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recommendations please :)

hi ladies. it's been a while since i posted here. thanks to your recommendations when my daughter was born, we have the most wonderful family doctor in stony brook. now i'm looking for a dentist and (gulp) a therapist. we're on the north shore - stony brook area. thanks in advance!
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babywearing meeting?cloth diapers and ec

Hi Mamas,
Babwearing next week! in Lindenhurst,Tuesday 11/17, 11am-2pm.If you want to join us, please send me pm or e-mail for more info.Also we talk about cloth diapers, it looks like more mamas going for it , and lots of support if anyone wants to try ec( elimination communication)
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Babywearing/cloth diaper meeting

Hi mamas,
More moms are interested in babywearing and getting together So we are having babywearing meeting again, this time on friday december 4th, 11am-2pm,in Lindenhurst.Send me e-mail or pm for address and directions.Also if you have it bring baby gear and cloth diapers to show off.
ps.article on babywearing meetings in the Examiner http://www.examiner.com/x-29423-Long...in-Lindenhurst
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Ladypallooza 2009 ~ Celebrating the Spirit of Women

Join us on Saturday, December 5th at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook for a full day of honoring and experiencing the amazing spirit in women. Female artists and craftswomen, psychics, musicians, performers, lecturers and female health practitioners such as Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Hypnobirthing Instructors, and more will be on hand sharing their passions and talents with the community.


Hope to see you there. Please pass this info on to all of your friends

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We are moving to Plainview in March and I was wondering if anyone knew a natural minded pediatrician? and ped dentist?
Also looking for mamas in the area for playdates? I have an almost 3 year old daughter and an 8 mo. old baby boy.
Are there any playgroups you guys are involved in? would love to meet like minded people.
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Hi mamas! I'm reading back through the older posts and it's taking forever - which is kind of great though because it's so informative. Anyway, I am likely relocating to the E. Northport area in just a few weeks. I am looking for good childcare for my dd (4) and wondering if anyone has experience with UPK or with Kindercare Centers? Any other suggestions - on anything at all! - would be excellent. Thanks!
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Jeanette Breen

Hey LI mamas! Sadly, I'm no mama or mama-to-be yet (but I do live on LI -- Port Washington, great place to be!) but I really hope to be soon. When I discussed it with my *forever* gyn (I've been seeing him since I was a teenager!) he informed me "he only does C-sections"... great. Anyhow, I decided home birth is the way I definitely want to go and I got about a million recs for Jeanette Breen who operates closest to me. I talked to her on the phone and loved her, and I have an appointment in about 2 weeks. When I mentioned my choice to my gyn, he told me not to use her because she's no good and has "bad outcomes." ?!?! Obviously, his stock isn't high with me right now and I'm not going to let it put me off meeting with Jeanette, but I didn't feel like I should just totally disregard such disturbing input. Does anyone know anything that lends credence to this claim, or is this guy just an all around idiot?

Thanks ladies!
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Anyone who *only* does c-section is a complete idiot in my book. I haven't had experience with Breen, but have heard nothing but positive about her.
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Well at least the guy admits he only does C-sections and is not going to lead you on to a vaginal birth then find some bogus reason to cut you.

I don't know Jeanette, I don't know what her statistics are BUT I know several people who have home birthed with her and had very positive "outcomes" with her. I have only heard positive things about her since I have been aware of her which is about 6 years.

Ask her what her outcomes are.

You are smart, you are doing your homework early.

Keep researching and listen to your intuition.

Good luck
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happy holidays mamas

Hi all, just here to send my love to you all for the winter holidays! i am living in Brooklyn now and i always check here when i come on mothering to see how my LI mamas are doing. DD is seven already and i cannot believe it! I have to admit it is easier to be me in brooklyn!! i can't wait til Spring, let's have a huntington get-together! i will be hibernating until then! LOL!

Anyone do the Unitarian Universalists in huntington??
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Ok, I will be moving to the Huntington area very, very soon with 4-yo DD. I'm aiming for the first of the year to set out. SO excited.

suzukibeane, I DO plan to attend the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Huntington when we get there. Will post an update when/if I do.
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babywearing/cloth diaper meeting

Hi Mamas,
Hope you all had a joyful holidays.Looking forward getting back to our regular meetings .
Next babywearing meeting in Lindenhurst is scheduled for friday january 22nd, 11am-2pm.Bring along your carriers and cloth diapers,it's always great to share experience.Kids all ages are welcome.If you are coming, please e-mail me for the address.
See you soon
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Port-a friend of mine had a home birth with Jeanette Brean, and it was a great experience.Never heard anything negative about her.You should meet her and see where you intuition takes you.
LankyLizards and nolajane - happy moving, hope it wil be easy transition for you.we are having babywearing meetings and playgroups in Lindenhurst.Let me know if you want to stop by. I have 4 kids, two older girls are in school, i stay home with two boys 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old, always happy to have a playdate.
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Thanks so much Aneta, Jugs, and Mamapits! You all confirmed everything I've already heard and have been feeling... I'm really excited to meet Jeanette and my intuition tells me things are going to work out beautifully with her. I will, however, definitely inquire about her outcomes and statistics, and hopefully the numbers will back up her already stellar rep.
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Free red raspberry leaf tea

i have a decent sized bag of loose leaf rrl tea left over from pregnancy. If anyone wants to come get it, I'm in Holbrook. Let me know.
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ped. dropped insurance, looking for another local dr.

we loved our well qualified pediatricians of six years but they dropped our insurance plan. We loved that they'd always recommend that we stay home and observed our child's fevers instead of having us run in for antibiotics, they helped us believe in our child's natural immune system...

now we are looking for a new pediatrician. we are willing to travel on long island (nassau and suffolk would be best). there was a dr. in brooklyn that we heard was great, but i forgot his name... we're open to vaccinating-believing doctors to the non-vaccinating supporting drs. would love to hear some names and experiences. thanks.
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Free workshop

HI Mamas,
I am giving a free workshop in February. Hope you can make it!

How to create energetic health in your home.

In this workshop you will learn

How to cleanse the energy in your home

How to raise the energetic vibration in your home

How to raise the vibration of your food and water

How to spiritually connect with herbs, crystals, and essential oils so that their highest healing potential is available to you.

When Saturday February 20th 1:30pm - 3:30PM
Where: Huntington, N.Y. (Contact mary@magicalmoongarden.com for directions)
Or text/call 631 901 4174 to pre register. ( space is limited)
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Hi all! I hope you don't mind if I join you although, I think I joined this tribe back in '06, but I've been MIA for awhile I grew up in Northport, but have been living in Kings Park for the last 10 years. I have a 5 y/o DD, Erin. We do not vax & I am as holistic/natural as I can be being that my DH is the opposite...but, I try really hard.

GreenT~there is a great doc in Huntington, I'll ask my brother his name as I can't think of it right now. Dr. Larry Palevsky is also wonderful! He works with Alan Sherr, DO at the Northport Health & Wellness Center. I love him, but when I took Erin to him as an infant, he didn't accept insurance and it was a bit pricey. I'll find out for you

ETA: ok, his name is Dr Kerfus, I believe his first name is Lee. HTH!
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Originally Posted by aneta View Post
BoobsOfSteel- welcome to LI! hope you will find a great community to settle in....Also we live in Lindenhurst, south shore, but we hike to Huntington to see our ped dr.Nina Tomei - she is really great.
Good luck to you and hope to meet one day.We are very open to playdates

Hi mamas! it has been a while since I posted and after our visit with a new ped in Port Jeff yesterday, I am thinking it must be worth the hike over to Huntington to see the ped you all recommended over there. The guy we saw yesterday said things like "after one year there is little benefit to breastfeeding except for comfort for baby and mother." I am horrified that he may be discouraging other nursing moms with the same kind of misinformation. Has anyone had similar experiences? is this common on LI? 

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BoobsOfSteel-i don't have that much of experience with peds on LI, but from what i've learned so far it is very common that there is not much breastfeeding support in medical filed.And yes, it is pretty scary how uninformed doctor can be in that subject, and it is even scarier that some moms can actually be motivated to stop breastfeeding their children.I would say that it might be a good idea to change the ped and find somebody more educated and supportive.i always get little too emotionally involved when peds talk really crazy about breastfeeding.
yogacher- so happy to see prenatal yoga teacher on LI !!!! yey! i loved taking prenatal yoga classes back in the city, it was truly great experience .Unfortunately after we moved to LI it was pretty much impassible to find anybody who had a prenatal yoga class, there was always not enough moms to attend , so i spent my next three pregnancies doing prego yoga at home alone. I would say defiantly leave your info with the midwifes and doulas, they will spread a word for you.There is babywearing group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LIBaby...g/messages?o=1 and natural mothering forum http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naturalmotheringforum/ on yahoo groups for moms from LI, post it there.I will tell any pregnant mama about it. If i ever get pregnant again, i will be knocking on your door as well .
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