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I love those little glimpses of their blossoming personalities.. I swear Schuyler occasionally crosses her arms and sticks that bottom lip out.

I'm starting to pack for a 4 day camping trip and had an epiphany of the perfect item my dd needs ( then i went and fou nd it on ebay!).. a pair of rain pants to just slip over whatever she's wearing so I can stop ruining her clothes....I know, it seems such a trivial thing but for some reasonits been bugging me lately.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to camping and eager to spend some time r&ring....

Heres my newest source of angst. Schuyler has always hated her high chair, so I got rid of it and put her in a booster chair at the table...Oldest ds came home from camp on Saturday (gone 7 weeks) and I realized when we went to sit down for dinner for the first time last night that I don't have enough chairs. duh.
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omg I guess I have to admit I have a toddler now! Geesh where did the time go?
I'm not on here much as I am always on the offsite! It really does rock since I don't have to weed through everything to find the july 07 mamas! You new mamas pm if you want more info on the offsite.

Around here things are hectic since I am opening my own business, a natural parenting store. And Emersyn is into everything and constantly on the go. We are back on the potty full time after a small bump in the road around her first birthday which I hear is normal. It's been 100% potty for the past few days, love ECing!

I am finding feeding her frusterating, she really doesn't like most solids so bfing is still her main nutrition supply, I keep telling her when she starts school mommy isn't going to bf anymore LOL I was only planning to bf until 18 mths or 2 bit at tjos rate geez I really don't know how long she will need to bf!
She still isn't sleeping well a good night is 4 hours although last night was great 5 whole hours! Right now we are having two nap days again, usually at least one nap is 1.5 to 2 hours! but I have to stop sleeping when she sleeps or I get nothing done!
Nice to see some of you mamas that aren't on the other group!
Must get a pic on here!
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Jolene, Sage is very much a boobie girl still. Only now after she's been terribly ill for the past month (better now) has she become interested in food. Today she sat in one of our kitchen chairs and nibbled on a whole nectarine, the whole time looking at me saying "mmm" "num num". She even ate some dinner tonight... I need to make more of a point to sit her in the chair for meal times. More often than not I'm holding her while I eat or some other set up.

Sage's personality seems to be blossoming as well. She's got the sweetest, coyest (is that a word?) smile. She's such a little flirt. Our personalities are very similar, I can actually say I have a little mini-me. She's also getting to that snuggly stage... which I love. She wraps her arms around my neck and nuzzles her head into my neck now intentionally. :
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Hi all! Just subbing to this new thread!
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