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Yes it gets easier, but more specifically it just gets different!!! I felt like it got easier after they started crawling... but better after walking and even better after they got sure on their feet. Then they start to play together, but that also causes fights... there's always a challenge. I think it does depend on you kids but it also depends on YOU! It gets easier when you say it is easier. You can focus on the hard or you can focus on the easy which ever one gets more attention the more you will see. Does that make sense?

When my boys where 13 months or so, all my MoM friends said "oh the next phase is so hard... I almost lost it... hard, hard, hard!" But I wasn't going to have any of that!! No ma'am! I started looking for the good, the easy, the fun... and that's exactly what I got. Sure we have hard times, but MY attitude about it is different, I accept things and give my boys space to BE.

Look for the easy and it will come! :
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I can generally judge how "easy" I think my twins are by how much I feel ready to have another baby!

That said, I think months 8-12 were relatively easy and then they became easy again when they were 20 months. I've loved, LOVED months 20-23 (mine are 23 months now). They are so much fun and can communicate enough that they're not that frustrated with me or each other.

I think hardest times for me so far were months 0-6 and then around 18 months.
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Hhhhmmm....this is all so helpful and wonderful!
But, I do see a pattern - 18 months seems to be a common "rough spot". What is it about 18 months that was frustrating for each of you (if it was, that is)?
Just trying to prepare just in-case, as my girls will be there this winter! Thanks again!
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For me, life got easier when my boys turned 3yo. They are now 5.5yo. I also have a 3yo and a 10m.

18m-3yo was tough with my boys:
1. They were mobile (and typically ran in opposite directions)
2. They were slightly verbal (enough to get hysterical about something and yet not be able to explain it and go berserk)
3. They were my first kids (so I didn't know what the heck I was doing)
4. I was pregnant/had a newborn (they weren't thrilled)

I would agree with the assessment that it gets DIFFERENT every few months. There is something nice about cuddly little non-mobile baby twins. And then it's amazing to watch them crawl and learn to explore their world, and walk. And speak. The 18m-3yo phase was difficult. But since 3yo, it's been pretty good.
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Originally Posted by rachelebell View Post
I can generally judge how "easy" I think my twins are by how much I feel ready to have another baby!
I LOVE this definition. Just totally cracks me up! My girls must be incredibly difficult because I'm REALLY not ready to have another baby. :
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Originally Posted by hotmamacita View Post
No nursing is not the issue. Tell people to go have twins then come back and tell you what the problem is.
I love that idea!

I think things got easier between around 18 months and 2 years. They were mobile, but still agreeable, so I could get them to walk places pretty easily. And they still let me carry them in and out of the car, etc. They were talking a decent amount, but the whining and fighting hadn't really started. Now at 2.5 there's a lot of that, plus they want to "do it myself!" a lot of the time, which means it can take us 30 minutes to get out the door and down the (13) front steps and into their carseats, because if I pick them up they scream as if being flayed.

So yeah, 18-24 months was easier for sure. They were even sleeping halfway decently. Of course, though, I didn't realize until now how good I had it back then.
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Personally, I don't think that it gets any easier. I think we just get used to how hard it is. Mine are 1, walking and saying words, and getting into everything. We had to take all of the books off the shelves 'cause one climbs up and drops the books down to his brother who "reads" them and lands up tearing the pages. They start daycare on Monday. Sigh.
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Shuli, we're heading that way. They're starting to try to talk, one's walking and one's almost there. But the destruction!!!! The two of them together is worse than two singletons together!
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