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My dd is 4 days old and nursing well but she makes this strange soft clicking sound whens she is sucking. I have large breasts and short nipples and I'm wondering if maybe she isn'tt aking enough areola in but I don't know how to make her take more in. Her tongue is in the right place above the lip but below the nipple so I don't think it is the tongue. Also, my right nipple has this blister or something on it and is super sore but my left one is fine...
any ideas???
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sounds always mean something is going on with the latch. does she have a tounge tie? if your right is the one with the blister (is it also the only one you hear clicking with) then i would say her latch is worse on that side. try doing to the football hold on that side to orient her like she would be on the other side, to encourage a better latch. i would personally get some help (someone IRW who can look and see whats going on) ASAP, because blisters hurt! and plus if she has a poor latch she isnt getting a good transfer either.
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My DD gets that, but she's got all 8 front teeth, so when she doesn't get a good seal, some air gets in and she makes that sound.

Seems like a latching issue to me. When she gets a little bigger and gets better at sucking she might not have that problem. As long as she's swallowing and getting milk, I don't think you have to worry. But you can try different holds, like the above person mentioned.
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