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DS can't/won't poop on toilet - ideas?

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DS1 is 3y4m old, and last Monday he decided he wanted to pee on the toilet. He had done it a few times before, but not since March or so, and this was like a completely new fascinating revelation to him. He literally got so excited and kept saying "Do you hear it? Do you hear it?" LOL, anyway he had a couple of pee accidents on Monday-Wednesday last week, but hasn't had one since. He also pooped on the toilet a couple of times last week, but the last several times he hasn't. He gets this look on his face, and I know he's working on it. I'll ask if he wants to go on the toilet and he will say he does, but its like he can't or won't once we get there. He will sit and chat and play for a while, then say he is done. He'll even push once or twice, but to no avail. He'll eventually just end up going in his underwear. I am thrilled he has come so far so fast, especially with #3 on the way, and I don't mind changing him, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of where to go from here? The one idea I had was to find a taller stool, one that he can actually rest his feet on while he is sitting, as I have heard that makes it easier for them to poop. But I have no idea where to get one - so any thoughts on that would be great as well. Thanks so much!
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I don't know how this will go over with you but it may be helpful. My ds is only 15 mths but we practice part time elimination communication so pooping in a potty, toilet etc. has been an option to him since he was 8 weeks old. He hasn't been pooping on the toilet since he became mobile around 6 months old, just peeing. He has started eating solids and pooping is hard work now. He has to lay on his belly or crawl laps around the coffee table sometimes and pooping sitting down just doesn't work for him.

He can poop however, if he is standing in the tub. Eventually this wont be an option anymore for obvious reasons, lol but at this point I'd rather clean it out of the tub than out of a diaper anyway. What if he could poop standing in the tub and then you put the poop in the toilet and let him flush it. Maybe after a short while you could ask him to put his own poop in the toilet by sitting there. I always give my ds the choice when he lets me know he has to pee by saying "in the tub or on the potty?" and point to each one. This way he also feels like he is the one deciding to pee or poop on the potty.
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Maybe he's not comfortable, does he have something to rest his feet on? Also make sure he drinks enough
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A potty sized for a toddler or a special seat that goes over the toilet might help a lot with comfort.
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