fun time with "mothering" mammas.
After I got pregnant second time, we kind of escape from the city. I just couldn't imagine living there with 2 dogs and 2 kids, and the husband. I thought that the island might be a good idea, away from noise, dirt and horrible smell. In my head that was a good place for "natural living", but unfortunately the reality is a little bit different. First of all it was a little bit difficult to find a midwife that does a homebirth, but after some time we did it, Dale Cook helped us welcome our second daughter in our own bedroom. That was an incredible experience. But after that we found another trouble- finding a "no-vaccine" friendly ped. This is just a nightmare. Please, moms, I'm begging for help, if you know a good doc let me know. We have seen already few of them, but none of them seems to be ok. Just yesterday we had an appointment with one family doc, it was suppose to be a just a physical, but it happened that this some day Amelie started running a fever and besides that she didn't have any other symptoms. You can imagine how surprise I was when doc subscribe her antibiotics for ten days, and Tylenol to reduce fever. Of course we didn't follow his recommendations. I put her on vit C , some herbs and plenty of water, and next morning my kid was back to normal. I just want to trust my doc, I don't want to be the one to point out his mistakes. And I'm really tired of people who give me "the look" when I start talking about homebirthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapers and so on. I think that this is the way to go, and I love it, and hoping more people can share it with me.
Sorry, for my big intro, but I just had to talk about this with somebody.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to any response
Love you all: love
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