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Hi, Aneta!

The family practice we use welcomes non-vaccinating, breastfeeding, co-sleeping families. It is headed by a D.O. who is an herbal dr. We see the homeopathic doctor in that practice. There are supposedly 2 other regular doctors that treat with conventional medicine, but understand that some of the clientle prefer natural remedies. And best of all, they take insurance! If you wish, I could PM you the practice name. They have locations in Bay Shore and Brentwood.

Also, a helpful resource is the free magazine "Long Island Naturally." You could find them in any natural food store (e.g. Wild By Nature, and Sherrie's). This is where I found my homebirth midwife, the family practice, and our wholistic dentist. (Again, all of whom take insurance!)

Hope this helps!
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Welcome, Aneta...

I'm ready to drive East for a playdate...anyone else up for it? I know many of you are in the Babylon/Bay Shore area and that would be easy for us to do...

Is there a park where we could meet and have a picnic or something?

Anybody up for that?
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Hi girls, thanks for such a quick response. Jaredsmom- can you pm me the practice name, this place sounds great. And by the way, aren't you suppused to go into a labor soon??? Hope you will have a beautiful birth, and when you feel like meeting other people again, let me know. I just gave a birth to dd a month ago and I'm kind of back on planet Earth. Wish you all the best.
...and gardenmom- yes, we woluld love to have play-date soon, we live by Venetian Shores Park. So maybe we can meet there sometime next week. Anybody else wants to join us??
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Yep, I'm due any day now. I was hoping that this little one would be a bit early, but I suppose he/she is not fully cooked yet! I've been meaning to get together with some of the other mom's I've met here, but I've been a bit busy cleaning and going to the mw and the chiro. Plus, 2 weeks ago, I twisted my foot, so I couldn't get around for a week! (But that's better now, just in time for the anticipated birth! )

Well, my son is calling me. I better go!
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ahhh - there are some of you out there!!

Hi all - it was so good to log on to my computer & find some responses. The thread was pretty old & I didn't know if anyone would see it.

A playdate sounds wonderful - I haven't been over to Venetian Shores, but I think I know where it is. I also live down the street from a little playground & there is also one near the village hall in Babylon (lots of duck & geese for the kiddies to look at).

Gabi - Huntington is close (about a 15 minute drive) - down at the south end of route 231 & route 109. Aneta - Congratulations on the birth of Maya! I'm just in the next town ove. Hopefully we can all get together soon!

How is next Monday or Wednesday afternoon for everyone?

Tricia - I'd also be interested in the name of the pediatrics practice you use. Our doctor just closed his practice 5/31 so we've been looking for a new doctor. It's so hard to find one that wants to discuss the health of my baby, instead of just telling me what to do & expect me to follow it without asking questions - ugh!
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Monday and Wednesday are NOT ok for us (sorry), But any other day would work. We have to take MIL and FIL to the airport on Monday, and dd has an appointment with a pediatric orthopedist on Wednesday for her turned in toes...

Any other day would work for us, though...(tues, thurs, fri)??? Traffic is murder on Friday so I don't know how everybody feels about that, (we can just zip down the Ocean pkwy and avoid most of it).

If Mon and Wed are better for everyone else, I'll have to skip this time..
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We are away next week but after the 13th I will pack Gaia in the car and we will head south...anytime...We are hungry for fun!!

If any of you Mamas are in the Huntington area, let me know, we'll meet you.

And Dale Cook helped me birth Gaia too. Isn't she amazing?!!
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hi girls

I can have a play-date any day, monday works fine for me, and tuesday is just as good. The only problem is I don't drive ( yes, I know that's sounds crazy, I hear it from my dh all the time ),so do you think that we can hug out at Venetian Shore Park ??? It is pretty nice there, cool playground, close to the town beach. So if any of you wants to meet us we can be there monday ,and tuesday ,and wednesday afternoon and any other afternoon you feel like stopping by. So just let us know.
And Gabi -Huntington is pretty close , hope to see you after you are back.
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Tuesday afternoon is good for us. We do a storytime at the library in the morning & I just try not to schedule too much in one day. How is 3 pm? Does that take care of everyone's nap schedule?

I would just need directions to Venetian Shores.

I'm so excited to meet you all!
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Originally Posted by bu's mama
Tuesday afternoon is good for us. We do a storytime at the library in the morning & I just try not to schedule too much in one day. How is 3 pm? Does that take care of everyone's nap schedule?

I would just need directions to Venetian Shores.

I'm so excited to meet you all!
I wanna come too! I keep meaning to get back to this thread more frequently but we've been rather busy here around the house. Where is Venetian Shores park? I can't make it by 3 since my oldest gets out of school at 3:30. Also, I work M, T & Th evenings so those are out for me.

I love Argyle Park in Babylon and so do my girls so I'm totally up for that. Venetian Shores sounds great as well. I'll try my hardest to make anything that is good for you guys!

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I think Audrey and I can make it around 3pm on Tuesday...need to look at my map to see where we're headed.

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So I guess we can all meet up on tuesday, around 3 pm.Let's do it at Venetian Shores, it is also called Green Park.If you drive on W.Mountauk Hwy turn south into Venetian Blvd ( you can also take Granada Pkwy) and drive all the way down till you get to the beach.There are two playgrounds, one on the beach , and second next to football field-let's meet up there ,it's more fun for kids .
Bethany, it so good to hear from you, we will be there for some time so if you want to drive after school , please do it, or we can meet up some other day.I hope it is not going to be our only playdate.
Girls, if you need more directions, let me know.
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Any parking tips for those of us who do drive?
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We ARE meeting tomorrow at 3, right???

OK, I'm just checking in again to bump this into your email boxes...we are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 6/8) at around 3pm at Venetian shores park (green park) in Babylon, right??? I'm planning to go, but want to make sure somebody else will be there before we drive all the way out to you!

We're meeting at the playground next to the football field, just for clarification. Any particular spot, aneta, or can we just expect to figure out who is who?

So far, I think it's just Aneta, Dawningmama and Bu's mama (and me, of course) who have expressed interest/ability to meet, but anyone else is welcome.

So let me hear that you'll be there so I know to make the drive. Audrey and I are very excited!
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HI ALL Not to Crash your post however just wanted to say HI that im a fellow LONg Islander.. LOL I grew up in Mastic , Shirley but now im a floridian have been for over 18yrs.. WOW.. Im 26yrs .. Nice to meet you all...

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Originally Posted by gardenmom
OK, I'm just checking in again to bump this into your email boxes...we are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 6/8) at around 3pm at Venetian shores park (green park) in Babylon, right??? !
Venetian Shores is in Lindenhurst (not Babylon) but everything else is correct! (If you want to do a map quest or yahoo map, look up Venetian Blvd At Granada Pkwy Lindenhurst, NY 11757.)

Looking forward to meeting everyone!!
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hi there

I just want to let you know that we are coming today to Venetian Shores Park around 3pm.So Gardenmom, you will meet somebody for sure, and hopefully it is going to be more of us.
And if it comes to parking , there is a huge parking space, plenty of room for everybody.
...and I just want to say "HI" to ArlyShellandKai.I guess you will not make it to meet us today, but it is nice to hear from you.
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Great...see you later. I did the mapquest thing and thought it might be Lindenhurst, but either way, I know where it is. Now I just have to decide if we're going to head out to Sayville first and go to the little quilt shop on the main road in town before we meet you all. hmmmmmm.

Jaredsmom--did you have the baby yet? Please keep us posted! We haven't heard from you so I'm thinking YES???!!!
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Can't make it today---I have ot go to work. I'd much rather be meeting up with you guys!
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Originally Posted by gardenmom
little quilt shop??
I may have to join you on one of your excursions there!
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