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Another Floridian popping in to say hi! I grew up in East Setauket! I went to Ward Melville HS and graduated in 1986 I had fun reading this post... I come up about once a year - my dh is from Long Beach and his family still lives there so we come up for bar mitzvahs, etc.

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Aneta & Carrie - Hannah & I had a great time yesterday & it was wonderful to get together. I'd love to keep the time as a standing playdate - what do you think? We can add more/different times to suit other people too. We're pretty flexible.

Carrie - here is the link to the webiste for natural mothering forum. Check out the open forum link to find the discussions regarding pediatricians in your area.
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Gwen-thanks for the link...gotta run now, but I'll check it out later. Audrey and I had a great time too, and hope to meet again soon! I don't know if we'll be able to do once a week, but maybe once every other week, due to the drive time to get there (ouch), though the trip back was shorter.

Also--we stopped at Sherry's on the way home and loaded up on natural goodies. Thanks for the great directions.

We're looking forward to more play dates, and hope other moms and kids will join too...we're also flexible on dates and times.
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Gwen and Carrie -it was so great to meet you .Hope to do it more often, so playdate once a week would be a fantastic idea ( or as many as possible).Do you mind do it at Venetian Shores Park,that would be so great for us,since we don't drive . ???
Looking forward to meet more moms.
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Hi, Ladies! I'm still waiting for the baby to arrive. I did have a bloody show last night, so here's hoping that labor starts soon!

I hope you all had a great time on Tues. I would have liked to have gone, but since it was so hot, I didn't want to leave the house. Hopefully, we can get together in a few weeks (after I have the baby!)

I better go. I just wanted to say a quick hello to you moms! I'll let you know when the baby's here!
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Hey, Tricia, I was in your neighborhood today (met up with some moms at Olga Wilk Park). I didn't realize until I got there that I was right by you, otherwise I would have invite dyou along or at least taken your phone number & stopped by to see how you are doing. BTW, that's a great park!

I hope you are feeling well and I'm continuing to send healthy l&d vibes your way!
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Hi guys:
I'm thrilled to see so much action in the long island thread!!!!..I'll re-introduce myself..I'm Consuelo mom of Isabella(3) and expecting a little one due in december. I'm a full-time student mama and live in Brentwood.
I'm sorry I was away for a while and missed some of the action, since I went to florida to visit a friend.
I'm seeing a midwife, Dale Cook to help me birth my little one.
If you guys know of any peds that are homepathy oriented please let me know.
Also PM me if you want to meet. I 've been kind of away from the boards but would love it if a bunch of us can meet.

hugs and kisses
la llorona
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Hi gils

First of all I think jaredsmom just gave birth to a baby-girl. Is it true????Tricia , let us know how you are doing.
Also I want to ask about play date this week.Does anybody want to meet up? Maybe tomorrow would be a good idea???Venetian Shores Park, lindenhurst, at 3pm??
Hi Ilorona , would be great to meet you and your little girl.Would you join us for some fun?
suzukibeane are you back from holidays??we want to see you too

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Hi ladies,

Thanks Aneta for the invite. I know I was hopeful when we last met about making it this week, but Audrey and I can't do it this time--we are up to our eyeballs in stuff to take care of this week (and next week is probably out too).

But we will make the trip out to see you again--as soon as we can--I promise! Keep us posted.

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Hi, All!

Yes, it's true, I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Victoria Elizabeth. We had an amazing water- homebirth at 12:44am, June 12. (Jeanette Breen was our midwife.) Victoria is just so precious! We all cannot get enough of her!

Bethany, it was too bad you didn't know you were so close. We were home, so you could have dropped by. Anyway, I'm not going anywhere soon, so if you're in the neighborhood, give a buzz. I love having company! BTW, where is Olga Wilk Park?

Anyway, I need to nurse my new baby bean!
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Tricia, once again, congrats! I had an awful night at work last night but the birth announcement and pics were the first thing I saw when I checked my email. What a lovely way to end my day yesterday!! I'm so tickled pink for you and the whole family.

Olga Wilk is on the corner of Pond Path and State St. It's a really great playground because it's very open & very well fenced. I will definitely be going back there, so I will be sure to let you know when I make plans! We've all got colds right now, so I won't be coming near you and the precious little one for a bit, but school is out next week so that will really free up my schedule.

I'd love to meet up with some of you at Venetian Shores as well, but late afternoons (except Wed and Fri) are out for me because I work nights.

Hello, La llorona! We're neighbors---I'm right in north Bay Shore (Brentwood schools). Congrats on the little one on his/her way! I've got 3 kids, ages 6, 4 & 2. We should get together---looks like the local library will have a lot of good programs this summer for the kids.
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Congrats, Tricia and family! What a wonderful blessing to give birth to your beautiful, healthy little girl at home! We are all very happy for you.

And dawningmama...I'm sure we could meet on a Wednesday afternoon some time...the more, the merrier, IMO. Friday would be tough for me due to the traffic (I was totally shocked at how much worse the traffic was in Western Suffolk--Montauk highway--than it is in Nassau. Wow!), but we could give that a try sometime, too.
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Congratualtions Tricia on the birth of Victoria! I'm happy everything went well for you!

Aneta - I'm not sure about today. Hannah's schedule is all messed up - if she's awake & not a crank we'll be there.
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Tricia, congats one more time!!!I'm really happy for you. We would love to meet you once you will be back from postpartum break. Maya is already 7-weeks old, and tomorrow we are going to see our midwife.I can't believe that time goes by so fast.
...And Gwen , I don't think we will make todays play date.Amelie is still awake(2pm) , didn't take a nap and driving me nuts.I have a feeling that she will crush any sec. What about some other day, maybe friday, and dawningmama can join us ...??

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Thought y'all might be interested...

Hi everyone!

There is a letter writing contest for World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) sponsored by the Association of Lactation Providers of Nassau/Suffolk. They collect the letters to use in their work with expectant/new mothers. You basically just need to write something about your experiences breastfeeding. They award prizes (last year I won a Medela backpack pump in style ) & have a luncheon for anyone who sends in a letter & you also get to bring a guest.

The letters were due yesterday, but if you mail them out by the end of the week, they will still take them (I'm just sending out mine today).

The following is a bit long but it's from the flyer they sent out about it.

Your letter should be about 500 words or less. Some possible topics may include:
Why you chose to breastfeed
Why breastfeeding was special for you and your baby
Breastfeeding under special circumstances
Returning to work
Supportive work environment
How you overcame difficulties and breastfed successfully
How breastfeeding can fit into a family's busy lifestyle

Please include your name, address, phone number & the hospital where your baby was born on a separate page. Letters will not be returned and may be used for breastfeeding promotion efforts on Long Island. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded at a special celebration to be held during World Breastfeeding Week 2004, August 1-7.

Please submit letters by June 15 to
Rose Marie Ferrigno
2 Pauline Lane
East Northport, NY 11731
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hi ladies

Hope you all doing well in this sticky summer weather.I just have a little question, somebody just gave info about vaccination friendly ped, her name is Elaine Arcenas,and she is in Bay Shore.Does anybody know her? Is she 100% conventional doc , or she is more towards holistic approach?? Most likely we are going to see family practice doc ( jaredsmom thanks once more for the info),
, but my dh is still asking for ped option.

....and by way, does anybody wants to meet up sometime soon??We had a nice play date with Gwen and Hanahon tuesday afternoon, it was by the beach so it was totally breezy and cool.Great place to hug out.
Looking forward to see more moms
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Friday Play Date

Anyone up for getting together tomorrow?

I know Venetian Shores is convienent for me & Aneta, but it is also a very nice playground & on the Great South Bay so it's nice & cool & breezy especially on days like today (I'm being a big baby today & staying in with the ac on).
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We're out of circulation until at least the end of next week...maybe longer. We're heading upstate tomorrow night for a whirlwind tour of friends and family and won't be back until Tuesday night. Then thursday I'm having a tooth pulled (ick), so we'll keep in touch and keep trying to get back out there...

Maybe it'll be cooler up north!
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We are coming to the park for sure. It's supposed to be a nice weather tomorrow. What time should we meet? Afternoon , 3pm ??
...gardenmom-have fun upstate, and see you soon.
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Wish I could make it but once again work calls! At least tonight it's the job I like. LOL Things should calm down once school finishes up next Thursday. Have a great day!
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